Will Arlo Camera Work Through A Window?

Yes, Arlo cameras can work through a window with some limitations. As the camera is designed to work both indoors and outdoors, its operation doesn’t depend on whether it’s placed outside or inside the room. But, placing the camera behind the glass can potentially obstruct its functionality and hamper its performance to a certain extent. Here are a few things to keep in mind while using an Arlo camera through a window:

1. Reflections: Glass surfaces tend to reflect light, which can cause glare and bright spots in the footage captured by the camera. This can lead to a loss of definition and make it difficult to identify people or objects in the footage.

2. Distorted audio: The microphone on Arlo cameras may not pick up sound clearly when placed behind a glass window. The sound waves can bounce off the glass surface and result in distorted audio.

3. Obstruction of view: The design of the Arlo camera’s lens and field of view is optimized to capture images from an unobstructed view. When placed behind a window, it can be obstructed by window panes, grilles or blinds that may impede its visibility.

4. Night vision limitations: If you plan to use your Arlo camera for night vision, you should avoid placing it behind a window. The IR sensors on the camera can bounce off the glass surface and cause reflections leading to degraded image quality.

To summarize, while Arlo cameras can work through a window, the choice of placement should be based on the specific requirements and limitations of the setup. To maximize the performance and clarity of the camera, you may need to experiment with different setups and configurations based on your specific needs.


FAQ One: Will Arlo camera work through a window?

Yes, the Arlo camera can work through a window. However, the camera’s motion detection may be affected by the window’s reflective surface, and the night vision capability may be impaired by the glass.

FAQ Two: Can I use the Arlo camera outdoors from behind the window?

It is not recommended to use the Arlo camera outside from behind a window. The outdoor weather conditions can cause interference with the camera, and the reflection on the glass may cause the camera lens to become dirty, affecting the quality of the footage.

FAQ Three: Does closing the window affect the Arlo camera’s performance?

Closing the window can help improve the Arlo camera’s performance if the window is open. However, if the camera is placed too close to the glass, the reflection and glare may affect the footage quality.

FAQ Four: How should I angle the Arlo camera if I intend to use it through a window?

If you plan to use the Arlo camera through a window, it is best to angle it slightly downward to avoid reflecting the window frames. Also, it would help if you avoided placing the camera near the glass’s edge to prevent the reflections that could reduce visibility.

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