Why Is My Ring Camera Black And White?

If your Ring camera is black and white, it could be caused by various factors such as low light conditions, pixelation issues, or outdated firmware. Here are some possible causes:

1. Low Light Conditions: Your Ring camera has night vision capabilities that automatically turned on in low light conditions. The infrared lights will illuminate the area, and the camera will only capture in black and white.

2. Pixelation Issues: Depending on what kind of Ring camera you have, the quality of the video may not be able to adjust to higher quality without pixelation occurring. When pixelation happens, the camera will typically switch to night vision mode, which is black and white.

3. Outdated Firmware:If your Ring camera is not updated, it might cause night vision issues or switching to black and white mode.

If your Ring camera is still black and white after making sure that there is adequate light, it is explained by either updating the camera’s firmware or select a higher video quality from the Ring app by following these steps:

1. Open the Ring app and select Devices.
2. Select the camera that you want to adjust.
3. Select Video Settings.
4. Select Video Quality.
5. Choose the highest video quality option available.

If the issue continues, contact Ring support for further assistance.


1. Why is my Ring camera suddenly displaying black and white images?

There could be several reasons why your Ring camera is displaying black and white images. One of the main reasons is that the camera is in night vision mode, which is designed to capture clear footage in low-light conditions. Another reason could be that there is a fault with the camera’s color sensor, preventing it from displaying color images.

2. Can I switch off the black and white night vision mode on my Ring camera?

No, the black and white night vision mode on your Ring camera cannot be switched off. This mode is designed to automatically activate in low-light conditions to capture clear footage. However, you can adjust the settings on your camera to optimize the night vision mode and reduce the black and white contrast.

3. Will changing the location of my Ring camera affect its color display?

Possibly. The location of your Ring camera can affect its color display, especially if it is placed in an area with poor lighting conditions. To ensure that your camera displays color images, you should install it in a well-lit area and adjust the settings to optimize the color display.

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