Who is Android 21’s Husband? Unlocking the Mystery of Android 21’s Partner

Android 21, a prominent character in the Dragon Ball series, has long captivated fans with her captivating backstory and unique abilities. However, one question has remained unanswered: who is Android 21’s husband? This article delves deep into the enigmatic character’s love life, exploring the various theories and speculations surrounding her mysterious partner, to unlock the secrets that lie behind Android 21’s elusive relationship.

Introduction To Android 21: A Brief Background

Android 21, also known as Dr. 21 or Lazuli, is a character who made her debut in the popular video game “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” Created by Akira Toriyama, the mastermind behind the Dragon Ball franchise, Android 21 possesses a unique blend of beauty, intelligence, and power. She captivated fans with her enigmatic presence and intriguing backstory.

Android 21 was originally a human scientist who worked alongside Dr. Gero, the creator of the Red Ribbon Army’s androids. She was transformed into an android herself, resulting in her incredible abilities and insatiable hunger for power. As the game’s main antagonist, Android 21 seeks to absorb the energy of fighters to sustain herself, making her a formidable opponent.

With her mystical and alluring appearance, Android 21 has become one of the most intriguing characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Fans cannot help but speculate about her origins, connections to other characters, and, most importantly, her mysterious husband. In the following sections, we will delve into the various aspects of Android 21’s role in the game and attempt to unravel the enigma surrounding her partner.

Exploring Android 21’s Role In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 made her debut in the highly popular game Dragon Ball FighterZ, captivating players with her unique abilities and mysterious backstory. In this section, we will dive deeper into Android 21’s role in the game and the impact she has on the storyline.

Android 21 serves as one of the main antagonists in the game’s story mode, known as the “Android 21 Arc.” She is a brilliant scientist who possesses incredible power and an insatiable hunger for the energy of formidable fighters. As players progress through the game, they uncover her connection to the Red Ribbon Army and her past as the human Dr. Gero’s wife.

Android 21’s gameplay mechanics are both intriguing and challenging. She is a versatile character, with the ability to transform into a more powerful form, known as her “true form.” Her moveset incorporates a range of unique attacks, including command grabs and energy-based projectiles, making her a formidable opponent in battle.

Furthermore, Android 21’s presence in Dragon Ball FighterZ expands the lore of the Dragon Ball universe, adding an intriguing new character whose actions and motivations drive the story forward. Players are left to unravel the mysteries surrounding her character and her missing spouse, making her a central figure in the game’s narrative.

In conclusion, Android 21’s role in Dragon Ball FighterZ goes beyond being just another playable character. She brings depth to the game’s story, with her unique abilities and compelling backstory keeping players hooked on unlocking the mystery of her missing spouse.

Theories And Speculations Surrounding Android 21’s Husband

The identity of Android 21’s husband has been a topic of much speculation and theorizing among Dragon Ball fans. While there hasn’t been any official confirmation regarding her partner, several theories have emerged that provide intriguing possibilities.

One popular theory suggests that Android 21’s husband could be Dr. Gero, the creator of the androids. This theory is based on the idea that Android 21 is a combination of Dr. Gero’s wife and cells from powerful fighters. It is speculated that she may have inherited her husband’s intellect and scientific knowledge.

Another theory suggests that Android 21’s husband could be an original character created specifically for the game. This theory is supported by the fact that Dragon Ball FighterZ introduced several new characters, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they also introduced a significant character like Android 21’s husband.

Some fans have even speculated that Android 21 doesn’t have a husband at all, and that her missing spouse is simply a plot device to create mystery and intrigue. This theory suggests that her focus is solely on her mission and that romantic relationships are not a priority for her.

As we await official confirmation, it’s clear that the mystery surrounding Android 21’s husband has captivated the Dragon Ball community. Fans continue to discuss and debate, eagerly awaiting any new hints or revelations that may shed light on this intriguing aspect of her character.

Unraveling The Clues: Evidence And Hints About Android 21’s Spouse

Android 21’s spouse has been a subject of great speculation among Dragon Ball FighterZ fans. While there is no official confirmation about the identity of her husband, there are some intriguing hints and evidence that may shed light on this mystery.

One clue comes from Android 18’s in-game special dialogue with Android 21, where she teases Android 21 about her husband. This suggests that the character might already exist within the Dragon Ball universe. Furthermore, Android 21’s character design shares resemblance with Android 16, leading to theories that he might be her potential partner.

Another hint lies in a dramatic cutscene where Android 21 expresses intense emotions after delivering a super attack on the enemy. This implies a deep emotional connection that suggests her husband may be tied to her creation or origin story.

Additionally, Android 21’s personality traits and behavior can give us insights. Her nurturing and caring nature, as well as her culinary skills, may point to her partner being someone who appreciates and shares these qualities.

Overall, while concrete evidence is still lacking, these clues offer various possibilities regarding Android 21’s mysterious spouse. Fans eagerly await further revelations to finally unlock the truth behind this enigmatic character’s partner.

Android 21’s Husband: Could It Be An Existing Character?

Android 21’s mysterious husband has been the subject of much speculation among Dragon Ball FighterZ fans. While there are several theories regarding who this enigmatic character could be, one possibility that has gained traction is the idea that Android 21’s husband is actually an existing character within the Dragon Ball universe.

This theory stems from the fact that Dragon Ball FighterZ extensively features characters from throughout the franchise’s history. Players can battle with classic favorites like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, along with more recent additions such as Beerus and Hit. Given the game’s focus on nostalgia and fan service, it wouldn’t be surprising if Android 21’s husband turns out to be a character that fans are already familiar with.

Some fans have speculated that Android 18’s husband, Krillin, could be Android 21’s spouse. This theory is based on the connection between the two characters through their android designs and Dragon Ball canon. Others believe that Android 16, who shares a similar design and backstory with Android 21, could be her counterpart.

While these theories are compelling, it’s important to keep in mind that they are just speculative. Until official information is released, the identity of Android 21’s husband remains a captivating mystery for Dragon Ball FighterZ enthusiasts to ponder and debate.

Potential New Characters: Understanding The Possibilities

Android 21’s mysterious husband has left fans speculating about the potential introduction of new characters in the Dragon Ball universe. Could there be a new character specifically created to fill this role? The answer is a resounding “maybe.”

Considering the rich history of Dragon Ball, there is a wealth of options for potential new characters. The franchise has always been known for its diverse and imaginative character designs. However, any addition to the roster would require careful planning and consideration to fit seamlessly into the existing lore.

Fans have proposed numerous ideas, such as a powerful fighter from a neighboring universe, an ancient warrior frozen in time, or a previously undiscovered android. With so many possibilities, it’s difficult to determine which one holds the key to unlocking the mystery of Android 21’s missing spouse.

Ultimately, the introduction of a new character could add depth and intrigue to the Dragon Ball universe, allowing for exciting storylines and unexpected character interactions. Regardless of who Android 21’s husband may be, fans eagerly await future developments from the franchise and the answers to this intriguing mystery.

Android 21: Origin Story And Its Connection To The Missing Spouse

Android 21’s origin story holds the key to understanding the mystery surrounding her missing spouse. Created by Dr. Gero’s supercomputer, she was designed with a human-like consciousness and intellect. However, further details regarding her background and personal life remain obscured.

Some believe that Android 21’s spouse may be connected to her creation or the events leading up to it. It is plausible that her husband could have been a scientist working alongside Dr. Gero or someone directly involved in her transformation into an android.

Another theory suggests that Android 21’s spouse might be a character from the Dragon Ball universe who played a significant role in her past. This possibility opens up a wide range of potential candidates, from long-lost allies to enemies seeking revenge. Fans speculate that her husband’s identity could tie into the broader narrative of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Until more information is revealed, it remains difficult to pinpoint Android 21’s missing spouse. However, keen followers of the Dragon Ball series continue to analyze the hints and evidence available, eagerly awaiting the day when this tantalizing mystery will be unlocked.

Final Thoughts And Fan Reactions: The Fascination With Unlocking Android 21’s Mystery

The mystery surrounding Android 21’s husband has kept fans intrigued and engaged since the character’s introduction in Dragon Ball FighterZ. As speculations and theories abound, fans have been passionately discussing and dissecting the available clues to uncover the truth.

Some fans believe that Android 21’s spouse could be an existing character from the Dragon Ball universe. The possibilities range from Android 17, who shares a similar design, to Cell, due to their connection as bio-androids. Others have argued for entirely new characters, citing the potential for fresh storylines and interactions.

The origin story of Android 21 also adds to the intrigue. As the missing spouse remains an unsolved enigma, many fans theorize about the role this character played in her transformation and what could have led to their separation. These discussions have created a vibrant community, constantly exchanging ideas and theories.

In conclusion, the fascination with unlocking the mystery of Android 21’s partner shows the immense creativity and dedication of Dragon Ball fans. Whether it be through analyzing evidence, proposing theories, or engaging in passionate discussions, this ongoing quest has fueled fans’ imagination and love for the franchise.


1. Who is Android 21’s husband?

Android 21’s husband remains a mystery as there is no official information or confirmation regarding her marital status or partner. The character’s backstory and relationships have not been extensively explored or revealed by the creators.

2. Is Android 21’s husband featured in any Dragon Ball media?

No, Android 21’s husband has not been featured or mentioned in any Dragon Ball media, including the games, manga, or anime series. The character’s personal life and relationships have not been a focal point of the franchise’s storyline.

3. Are there any theories or speculations about Android 21’s partner?

Although there are various fan theories and speculations about Android 21’s husband, it is important to note that these are purely speculative and not based on concrete evidence or official statements. The lack of information surrounding Android 21’s personal life adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding her character.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the mystery surrounding Android 21’s husband remains unsolved. Despite numerous speculations and theories, no concrete evidence or information has emerged to identify this mysterious character. As Android 21’s husband remains a topic of curiosity among fans, it is likely that further updates or revelations regarding his identity could surface in the future, shedding light on this intriguing aspect of Android 21’s story.

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