Where Was Lights Camera Christmas Filmed?

The Hallmark movie “Lights Camera Christmas” was filmed in various locations in British Columbia, Canada. The film tells the story of a struggling actress, Emily, who returns to her hometown to help with the annual Christmas parade. Along the way, she is reunited with her high school sweetheart, Brett, who is now a successful businessman.

  • The town where the movie was filmed is called Revelstoke. This small town nestled in the Canadian Rockies served as the perfect backdrop for the festive film.

  • The opening scene of the movie was filmed in Vancouver. The scene features Emily auditioning for a role in a Christmas movie, a scene that sets the tone for the movie’s plot.

  • The main street of Revelstoke was used extensively throughout the movie. Many of the parade scenes were filmed on the street, which was transformed into a winter wonderland for the film.

  • The high school scenes were filmed at Revelstoke Secondary School. The school provided a perfect setting for the movie’s flashback scenes, as Emily reminisces about her high school days with Brett.

  • The snow-covered mountains, forests, and lakes of British Columbia provided a beautiful backdrop for the movie. The scenery adds to the movie’s festive charm, as it captures the essence of a wintery Christmas setting.

Overall, the stunning locations in British Columbia helped bring the festive story of “Lights Camera Christmas” to life. The movie captures the magic of Christmas, with beautiful scenery and heartwarming performances from the cast.


FAQs about Where Was Lights Camera Christmas Filmed?

1. Where was the majority of Lights Camera Christmas filmed?

Most of Lights Camera Christmas was filmed in Hallmark’s favorite filming location, Canada. The film was specifically shot in British Columbia and Vancouver.

2. Were there any scenes filmed in the United States?

Yes, one scene from Lights Camera Christmas was filmed in the United States. The exterior shot of the radio station was filmed in Seattle, Washington.

3. When was the movie filmed?

Lights Camera Christmas was filmed in 2017 and premiered on the Hallmark Channel on December 9th, 2018.

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