What Is A UID On A Camera?

UID stands for Unique Identification on Cameras. It is a specific code assigned to a camera that uniquely identifies it from other cameras. This code is normally assigned by the manufacturer and is permanently stored in the device’s memory.

The UID code is essential in many applications, including security systems where cameras are used to monitor activities. These cameras can be installed in different locations, and their images captured and transmitted to a central monitoring station. It allows the security staff to keep track of multiple cameras and ensure proper surveillance of the whole area.

UID codes can also be used to remotely access cameras over the internet. Many modern security cameras are equipped with internet connectivity and back-end software that allow remote viewing and control. In such cases, the UID code is required to identify and access the camera from a remote location.

Some other features of the UID code include ease of installation as it eliminates the need for manual configuration while setting up multiple cameras, and increased scalability. New cameras can easily be added to the system without causing any issues or disruptions to the existing setup.

In conclusion, the UID is a vital component of modern surveillance technology. It provides an effortless and seamless method of identifying and managing cameras, making it easier for security personnel to monitor a wide area while ensuring maximum security.


1. What is a UID on a camera?

A UID on a camera is a unique identification number that is assigned to a camera. It is used to identify the camera on a network, especially if there are multiple cameras on the network.

2. How do I find the UID for my camera?

The UID for your camera can usually be found on the camera itself, or in the camera’s documentation. Alternatively, you can also usually find the UID by accessing the camera’s web interface or through the camera’s mobile app.

3. Can I change the UID on my camera?

No, the UID on a camera cannot be changed. It is a unique identifier that is assigned to the camera at the time of manufacture.

4. What is the purpose of the UID on a camera?

The purpose of the UID on a camera is to allow for easy identification of the camera on a network. This is especially useful if there are multiple cameras on the network, as it allows for easy access and management of each individual camera.

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