What Happens If You Don\’t Pay Camera Speeding Ticket?

If you receive a camera speeding ticket and fail to pay it, there can be several consequences. Here are some possible outcomes:

1. Late fees and penalties: The longer you wait to pay your camera speeding ticket, the more expensive it will become. Most jurisdictions impose late fees and penalties after a certain period of time. These fees can stack up quickly and make the ticket much more costly than it initially was.

  • If you don’t pay the ticket within the specified time frame, you may be assessed with additional late fees and penalties, which can add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Some jurisdictions may also send the ticket to a collections agency, which can damage your credit score.

2. Suspension of your driver’s license: If you ignore your camera speeding ticket long enough, your state may suspend your driver’s license. This can make it difficult or impossible for you to legally drive in the future.

  • If you continue to ignore the ticket, some states will eventually suspend your driver’s license. This means you won’t be able to legally drive until you pay your ticket and any associated fees.

3. Arrest warrant: It may seem extreme, but if you refuse to pay your camera speeding ticket and ignore any court summons or requests to appear, a court may issue a warrant for your arrest.

  • If you repeatedly ignore your camera speeding ticket, a court may issue a warrant for your arrest, which can result in fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record.

In summary, ignoring a camera speeding ticket can have serious consequences, from late fees and penalties to the suspension of your driver’s license or even an arrest warrant. It’s important to pay your ticket as soon as possible or contest it in court if you believe it was issued in error.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I ignore a camera speeding ticket?

Ignoring a camera speeding ticket can have serious consequences. Failure to pay or challenge the ticket may result in late fees, additional fines, a suspended license, and even arrest. It is important to know your options and take action promptly.

2. Can I fight a camera speeding ticket?

Yes, you can contest a camera speeding ticket. You may have valid defenses such as mistaken identity, faulty equipment or lack of proper signage, that can help get the ticket dismissed or reduced. However, you must provide evidence to support your claim.

3. Will ignoring a camera speeding ticket affect my credit score?

Ignoring a camera speeding ticket may not directly affect your credit score, but unpaid tickets can be sent to collections, and reported to credit bureaus, which could lower your credit score. Additionally, unpaid tickets can affect your ability to renew your driver’s license, register your car or obtain auto insurance.

4. Can a camera speeding ticket affect my car insurance rates?

Yes, a camera speeding ticket can raise your car insurance rates, just like a regular speeding ticket. Insurance companies view drivers with traffic violations as high-risk and may charge them more for coverage. It is best to avoid getting any type of traffic citation to keep your insurance rates low.

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