What Camera Does Steezy Kane Use?

Steezy Kane, also known as Steven Kane, is a popular content creator and vlogger on YouTube and other social media platforms. He is known for his prank videos, challenges, and lifestyle vlogs. The camera that Steezy Kane uses to film his content is an **Sony a7S II** mirrorless camera.

This camera is renowned for its incredible low-light performance and high sensitivity, making it an ideal choice for nighttime shooting and creating cinematic footage. It has a **12.2-megapixel full-frame sensor** that delivers sharp and detailed images, and it can also shoot in 4K resolution. This means that Steezy’s viewers can experience his videos in ultra high-definition quality.

Additionally, the Sony a7S II has an impressive **5-axis image stabilization** system that helps to stabilize footage and ensure smooth, shake-free shots. This is essential when Steezy is recording footage while walking or moving around.

To capture quality audio, Steezy Kane also uses a **Rode VideoMic Pro+** on-camera shotgun mic that connects directly to the camera’s hot shoe. The mic helps to capture clear, high-quality sound directly from the source.

In summary, Steezy Kane uses a Sony a7S II camera and a Rode VideoMic Pro+ mic to create high-quality content that his viewers love. With these tools, he is able to capture stunning footage and crisp, clear audio that help to keep his viewers engaged and entertained.


1. What camera does Steezy Kane use for his YouTube videos?

Steezy Kane primarily uses the Sony A7 III camera along with various lenses to film his videos.

2. What is the video quality like with the camera Steezy Kane uses?

The Sony A7 III is known for its high-quality video capabilities, with the ability to shoot in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second.

3. How does Steezy Kane edit his videos?

Steezy Kane primarily uses Adobe Premiere Pro to edit his videos, along with additional programs like After Effects for special effects and animations.

4. Is the camera Steezy Kane uses good for vlogging?

Yes, the Sony A7 III is a great option for vlogging, thanks to its compact size, flip-out screen, and high-quality video capabilities.

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