What Arlo Camera Do I Have?

If you are unsure about which Arlo camera model you have, there are a few ways to find out. One of the easiest ways is to check the label on the bottom of the camera. This label will have important information about the model number and other details.

Another way to identify your Arlo camera is by checking the Arlo app or website. When you log in, you can go to the settings for your camera and look for the model number. This should be clearly labeled and easy to find.

If you still cannot identify your Arlo camera, you can contact Arlo support for help. They can assist you in determining the model number and any other important details you may need.

It is important to know which Arlo camera you have so that you can ensure that it is compatible with any accessories or add-ons you may want to purchase. Additionally, knowing the model number can help with troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Here is a

    list of popular Arlo camera models:
  • Arlo Pro
  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Arlo Ultra
  • Arlo Go
  • Arlo Q
  • Arlo Q Plus
  • Remember, if you are still unsure about which Arlo camera you have, don’t hesitate to reach out to Arlo support for assistance.


    1. What is an Arlo camera?

    An Arlo camera is a wireless security camera system that allows you to monitor your home or business remotely using a mobile app or web portal. It is designed to provide you with high-quality video footage and peace of mind.

    2. How do I know what type of Arlo camera I have?

    To find out what type of Arlo camera you have, you can check the model number on the camera itself or the packaging it came in. You can also check the Arlo app or web portal to see what type of camera is connected to your account.

    3. Can I use multiple types of Arlo cameras together?

    Yes, you can use multiple types of Arlo cameras together. The Arlo system is designed to be flexible and customizable, so you can mix and match different types of cameras to suit your needs. You can also add additional cameras to your system at any time.

    4. How do I troubleshoot issues with my Arlo camera?

    If you are experiencing issues with your Arlo camera, you can try resetting the camera, checking the Wi-Fi connection, or updating the firmware. You can also contact Arlo customer support for assistance with troubleshooting and resolving any issues you may be experiencing.

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