How To Use Peloton Camera?

Peloton Camera is a feature that allows Peloton users to stream live and on-demand classes. But, many people find it challenging to use the camera to capture their riding performance. Here are a few tips on how to use the Peloton camera like a pro:

1. Locate the camera: The camera is located at the top of the Peloton screen. Make sure it’s clean and pointed towards you.

2. Adjust the camera angle: Adjust the camera angle so that it captures the entire area where you will be performing your workout routine.

3. Highlight your form: Ensure that the camera can capture your body form clearly so that instructors and other riders can give you feedback.

4. Use good lighting: Good lighting is essential for good video capture. Use natural light or set up lighting equipment to brighten up the space.

5. Test the equipment beforehand: It’s advisable to test your camera and audio equipment before a live stream. This ensures that everything is working correctly and that your viewers will have a good experience.

6. Plan your workout: Plan in advance what you will do during the workout so that the camera captures every movement you make.

7. Engage with viewers: During the workout, engage with viewers by answering questions, giving shoutouts, etc.

Overall, using the Peloton camera isn’t difficult if one follows the tips mentioned above. With a clear camera angle, good lighting, and pre-planning, anyone can easily capture their Peloton riding experience and share it with others.


1. How do I connect my Peloton camera to my bike?

To connect your Peloton camera to your bike, you’ll need to make sure it’s charged and turn it on. Then, go to the settings menu on your bike’s screen and select “connect devices.” From there, you’ll be able to find your camera and pair it with your bike.

2. How do I adjust the camera angle while using it?

To adjust the camera angle while using it on your bike, simply twist the camera base left or right. This will pivot the camera up or down to get the angle you need.

3. Can I use the Peloton camera for other activities, like video calls or taking photos?

While the Peloton camera is primarily designed for use with your bike during workouts, it can also be used for other activities. You can use it for video calls or taking photos, for example, by connecting it to your phone or computer via Bluetooth.

4. Does the Peloton camera have any privacy features or settings?

Yes, the Peloton camera is equipped with several privacy features and settings. You can turn the camera off completely in the settings menu, and you can also control who can see your camera feed during workouts. Additionally, the camera has a built-in privacy shutter that you can use to cover the lens when you’re not using it.

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