How To Share A Blink Camera?

Blink cameras are a popular choice for home security systems. They are easy to install, wireless, and provide high-quality video footage. One of the advantages of Blink cameras is the ability to share them with others. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to share your Blink camera with someone:

1. Install the Blink app: Before sharing your Blink camera, make sure the person you want to share it with has the Blink app installed on their mobile device.

2. Invite the person: Open the Blink app and navigate to the “Systems” tab. Tap on the system containing the camera you want to share, and then select “Sharing”. Here, you can invite others to view your camera by entering their email addresses or phone numbers. They will receive an invitation that they can accept to gain access to your camera.

3. Set permissions: Once someone has accepted your invitation, you can control the level of access they have to your camera. For example, you can allow them to view live streams only, or you can give them full access to view live streams and arm/disarm the system.

4. Remove access: If you want to revoke someone’s access to your camera, you can do so at any time. Simply go to the “Sharing” tab and remove their access.

It is important to note that only the owner of the Blink camera can share it with others. Additionally, sharing your Blink camera may affect your monthly data usage if the person you share it with views the live stream frequently. By following these simple steps, you can easily share your Blink camera with others while maintaining control over who can access it.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How many people can I share my Blink camera with?

You can share your Blink camera with up to 10 people. Each person will need to download the Blink app and create their own account.

2. What level of access do shared users have to my Blink camera?

Shared users will have full access to your Blink camera, including live streaming, motion alerts, and the ability to arm and disarm the camera.

3. Can I revoke access to a shared user?

Yes, you can remove a shared user’s access to your Blink camera at any time. Simply go to the “Manage Account” section in the Blink app and select “Shared Users.” From there, you can remove any users you no longer want to have access.

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