How To Restart Nest Camera?

Restarting your Nest camera is a simple process. Whether you are experiencing technical issues or just want to refresh the camera, restarting the device is the first step. Here are some steps on how to restart Nest Camera:

  • First, you need to unplug your Nest camera from the power source.
  • Wait for a few seconds and plug the camera back in.
  • Wait for the light on the camera to appear, indicating that the camera has power.
  • If the camera doesn’t automatically appear on the Nest app, try restarting the app or re-syncing the camera.

If you need to restart the camera for maintenance or cleaning purposes, follow these steps:

  • Remove the camera from the mounting bracket.
  • Unplug the camera from the power source.
  • Clean the lens and other parts of the camera.
  • Reattach the camera to the mounting bracket.
  • Plug the camera back in and wait for it to appear on the Nest app.

If you are still experiencing technical issues with your Nest camera, you can try a factory reset or contact the Nest support team for assistance. Restarting the device is usually the first step to troubleshoot any issues, but if the problem persists, further steps may be required to resolve the issue. Following these simple steps can help you restart your Nest camera and get it back to working condition quickly.


1. How do I reset my Nest camera?

To reset your Nest camera, unplug it from its power source and wait 10 seconds. Then plug it back in and wait for the camera to restart itself.

2. Why is my Nest camera not restarting?

If your Nest camera is not restarting, try the following steps: make sure it is plugged in, reset your Wi-Fi router, and check for any firmware updates for the camera. If the problem persists, contact Nest support for further assistance.

3. Will resetting my Nest camera delete my footage?

No, resetting your Nest camera will not delete any footage that has already been recorded and saved. However, if you are having issues with your Nest camera, it is always a good idea to save any important footage before resetting the camera.

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