How To Reset Blink Camera After Replacing Battery?

Resetting the Blink camera after replacing the battery is a simple process that ensures optimal performance of the device. Here is a step by step guide on how to reset Blink camera after replacing the battery.

Step 1: Open the Blink app on your smartphone and select the camera you want to reset.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Settings’ option and then scroll down to find the tab called ‘Camera Reset Options.’

Step 3: From the available options, select the ‘Remove Device’ and confirm it by clicking on ‘Yes’.

Step 4: Now, remove the battery from the camera and wait for at least 30 seconds before inserting the new battery.

Step 5: Once the new battery is inserted properly, wait for the camera to initialize and show a solid green light.

Step 6: Finally, go back to the Blink app and choose the ‘Add New Device’ option. Follow the provided instructions to re-sync the camera with your account.

Additional Tips:

1. It’s recommended to replace the battery with a high-quality brand to avoid any damage to the device.

2. Ensure that both the camera and the Blink App are updated to their latest versions.

3. If you face any issues during the process, try restarting the camera or resetting the app.

To sum it up, resetting Blink Camera after replacing the battery is quick and straightforward. With these simple steps, you can easily ensure that your device runs smoothly and captures high-quality footage.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What should I do if my Blink camera is not responding after replacing the battery?

If your Blink camera is not responding after you have replaced the battery, try resetting it. Follow the steps mentioned in the article to reset your Blink camera and get it back up and running.

2. Why is it necessary to reset the Blink camera after replacing the battery?

Resetting your Blink camera after replacing the battery ensures that the camera’s firmware and settings are set correctly. This will help avoid any issues that you may encounter with the camera’s performance, such as connectivity problems, slow performance, etc.

3. How do I know if the Blink camera has been reset successfully?

Once you have followed the steps in the article to reset your Blink camera, the LED light on the camera will start flashing blue. This indicates that the camera has been reset successfully. You will then need to set up the camera again using the Blink app.

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