How To Remove Yellow Dot On Iphone Camera?

If you are having a yellow dot on your iPhone camera, it can ruin your pictures and videos. This yellow dot is caused due to a damaged lens or dust accumulation over the camera lens. There are several ways to remove the yellow dot on an iPhone camera, and a few simple methods can fix it effectively.

1. Use a Microfiber Cloth: Use a microfiber cloth to clean the camera lens gently. Rub the lens carefully to remove any dirt or dust that may be causing the yellow dot. Make sure not to use water, cleaning agents, or any other substances that could damage the lens.

2. Take off the Case: If you are using a case for your iPhone, it might be causing the yellow dot on the camera. Remove the case and examine the camera lens. Clean it with a microfiber cloth after taking off the case.

3. Use a Blower: If you are unable to remove the yellow dot with the microfiber cloth, use a blower to remove any dust or debris. A small handheld blower can be used to blow air over the lens to clear any dust and improve the quality of pictures.

4. Replace the Camera Lens: If none of the above methods work, you may have to replace the lens. Take your iPhone to an authorized service center or a technician to replace the camera lens.

In conclusion, knowing how to remove the yellow dot on an iPhone camera is essential to improve the picture quality. With the above simple tips, you can easily get rid of the yellow dot and capture amazing pictures and videos.


1. How do I know if my iPhone camera has a yellow dot?

If you notice a small yellow dot in the top right corner of your iPhone camera screen, then your camera has been affected by the “green tint” issue.

2. What causes the yellow dot on iPhone camera?

The yellow dot on your iPhone camera is a result of a hardware issue caused by the ambient light sensor that controls the color temperature of the phone’s screen.

3. Can I fix the yellow dot on my iPhone camera by myself?

There are some DIY solutions you can try to remove the yellow dot on your iPhone camera such as turning off “Smart HDR,” resetting your phone’s settings, or wiping the camera lens with a microfiber cloth. However, it is always better to get it fixed by a professional to avoid further damage to your device.

4. Does Apple offer a free repair for the yellow dot issue?

Yes, Apple recognizes the yellow dot issue and offers a free repair for eligible devices. You can check your eligibility and get your device fixed by visiting the Apple Support website or by making an appointment with your nearest Apple Store.

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