How To Measure Using Iphone Camera?

Measuring using an iPhone camera is a convenient and accurate way to quickly assess the dimensions of objects. Follow these steps to accurately measure using your iPhone camera:

1. Open the Measure app on your iPhone. This app is available on devices with iOS 12 or later.

2. Point your iPhone camera towards the object you want to measure. Make sure the object is in clear view and well-lit.

3. Place the white dot at the starting point of the object you want to measure, then tap the plus sign to create a new point.

4. Move your iPhone to the end point of the object and place another white dot. Tap the plus sign again to create a second point.

5. The Measure app will now calculate the distance between the two points and display the measurement on your screen.

6. You can also use the level feature in the Measure app to ensure that objects are level. Simply place your iPhone on the object and the app will display the level reading.

7. If you need to measure irregular shapes, use the “Add Point” feature in the Measure app. This allows you to create additional points to accurately measure complex shapes.

8. The Measure app also allows you to take a photo of the object you measured, along with the measurement. This is helpful for keeping track of measurements or sharing them with others.

Overall, measuring using an iPhone camera is a simple and accurate way to assess dimensions. With the Measure app, you can easily measure objects and ensure that they are level.


1. How accurate is measuring using iPhone camera?

Answer: Measuring using iPhone camera can be fairly accurate, but it depends on various factors such as lighting, camera lens, and the distance from the object being measured. It is recommended to take multiple measurements and average them out for better accuracy.

2. Can I measure any object using iPhone camera?

Answer: Yes, you can measure most objects using iPhone camera as long as they are within the camera’s field of view. However, for larger objects or distances, it may be more difficult to accurately measure them using the camera alone.

3. Do I need a special app to measure using iPhone camera?

Answer: No, you do not need a special app to measure using iPhone camera. The iPhone’s built-in Measure app can be used for basic measurements, and there are also many third-party apps available that offer advanced features for measuring and calculating distances, angles, and more.

4. Is measuring using iPhone camera only available on newer models?

Answer: No, measuring using iPhone camera is available on most iPhone models running iOS 12 or later. However, some older models may not have the required hardware or software capabilities to perform accurate measurements.

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