How To Flip Camera In Obs?

One of the important features of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is the ability to flip the camera. Flipping the camera can be useful for various reasons, such as showcasing a product or project from different angles or changing the camera’s view during live streaming events. Here’s how to flip the camera in OBS.

Step 1: Open OBS and click on the “+” icon located at the bottom of the “Sources” box, and select “Video Capture Device” from the drop-down list.

Step 2: Input the name of the camera you are using in the “Device” option or select it from the drop-down if it is listed there.

Step 3: In the “Properties” section, click on “Configure Video” option.

Step 4: From here, click on the “Video Proc Amp” tab, which is located in the “Image Control” section.

Step 5: Scroll down to the “Flip Horizontally” or “Flip Vertical” option, depending on which direction you want to flip your camera.

Step 6: Check the box next to the flip option, and the camera view will switch to the flipped version.

Step 7: Once you have finished making the desired adjustments, click “OK.”

Step 8: Adjust the size and position of the camera view to fit your preferences on the OBS screen.

In summary, to flip the camera in OBS, follow the steps above, which include adding the video capture device from the “Sources” box, configuring the camera properties, and checking the flip box located in the “Video Proc Amp” tab. Flipping the camera can be useful for providing different camera angles, and it can be done easily with OBS.


1. How do I flip the camera in OBS?

To flip the camera in OBS, you need to add a transform filter to your video source. Right-click on your video source in the Sources window, select Filters, and then click the + button in the bottom left corner to add a new filter. Choose Transform from the list, and then click on the checkbox next to “Flip horizontally” to flip your camera.

2. Why would I need to flip my camera in OBS?

Flipping your camera in OBS can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, if you’re using a webcam and it’s positioned on the opposite side of your screen than where you’re looking, flipping the camera will make it appear as if you’re looking directly at your audience.

3. Does flipping the camera in OBS affect the video quality?

No, flipping your camera in OBS should not affect the video quality. This is because you’re simply flipping the video horizontally, which does not alter the resolution or other aspects of the video. However, if you have other filters applied to your video source, these may affect the quality of the video.

4. Can I flip multiple camera sources at once in OBS?

Yes, you can flip multiple camera sources at once in OBS by adding the transform filter to each of them individually. Simply select each video source in the Sources window, add the Transform filter, and then click the checkbox next to “Flip horizontally” for each one.

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