How To Fix Inverted Camera On Discord?

If your camera appears inverted or upside down while using Discord, it can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix this problem. Here are some effective solutions to resolve this issue and get your camera back to normal:

1. Restart the camera: This is the first step to try when your camera appears inverted. Disconnect the camera from your computer and then reconnect it. Sometimes, this simple step can help reset the camera and fix the issue.

2. Check camera settings: Check the settings of your camera to ensure that it is not set to “inverted mode”. If it is, turn it off and check to see if the camera appears normal on Discord.

3. Check Discord settings: Go to the settings menu on Discord and check the video settings. Make sure the camera is selected and enabled. Also, check if the camera is set to “mirror my video”. If it is, turn it off and check if the camera appears normal.

4. Update drivers: An outdated driver can cause a camera to appear inverted. Update the drivers of your camera from the manufacturer’s website or through the device manager.

5. Use a third-party app: If none of the above solutions work, try using a third-party app to adjust your camera’s settings. Apps like ManyCam or OBS can help fix the inverted camera issue.

In conclusion, an inverted camera on Discord can be frustrating, but there are several ways to fix it. Try the solutions listed above, and you should be able to get your camera back to normal.


1. How do I know if my camera is inverted on Discord?

If your camera is inverted on Discord, you will notice that the image is flipped horizontally, making it difficult for others to see you properly during video chats.

2. What can I do to fix an inverted camera on Discord?

There are a few things you can try to fix an inverted camera on Discord. First, make sure your camera is properly installed and recognized by your computer. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting the camera settings in Discord or resetting the app. If none of these solutions work, you may need to reinstall the camera driver.

3. Can I fix an inverted camera on Discord on my own?

Yes, you can fix an inverted camera on Discord on your own by following some simple steps. However, if you’re not comfortable with troubleshooting or making changes to your computer settings, it’s best to seek help from a tech-savvy friend or a professional technician.

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