How To Fix Eyes Not Looking At Camera Video?

If you are experiencing the problem of your eyes not looking at the camera in videos, there are a few simple things you can do to fix this issue. Here are some of the most effective strategies:

1. Adjust your camera position – One of the most common reasons for eyes not looking at the camera is because the camera is not positioned correctly. Make sure the camera lens is at eye level and try to position it as close to the center of the screen as possible. This will make it easier for you to look directly into the camera and engage with your audience.

2. Use eye contact prompts – Another way to encourage eye contact with the camera is to use eye contact prompts. These are images or video clips of eyes that you can add to your camera feed to make it look like you are looking directly at the viewer. There are many different eye contact prompt options available, so experiment with a few until you find one that works for you.

3. Use a teleprompter – Another effective way to maintain eye contact with the camera is to use a teleprompter. A teleprompter will display your script on a screen in front of the camera, allowing you to stay focused on the lens without having to look away to read your lines.

4. Practice – Finally, the more you practice speaking to the camera and maintaining eye contact, the easier it will become.

  • Try recording short videos and playing them back to see how you can improve your eye contact
  • Practice speaking directly to the camera instead of looking at yourself in a mirror or other distractions
  • Challenge yourself to maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer each time you record

With time and practice, looking directly at the camera will become natural and easy, making your videos more engaging and effective.


1. Why are my eyes not looking at the camera in my videos?

There are several reasons why your eyes may not be looking directly at the camera in your videos. It could be due to the angle of your camera, positioning of your monitor, or simply the way you are sitting.

2. Is there a specific camera angle I should use to ensure my eyes are looking at the camera?

Yes, positioning your camera or device at eye level can help ensure that your eyes are looking directly at the camera. This means you may need to adjust the height of your seat or the placement of your device.

3. How can I train myself to look at the camera during video recordings?

One way to train yourself to look directly at the camera during video recordings is to practice speaking to a mirror or a friend who is standing in for the camera. You can also place an object like a sticky note next to your camera lens to draw your focus there. Additionally, try to limit distractions in your recording environment, so you can focus on the camera.

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