How To Connect Canon Camera To Mac Wireless?

Connecting a Canon camera wirelessly to a Mac computer is a task that can be accomplished with ease. However, certain requirements must be met before proceeding with the connection process. Firstly, the camera should have WIFI capabilities, and the Mac computer should also have wireless connectivity feature to establish a connection. Follow the steps below to connect a Canon camera to Mac wireless –

1. Turn on the camera and set it to WIFI mode.

2. On the Mac, navigate to the WIFI icon on the taskbar and select it.

3. Select the camera’s WIFI network and enter the password when prompted.

4. After successfully connecting to the camera’s WIFI network, download and install the Canon EOS Utility Software on the Mac.

5. Launch the EOS Utility Software and wait for it to recognize the camera, which should be connected wirelessly.

6. Select the “Camera Setting/Remote Shooting” option on the software’s main interface.

7. After selecting the option, a live view of the camera will be displayed on the Mac’s screen, allowing the user to control the camera’s settings, take pictures and videos.

To conclude, connecting a Canon camera to Mac wireless is quite simple, provided the necessary requirements mentioned earlier are met. Following the steps listed above carefully will ensure a successful connection and allow effortless control of the camera’s settings.


1. Can I connect my Canon camera to Mac wirelessly?

Yes, you can connect your Canon camera to Mac wirelessly using the Wi-Fi feature of your camera and the built-in Wi-Fi of your Mac.

2. Do I need additional software or tools to connect my Canon camera to Mac wirelessly?

Most Canon cameras come with a built-in Wi-Fi feature, which allows them to connect to wireless networks. However, you may need to download the Canon Camera Connect app from the App Store to establish a wireless connection between the camera and your Mac.

3. Can I transfer photos and videos wirelessly from my Canon camera to Mac?

Yes, you can transfer photos and videos wirelessly from your Canon camera to your Mac using the Canon Camera Connect app. This app allows you to browse, select, and transfer photos and videos from your camera to your Mac wirelessly.

4. Is it recommended to use a Wi-Fi SD card to connect my Canon camera to Mac wirelessly?

Using a Wi-Fi SD card can be an alternative way to connect your Canon camera to Mac wirelessly, but it may not be as stable and reliable as connecting through the built-in Wi-Fi feature. Moreover, using a Wi-Fi SD card may require additional setup and configuration, which can be time-consuming.

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