How To Connect Blink Camera?

Connecting a Blink Camera is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. Follow the instructions below to connect your Blink Camera:

1. Download the Blink app: The first step to connecting your Blink Camera is to download the Blink app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Create an account: Once you have downloaded the app, create an account. You will be asked for your email address, password, and other basic information.

3. Set up your Sync Module: The Sync Module is the device that connects your Blink Camera to your Wi-Fi network. Plug the Sync Module into a power outlet and connect it to your Wi-Fi network using the app.

4. Add your Blink Camera: Once your Sync Module is connected to Wi-Fi, it’s time to add your Blink Camera. Place your camera in the desired location and use the app to scan the QR code on the back of the camera.

5. Connect your Blink Camera: After adding your Blink Camera, the app will guide you through the process of connecting it to your Sync Module. Follow the instructions carefully and your camera should be connected in no time.

6. Test your camera: Once your Blink Camera is connected, test it to make sure it is working properly. Check the live view to see if the camera is capturing footage and adjust the settings as necessary.

Connecting a Blink Camera is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Following these steps should ensure a smooth installation and a reliable connection.


1. How do I connect my Blink camera to my Wi-Fi network?

To connect your Blink camera to your Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to download the Blink app and create an account. Then, follow the in-app instructions to connect your camera to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure your camera is within range of your Wi-Fi signal and that you enter the correct network name and password.

2. What if I’m having trouble connecting my Blink camera?

If you’re having trouble connecting your Blink camera, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure your camera is fully charged and within range of your Wi-Fi network. You may also want to try resetting your camera and restarting your router. If these steps don’t work, you can contact Blink support for further assistance.

3. How do I view my Blink camera footage?

To view your Blink camera footage, open the Blink app and select the camera you want to view. You can view live footage, as well as recorded footage from the past 24 hours. If you want to view footage beyond 24 hours, you’ll need to sign up for a Blink cloud storage plan.

4. Can I connect multiple Blink cameras to the same account?

Yes, you can connect multiple Blink cameras to the same account. Simply add each camera to your account using the Blink app, and you’ll be able to view and manage all of your cameras in one place. Keep in mind that if you have multiple cameras, you may need to upgrade to a higher-tier cloud storage plan to store all of your footage.

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