How To Change Wifi On Wyze Camera?

To change the WiFi on Wyze camera, follow the steps below:

1. On your Wyze app, click on the Wyze camera you want to change the WiFi for and select “Settings”.
2. Select “Device Info” and scroll down to “WiFi”.
3. Click on the WiFi network name and enter the WiFi password for your new network.
4. Click “Save” and wait for the camera to reconnect to the new WiFi network.

In case you encounter any issues with the WiFi connection, try the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Make sure that the WiFi password is correct.
2. Move the Wyze camera closer to the router to ensure it’s within range.
3. Restart the router and the Wyze camera.
4. Check if the router is blocking the Wyze camera’s connection. Adjust the router settings accordingly.

Changing WiFi on Wyze camera is pretty straightforward, and the above steps should help you get started with it. Remember, a strong WiFi connection is crucial to ensure your Wyze camera functions optimally. Always ensure you have a stable internet connection to avoid disruptions in footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change the Wifi on my Wyze camera?

To change the Wifi on your Wyze camera, go to the Wyze app and tap on the camera you’d like to update. Now click on the settings cog, press on ‘Device Info’, and then select ‘Wi-Fi network’. From here, you can select a new Wifi network and enter the password.

2. Can I change the Wifi on my Wyze camera remotely?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the Wifi on your Wyze camera remotely. You’ll need to have physical access to the camera and be connected to its original Wifi network to change it.

3. Will changing the Wifi network disconnect my Wyze camera from the app?

Yes, changing the Wifi network will temporarily disconnect your Wyze camera from the app. However, once the camera is successfully connected to the new Wifi network, it will automatically reconnect to the Wyze app.

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