How To Add Camera Shake In Premiere?

Adding camera shake in Premiere is a great way to create a more dynamic and realistic effect in your videos. Here are some easy steps to add camera shake in Premiere:

1. Import your footage – First, import your footage into Premiere and create a new sequence.

2. Create a new adjustment layer – Next, create a new adjustment layer by going to the “New Item” icon in the project panel and selecting “Adjustment Layer.”

3. Apply the “Transform” effect – Apply the “Transform” effect to the adjustment layer by going to the “Effects” tab and searching for “Transform.” Apply this effect to the adjustment layer.

4. Add camera shake – To add camera shake, go to the “Effects” tab again and search for the “Warp Stabilizer” effect. Apply this effect to your footage.

5. Adjust the settings – In the Warp Stabilizer effect, go to the “Advanced” tab and check the box next to “Detailed Analysis.” This will analyze your footage and create keyframes for the camera movement.

6. Add more shake – If you want to add more shake, go back to the adjustment layer and adjust the “Transform” effect settings. You can adjust the position, rotation, and scale to create more movement and shake.

7. Render and export – Finally, render and export your footage to see the camera shake effect in action.

Adding camera shake in Premiere is a great way to make your footage look more realistic and dynamic. By using the Transform and Warp Stabilizer effects, you can easily create a convincing camera shake effect.


1. What is camera shake in Premiere?

Camera shake in Premiere is a video effect that adds a subtle or intense shaking motion to a clip. It is used to mimic the natural movement of a camera when it is handheld or when the environment is unstable. Camera shake can create a more realistic and immersive experience for the viewer.

2. How can I add camera shake in Premiere?

Adding camera shake in Premiere is easy. You can do it by using the built-in effect called ‘Warp Stabilizer’ or by using third-party plugins like ‘Red Giant Universe’ or ‘Motion Array Shake’. You can adjust the intensity, frequency, and direction of the camera shake to match the footage and the desired effect.

3. When should I use camera shake in Premiere?

Camera shake in Premiere can be used in various situations, such as action scenes, horror movies, documentaries, vlogs, and more. It is especially useful when you want to create a sense of tension, excitement, or realism. However, you should use camera shake sparingly and appropriately, as too much of it can be distracting or annoying to the viewer.

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