How Much Data Does Security Camera Use Per Month?

The amount of data that a security camera uses per month depends on several factors such as the recording resolution, frame rate, compression technology used, and the length of time that the cameras are recording.

Recording Resolution – The higher the recording resolution, the more data the camera will generate. Cameras with higher resolution produce better quality footage but use more data.

Frame Rate – Cameras recording at higher frame rates tend to use more data than those recording at a lower frame rate.

Compression – The type of compression technology used by the camera determines the amount of data that will be generated.

Recording Length – The length of time that the security camera is recording also affects the data usage. If the camera is recording all day, then it will use more data when compared to a camera that records only for a few hours.

On average, a security camera can use approximately 60GB to 600GB of data per month depending on the above factors. In addition, if you have multiple cameras recording in your house or business, the data usage will vary depending on each camera’s configuration.

To minimize data usage, one can reduce the recording resolution or frame rate, use a compression technology that is designed to reduce the size of the videos, or use motion detection settings to reduce the amount of time the cameras are recording.

  • Lowering the Recording Resolution
  • Reducing the Frame Rate
  • Compression Technology
  • Motion Detection

In conclusion, a security camera’s data usage is dependent on several factors, but it is possible to minimize it. By using the tips mentioned above, one can manage the data and control the cost of internet bills.


1. How much data does an average security camera use per month?

On average, a security camera uses around 60GB of data per month. It can vary depending on the camera’s resolution, frequency of recording, and motion detection settings.

2. How does the data usage of a security camera affect my internet plan?

The data usage of a security camera can significantly impact your internet plan, especially if you have multiple cameras. Make sure to check with your internet service provider to ensure you have enough data to cover your security camera’s usage.

3. Can I reduce the data usage of my security cameras?

Yes, there are ways to reduce the data usage of your security cameras. Adjusting the resolution and lowering the frequency of recording can significantly reduce the data usage without compromising the effectiveness of the security camera.

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