How Long Does The Average Security Camera Store Footage?

The length of time that a security camera stores footage depends on various factors. One of the most significant factors is the storage capacity of the camera. Most security cameras come with built-in storage, which can range from a few gigabytes to terabytes of storage capacity. However, modern security cameras have the option to store footage in the cloud, which offers almost unlimited storage capacity.

Another factor that determines how long footage is stored is the recording mode of the camera. Cameras that record continuously tend to store footage for a shorter period than those that record only when motion is detected. Continuous recording cameras may store footage for a few days to a few weeks before overwriting old data. On the other hand, motion-activated cameras may store footage for up to a month or more, depending on the frequency of motion detected.

Additionally, the quality of the footage and the compression format used can also affect how long the footage is stored. High-resolution footage takes up more storage space than lower-resolution footage, and uncompressed footage takes up more space than compressed footage. Modern cameras use compression algorithms like H.264 and H.265 to reduce the storage space required for each video frame.

In summary, the average length of time that a security camera stores footage depends on factors such as storage capacity, recording mode, quality of footage, and compression format used. Here is a list of the key factors that determine how long footage is stored:

  • Storage capacity of the camera
  • Recording mode of the camera
  • Quality of footage
  • Compression format used

Overall, it is essential to choose a security camera with enough storage capacity and a suitable recording mode to meet your needs. It is also crucial to ensure that the camera uses an efficient compression format to maximize storage space.


1. How long can security cameras store footage?

On average, security cameras can store footage for about 30 to 90 days. However, the storage capacity may vary depending on the type of camera and the storage device used.

2. Can I increase the storage capacity of my security camera?

Yes, you can increase the storage capacity of your security camera by using a larger storage device or by adding more storage devices. Some cameras also allow you to configure the recording settings to reduce the amount of storage used.

3. What happens when the storage capacity of my security camera is full?

When the storage capacity of your security camera is full, it will overwrite the oldest footage to make space for new recordings. This means that if you need to keep the footage for longer than the storage capacity allows, you should download and save the footage to another device before it gets overwritten.

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