How Do I Make My Blink Camera Stay On Live?

If you’re facing the problem of your Blink camera going offline or disconnecting frequently, it’s frustrating to not be able to keep an eye on your space consistently. Here are a few steps that you can use to keep your Blink camera on live:

1. Check your Wi-Fi connection – Poor Wi-Fi connection is often the prime cause of cameras going offline. Make sure your camera is placed in a location where the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. If it is not, you might need to invest in a Wi-Fi extender.

2. Update your Blink App – Make sure you are using the latest version of the Blink App. If you have not updated the app, it can sometimes result in connectivity issues.

3. Check Camera batteries – Low battery status may also cause the camera to disconnect. Replace the batteries with new ones and check to see if it helps in the connectivity issue.

4. Re-setup camera – Sometimes resetting the camera and setting it back up may solve the issue. To do this, navigate to your Blink app > Camera settings > Remove camera > Add a new camera.

5. Enable Live View – To watch your camera live, open the Blink app, select the camera, and tap on the “Live View” option. If Live View still gets disconnected, turn off any other devices using Wi-Fi.

6. Separate devices – If you are using several Wi-Fi-enabled devices and experiencing connectivity issues, it might help to separate them from the Blink camera’s Wi-Fi network.

By following these steps, you can make sure that your Blink camera stays on live for longer periods and provides consistent monitoring of your space.


1. How can I make my Blink camera stay on live?

There are a few things you can do to make your Blink camera stay on live. You can change the power settings on your camera so that it’s always on, or you can connect it to an AC power source to ensure that it stays powered.

2. Can I change the settings on my Blink camera to stay on live?

Yes, you can change the power settings on your Blink camera to ensure that it stays on live. You can also set up your camera to record continuously, which will keep it on live and record footage even when there is no motion detected.

3. What can I do if my Blink camera keeps going offline?

If your Blink camera keeps going offline, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, make sure that the camera is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. You may also need to reset the camera or restart your router to establish a stable connection. If you’re still having issues, you can contact Blink support for further assistance.

4. How long can my Blink camera stay on live before the battery runs out?

The amount of time your Blink camera can stay on live before the battery runs out will depend on several factors, such as the power settings, the strength of your Wi-Fi connection, and the amount of motion or activity occurring in the camera’s field of view. Generally, the battery life of a fully charged Blink camera will last between two and six months, depending on usage.

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