How do I get subtitles on Roku Peacock: A Quick Guide

If you’re a Roku Peacock user and you’re wondering how to enable subtitles on your favorite shows and movies, you’ve come to the right place. In this quick guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of getting subtitles on Roku Peacock, ensuring you have a seamless and accessible streaming experience. Whether you prefer to watch content with subtitles for clarity or require them for hearing impairments, this guide will help you make the most out of your Roku Peacock streaming service.

Enabling Subtitles On Roku Peacock: Step-by-step Instructions

Roku Peacock offers a wide range of content for streaming enthusiasts, and enabling subtitles can greatly enhance your viewing experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you enable subtitles on Roku Peacock:

1. Launch the Roku Peacock app on your device and select the desired content.
2. Once the video starts playing, press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.
3. This will open the options menu. Navigate to the “Subtitles & Captions” tab using the arrow keys and press the OK button.
4. You will be presented with various subtitle options. Select “On” to enable subtitles.
5. If you prefer closed captions instead, choose “Closed Captions (CC)” from the list.
6. Roku Peacock also supports multiple languages for subtitles. To choose the language, select “Language” and pick your preferred option.
7. Under the “Text” option, you can customize the appearance of the subtitles, such as font size, color, and style.
8. Once you have adjusted the settings according to your preference, press the back arrow or the home button to save the changes.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to enable and customize subtitles on Roku Peacock easily and enjoy a more inclusive streaming experience.

Accessing The Subtitle Settings On Roku Peacock

Roku Peacock offers a user-friendly way to access and configure subtitle settings for an enhanced viewing experience. To access the subtitle settings on Roku Peacock, follow these simple steps:

1. Launch the Roku Peacock app on your Roku device or TV.
2. Navigate to the content you want to watch.
3. Once the video starts playing, press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.
4. A menu will appear on the screen. Scroll down and select “Subtitles.”
5. In the Subtitles menu, you can choose from several options, including “On,” “Always On,” and “Off.”
6. Select your preferred option to enable or disable subtitles according to your preference.
7. You can also adjust the size, color, font, and background of the subtitles in the “Customize appearance” option within the Subtitles menu.
8. Once you have made your desired adjustments, you can go back to watching your content with the subtitles now appearing on the screen.

By accessing the subtitle settings on Roku Peacock, you can personalize your viewing experience and enjoy your favorite content with clear and accurate subtitles.

Choosing The Subtitle Language On Roku Peacock

When using Roku Peacock, it’s important to have the subtitles in a language that you understand. Fortunately, choosing the subtitle language is a straightforward process.

To select the subtitle language on Roku Peacock, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Peacock app on your Roku device and start playing a show or movie.
2. During playback, press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote to bring up the options menu.
3. Using the directional buttons on your remote, navigate to the “Subtitles” option and press the OK button.
4. A list of available subtitle languages will appear on the screen. Scroll through the list using the directional buttons and highlight the language you desire.
5. Press the OK button to select the language. The subtitles will now appear in the chosen language for all content on Roku Peacock.

Remember to choose a language that you are comfortable with and enjoy your favorite shows and movies with subtitles that enhance your viewing experience.

Customizing The Appearance Of Subtitles On Roku Peacock

When it comes to watching content on Roku Peacock, having subtitles can enhance your viewing experience. However, sometimes the default appearance of subtitles may not be ideal for everyone. Luckily, Roku Peacock offers customization options to make subtitles more visually appealing and easier to read.

To begin customizing the appearance of subtitles, start by accessing the subtitle settings on Roku Peacock. Navigate to the subtitle settings by following the on-screen instructions or by going to the settings menu. Once you’re in the subtitle settings, look for options such as font style, size, color, background, and opacity.

Font style allows you to choose a preferred text style that suits your preference. You can select from options like bold, italic, or underline. Adjusting the font size can make subtitles more readable, especially if you have difficulty seeing smaller text.

Furthermore, choosing an appropriate color and background for subtitles is crucial for readability. Ensure that the colors contrast well and don’t blend with the video content. Additionally, adjusting the opacity of subtitles can help to make them less obtrusive and blend seamlessly with the video.

By customizing the appearance of subtitles on Roku Peacock, you can create a personalized viewing experience that suits your preferences and improves your overall enjoyment of the content.

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Subtitles On Roku Peacock

Subtitles on Roku Peacock can enhance your viewing experience, but sometimes they might not work as expected. If you’re facing issues with subtitles, don’t worry, as there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve them.

Firstly, make sure that subtitles are enabled in your Roku device settings. Navigate to the Roku home screen, go to Settings, select Accessibility, and ensure that Closed Captioning is set to “On.” If it’s already enabled, try disabling and re-enabling it to refresh the settings.

If the subtitles are still not displaying, check the language settings. Roku Peacock offers multiple subtitle language options, so verify that the correct language is selected. To do this, open the Peacock app, play a video, and go to the Subtitles icon. From there, select the desired language.

It’s also important to ensure that your Roku device and the Peacock app are both up to date. Sometimes, outdated software can lead to subtitle issues. Go to the Roku home screen, choose Settings, then System, and finally, System update to check for any available updates.

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, it’s advisable to contact Roku or Peacock support for further assistance. They can provide personalized guidance and help resolve any software or technical issues that may be impacting the subtitle functionality on your Roku Peacock device.

Understanding The Different Subtitle Options On Roku Peacock

When it comes to subtitles on Roku Peacock, there are a few different options available to enhance your viewing experience.

1. Default Subtitles: Roku Peacock offers default subtitles for many of its movies and TV shows. These subtitles are automatically displayed when you play a video, allowing you to follow along with the dialogue.

2. Audio Descriptions: For visually impaired users, Roku Peacock provides audio descriptions. These descriptions narrate the visual elements that are happening on-screen, ensuring a more inclusive experience.

3. Closed Captions: Closed captions provide a text display of the audio content on the screen, including dialogue, sound effects, and other auditory information. You can enable or disable closed captions as per your preferences.

4. Customization Options: Roku Peacock allows users to customize their subtitle experience. You can change the font size, font color, background color, and even the position of the subtitles on the screen.

Understanding these different subtitle options on Roku Peacock can help you tailor your viewing experience to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require default subtitles, audio descriptions, or closed captions, Roku Peacock ensures a diverse range of options to meet your needs.

Subtitles Vs. Closed Captions: What’s The Difference On Roku Peacock?

When it comes to Roku Peacock, the terms “subtitles” and “closed captions” are often used interchangeably, but they do have distinct differences. Subtitles, also known as open captions, translate the dialogue and audio content of a video into text form. These subtitles are typically intended for viewers who don’t speak the language being spoken in the video or for those who have difficulty hearing the audio.

On the other hand, closed captions provide not only the dialogue but also include important non-dialogue audio elements such as sound effects and background noises. They are primarily designed for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, ensuring they have a complete understanding of the audiovisual content.

While Roku Peacock provides both subtitle and closed caption options, it’s essential to note the difference and choose the appropriate option based on your needs. Whether you require subtitles for understanding a foreign language or closed captions for a comprehensive viewing experience, Roku Peacock provides the flexibility to cater to your preferences and accessibility requirements. Enjoy a seamless and inclusive viewing experience by selecting the suitable captioning option on Roku Peacock.

Tips For Optimizing The Subtitle Experience On Roku Peacock

When it comes to optimizing the subtitle experience on Roku Peacock, there are a few tips you can follow to enhance your viewing experience.

Firstly, make sure to choose the correct subtitle language that suits your preferences. Roku Peacock offers various language options, so select the one that best suits your needs.

Next, take advantage of the customization options available for subtitles. You can adjust the font size, style, and color to ensure that the subtitles are easy to read and do not obstruct your view. Experiment with different settings until you find the one that works best for you.

Additionally, if you encounter any issues with subtitles, such as syncing problems or missing text, try restarting your Roku device and ensure that both the Peacock app and your device’s software are up to date.

It’s also worth noting that subtitles and closed captions are not the same on Roku Peacock. Subtitles provide a translation of dialogue, while closed captions include additional information like sound effects and speaker identification. Understanding the difference can help you choose the best option for your needs.

By following these tips, you can optimize the subtitle experience on Roku Peacock and enjoy your favorite shows and movies with accurate and customizable subtitles.


1. How do I enable subtitles on Roku using Peacock?

To enable subtitles while watching content on Peacock using Roku, follow these steps:
– Open the Peacock app on your Roku device.
– Select the show or movie you want to watch.
– While the content is playing, press the star (*) button on your Roku remote.
– This will open the playback settings menu. Navigate to the “Subtitles” option using the directional buttons.
– Select the desired subtitle language or choose “On” to enable subtitles in the default language.
– Once selected, the subtitles will appear on the screen while you watch your chosen content.

2. Can I customize the appearance of subtitles on Roku Peacock?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of subtitles on Peacock using Roku. Here’s how:
– Open the Peacock app on your Roku device and start playing a show or movie.
– Press the star (*) button on your Roku remote to access the playback settings menu.
– Navigate to the “Subtitles” option using the directional buttons and select it.
– From the subtitles menu, choose “Options” or “Customize” to access the subtitle customization settings.
– Here, you can adjust the font size, color, background opacity, and other visual aspects of the subtitles according to your preference.
– Once you’ve made your desired changes, exit the settings menu, and the subtitles will appear as you customized them.

3. Why aren’t subtitles showing up on Peacock through Roku?

If subtitles are not appearing while using Peacock on Roku, try the following troubleshooting steps:
– Check if the particular show or movie you’re watching has subtitles available. Not all content on Peacock may have subtitles.
– Make sure you have enabled subtitles by pressing the star (*) button on your Roku remote during playback and selecting the desired subtitle language or enabling them if currently turned off.
– Ensure that the Peacock app on your Roku device is up to date. Go to the Roku home screen, navigate to the Peacock app, press the asterisk (*) button on the remote, and choose “Check for updates” to ensure you have the latest version.
– Restart your Roku device and relaunch the Peacock app. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve technical glitches.
– If the issue persists, you may need to contact Peacock or Roku support for further assistance.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, adding subtitles to Roku Peacock is a simple and straightforward process that can greatly enhance the viewing experience for users. The platform offers various options for customizing subtitles, allowing individuals to choose their preferred language, font, size, and color. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, users can easily enable subtitles on Roku Peacock and enjoy their favorite movies and shows with enhanced accessibility and comprehension.

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