Does Vizio Tv Have Built In Camera?

Vizio TV does not have a built-in camera. According to the manufacturer, their televisions do not have the feature of adding an external camera either. This is probably because Vizio is a budget TV brand that primarily focuses on providing quality displays at affordable prices. Therefore, their TVs seldom have features that are considered as ‘higher-end’ and are not necessarily required for fulfilling the basic purpose of a ‘television.’

In recent years, people have become more conscious of their privacy and security, and many prefer not to have cameras built into their electronic devices. Especially, if their device is in the living room or bedroom where a person’s personal life can be exposed. Vizio seems to have considered this and decided to exclude a built-in camera from their products.

However, if a person needs a camera for their TV, there are external options available. The easiest way is to use a webcam that can be connected to the TV through its USB port. The other option is to use a smart camera that can be connected to the Wi-Fi network of the house and can stream its video feed to the TV.

In conclusion, Vizio TVs do not have a built-in camera. However, if people need a camera, there are different options available. One can connect an external USB webcam to the TV, or they can use a smart camera that can connect to the Wi-Fi network of the house.


1. Does Vizio TV have a built-in camera?

Most Vizio TV models do not have a built-in camera. However, some newer models of Vizio SmartCast TVs do include an integrated camera with motion-sensing features for use with video chat applications.

2. Can the Vizio SmartCast camera be turned off?

Yes, the camera on Vizio SmartCast TV models can be turned off. You can disable the camera and microphone in the TV settings menu. This will make sure that no one can spy on you through the TV camera or microphone without your permission.

3. What kind of information can be collected by the Vizio TV camera?

The Vizio TV camera may collect certain information like video and audio during video chat sessions. However, Vizio only collects information necessary to provide and improve the features of its products and does not sell this information to third parties.

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