Does Turning Off Wifi Disable Ring Camera?

No, turning off Wi-Fi does not disable a Ring camera completely. Even if the Wi-Fi network is turned off, the Ring camera will still function using its internal battery and cellular data connection. The camera will continue to record and store videos, and send motion alerts to the Ring app on the user’s phone.

However, if the Wi-Fi network is turned off, the user will not be able to access the live feed of the camera or any previously recorded videos. The Ring camera can only be accessed through the Ring app or the web portal, which requires an active internet connection.

It is important to note that there are a few factors that may affect the functionality of the Ring camera when the Wi-Fi network is turned off. Firstly, the cellular coverage in the area where the camera is installed may affect the quality of the footage and the speed at which alerts are sent. Secondly, the internal battery of the camera may drain faster when it is using a cellular network instead of Wi-Fi.

To sum up, turning off Wi-Fi does not disable the Ring camera entirely, but it may affect how it functions. So, if you want to stop the camera’s functionality completely, you will need to remove the battery completely from the device.


1. Can I turn off my Wifi without disabling my Ring camera?

Yes, turning off your Wifi will not necessarily disable your Ring camera. Your camera will still work, but its live view, recorded videos, and alerts through the Ring app will not be accessible.

2. How can I access my Ring camera if I turn off Wifi?

If you turn off your Wifi, you can still access your Ring camera using cellular data on your smartphone. However, this might incur additional data charges based on your network plan.

3. Will I lose my saved videos if Wifi is turned off?

No, saved videos on your Ring camera will not be lost if Wifi is turned off. Videos are recorded and saved locally on the camera’s internal memory or external SD card, depending on the camera model.

4. Can I enable motion alerts on my Ring camera if Wifi is turned off?

No, if Wifi is turned off, you will not receive motion alerts on your Ring camera. You have to turn on your Wifi or use cellular data to receive alerts through the Ring app.

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