Does Ring Camera Always Record?

Ring Camera is a popular home security device that functions by recording video footage that can be viewed remotely by homeowners via a mobile app. One of the most common questions asked by homeowners who have installed Ring Cameras is whether the device always records.

The answer is no, Ring Camera does not always record. The device is motion activated, which means that it only starts recording video footage when it detects movement within its viewing range. This ensures that Ring Camera is only recording relevant footage, rather than wasting storage space by recording hours of video of an empty room.

There are, however, some settings that can be adjusted to increase the device’s sensitivity to movement or to keep it recording continuously. Users can adjust the device’s motion settings to make it more sensitive to movement or change the distance at which it can detect motion. They can also set the device to record continuously by manually turning on the Live View feature or by subscribing to Ring’s cloud recording service.

It’s important to note that Ring Cameras are not designed for 24/7 surveillance. Recording people without their consent and knowledge can lead to privacy and legal issues. Additionally, if the device is recording at all times, it may be difficult to discern significant events from regular, day-to-day activities.

In summary, Ring Camera does not always record. It is designed to only record when it detects motion to prevent unnecessary footage and optimize storage.

    However, users can adjust the settings to make it more sensitive or to record continuously.

Nevertheless, Ring Cameras are not intended for 24/7 surveillance and should not be used for unlawful or intrusive purposes.


1. Does Ring Camera always record?

Yes, the Ring Camera can be set to always record through the Live View feature, but this can quickly fill up storage space on the device.

2. How long does Ring Camera record?

The Ring Camera can record for up to 60 seconds during an event or motion detection, but this can be extended to up to 20 minutes with a Ring Protect subscription.

3. Does Ring Camera only start recording when it detects motion?

No, the Ring Camera can also be set to record continuously through the Live View feature.

4. How do I access the recorded footage on my Ring Camera?

The recorded footage can be accessed through the Ring app or website, and requires a subscription to Ring Protect to save and view the footage beyond 60 days.

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