Does Mike\’s Camera Buy Used Cameras?

Yes, Mike’s Camera buys used cameras from customers. They offer a trade-in program which allows customers to sell their used cameras and receive credit towards new purchases. Additionally, they also offer a direct buy option, where customers can sell their cameras directly to Mike’s Camera for cash.

To participate in the trade-in program, customers must bring their camera to one of Mike’s Camera locations. The camera will be evaluated and an appraisal will be made based on the condition of the camera, the current market value, and the demand for the specific model. Once the appraisal is complete, the customer may choose to receive store credit towards a new purchase or to receive cash for the value of the camera.

For those who prefer to sell their camera directly to Mike’s Camera, they can do so by filling out an online form on the company’s website. They will need to provide information about the make and model of the camera, its condition, and any accessories that come with it. Based on this information, Mike’s Camera will make an offer for the camera.

In summary, Mike’s Camera does buy used cameras from customers through their trade-in program or through a direct buy option. Customers can receive either store credit or cash for their used cameras, depending on their preference.


1. Do I need to make an appointment to sell my camera to Mike’s Camera?

Yes, Mike’s Camera requires customers to make an appointment in order to sell their used cameras. This ensures that the store has adequate staff available to assist with the process and that the customer receives the best possible service.

2. How do I know how much my used camera is worth?

Mike’s Camera has a team of experts who can evaluate your used camera and provide an estimate of its value. You can also check online resources, such as eBay or Amazon, to see what similar cameras are selling for.

3. What types of used cameras will Mike’s Camera buy?

Mike’s Camera buys a wide range of used cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, point-and-shoots, and film cameras. They also buy camera lenses and other photography equipment.

4. Does Mike’s Camera offer any trade-in options for used cameras?

Yes, Mike’s Camera offers trade-in options for used cameras. Customers can bring in their old camera and receive credit towards a new camera or other photography equipment. The amount of credit offered will depend on the condition and value of the used camera.

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