Can Insurance Companies Get Traffic Camera Footage?

Yes, insurance companies can get traffic camera footage, but the process is not straightforward. Traffic camera footage is generally considered public information, but it falls under the Open Records Act of each state. As such, a request for footage must be made through the relevant government agency, such as the police department or the transportation department.

When it comes to insurance claims, insurance companies can make a request for traffic camera footage if the footage is relevant to the claim. For instance, if an insurance company is investigating a car accident, they may request footage from a traffic camera that captured the incident. The purpose of the request is to gather evidence that can help settle the claim.

However, insurance companies cannot make arbitrary requests for traffic camera footage. They must provide a valid reason and comply with the legal process for obtaining the footage. Additionally, the footage may need to be edited to protect the privacy of individuals who appear in the footage.

It’s important to note that not all traffic cameras are operated by government agencies. Some are operated by private entities, such as toll road operators or businesses. In these cases, insurance companies may need to go through the private entity to obtain the footage.

In conclusion, insurance companies can get traffic camera footage, but the process is regulated by the Open Records Act and legal requirements. Any request for footage must be relevant to a claim and comply with legal guidelines.


1. Can insurance companies request traffic camera footage for any accident?

Yes, insurance companies can request traffic camera footage for any accident that occurs on a public road. However, this depends on the specific laws in your state or country regarding access to public records.

2. Can insurance companies use traffic camera footage to deny claims?

Yes, insurance companies can use traffic camera footage to deny claims. If the footage shows that the policyholder was at fault or engaged in reckless driving that caused the accident, the insurance company can deny the claim.

3. How can I obtain traffic camera footage for an accident I was involved in?

You can request traffic camera footage for an accident you were involved in by submitting a public records request to the relevant authority in charge of maintaining the footage. This may be the local police department, the Department of Transportation, or another entity responsible for traffic cameras in your area.

4. Can insurance companies access red light camera footage?

Yes, insurance companies can access red light camera footage if it is available. Red light cameras typically capture footage of drivers who run red lights or make illegal turns, which can be used by insurance companies to determine fault in an accident. However, the rules regarding access to red light camera footage vary by state and municipality, so it’s important to check with local authorities or legal professionals to understand your rights.

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