Can A Cell Phone Camera See Infrared?

Yes, a cell phone camera can see Infrared, but not on its own. In fact, most cell phone cameras are equipped with an infrared filter to block the infrared light from entering the sensor. The human eye cannot see infrared light, but cameras can since they are designed to detect light in the visible and non-visible spectrum.

However, there are ways to remove the infrared filter from a cell phone camera or attach an external infrared lens that allows the camera to capture infrared images. These lenses are readily available online and can be purchased for a reasonable price. The lens needs to be aligned with the phone’s camera to get the desired image. Some smartphones have a dedicated night mode feature that allows users to capture low light images, and this can also capture some level of infrared light.

  • One interesting application of using infrared with smartphones is in identifying counterfeit money.
  • Infrared light reveals hidden security features on banknotes which cannot be seen through the naked eye.
  • Moreover, infrared cameras can also detect heat signatures and can be used for thermal imaging.
  • This feature is available in some high-end smartphones such as the iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

However, it is important to note that capturing infrared images requires a certain level of expertise, and the images may not be as high-quality as those obtained from a professional camera. Additionally, using external lenses or tampering with the phone’s hardware can also potentially damage the device or void the warranty. In conclusion, while a cell phone camera can capture infrared images, adding external lenses or removing filters should be done with caution and proper research.


FAQs for Can A Cell Phone Camera See Infrared article:

1. Can all cell phone cameras see infrared?

Not all cell phone cameras can see infrared. Only a few models of cell phone cameras are equipped with infrared sensors, particularly those designed for night vision, thermal imaging, and other specialized purposes.

2. How can I check if my cell phone camera can see infrared?

If your cell phone camera can see infrared, a quick test you can do is to point a TV remote control at the camera lens and press any button on the remote. If you see a purple glow on the screen or the camera can capture the light from the remote, then it has infrared capability.

3. What are the practical uses of cell phone cameras that can see infrared?

Cell phone cameras with infrared capability can be used for various purposes, such as detecting hidden security cameras, examining electronic circuits, identifying energy losses in buildings, and viewing wildlife at night. They can also be used for fun activities like taking cool infrared selfies.

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