Top 10 Best Vintage Polaroid Cameras In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for a perfect vintage Polaroid camera that will bring a touch of nostalgia to your photographs? Look no further. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 best vintage Polaroid cameras that are sure to delight any vintage camera enthusiast. Whether you are looking for the best instant cameras for your travels or for a special occasion, our list offers a range of cameras to choose from to suit your needs. So, let’s delve into our reviews and buying guide for the best vintage Polaroid cameras available in the market today.

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Overview of Vintage Polaroid Cameras

Vintage Polaroid cameras are instant film cameras that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The cameras were made by Polaroid Corporation, which was founded in 1937. The cameras were unique in that they allowed users to take a photograph and then print it out instantly. This feature made them popular among amateur photographers, families, and professionals who needed quick prints for their work.

Polaroid cameras were available in a variety of styles and models, including folding cameras, compact cameras, and even large-format cameras. Some of the most popular models include the Polaroid Land Camera and the Polaroid SX-70, both of which are highly collectible today. While digital photography has largely replaced instant film photography, the vintage Polaroid cameras remain a beloved collector’s item and symbol of the nostalgia associated with the instant film era.

10 Best Vintage Polaroid Cameras Comparison

SaleRANK 1
Polaroid 600 Sun600 LMS Built-in Flash Instant Film Camera with Strap for...
  • Ready for Another Generation: This vintage Polaroid 600 instant camera has been refurbished and is ready for another generation of photo-taking
  • Film: This instant camera works with Polaroid 600 film
  • Color: This instant camera comes in a silver and black color
  • Easy to Carry Around: It comes with a strap for carrying the camera around
  • Flash and Battery: The flash in this camera is built in with manual override and the battery is built into the film cartridge
Polaroid Originals 4706 Polaroid 600 Camera, Impulse, Gray
  • Polaroid 600 camera
  • Uses 600 film and prints instantly!
  • Fixed focus lens
  • Fitted with protective film shield
  • Vintage Polaroid camera lovingly refurbished by Polaroid Originals
Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera Vintage Black, Fuji Instax Mini Film 20...
  • Kit Includes - Fujifilm Mini 40 Instant Camera - Fuji Instax mini film -20 Sheets - Case.
  • Selfie Mode - Let your personality shine through with focused perfection, courtesy of the Selfie Mode (activated with a twist of the lens) and selfie mirror...
  • Smile Guaranteed - This will make the perfect gift for any Holiday, Birthday or any other occasion for you or a loved one. Putting smiles on faces of all ages...
  • Credit Card Size - 5.4 cm x 8.6 cm: the unique credit-card sized film is easy to carry in your purse or wallet and has unique color borders to add style to your...
  • Automatic Exposure - The Automatic Exposure function automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, and optimizes the...
Impossible Polaroid 600 Square Black One Step Camera, Black (PRD541)
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Works with Impossible 600-type film
  • It has been carefully refurbished and fitted with a new Impossible frog tongue to shield photos as they exit the camera
  • Built-In Automatic Electronic Flash
SaleRANK 6
Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera (9035) - Only Compatible with Polaroid Go Film
  • NEW POLAROID CAMERA: The Polaroid GO is so cute you want to squeeze its cheeks. Create big, with the tiniest member of the Polaroid family.
  • CREATE BIG, SMALLER: Portable, wearable, and take-anywhere-able. The Polaroid Go camera is your new mini partner in creativity.
  • DOUBLE EXPOSURE, HALF THE SIZE: Add another layer to your creative vision with the easy-to-use double exposure feature.
  • SELF-TIMER & SELFIE-READY: Find your light with the reflective selfie mirror, and pick your pose with plenty of time, thanks to the self-timer.
  • NEW FILM FORMAT: The Polaroid Go camera only takes Polaroid Go format film. It's the same Polaroid magic you know and love, only smaller.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Instant Camera Vintage Black. + Value Pack (40 Sheets)...
  • Includes FujiFilm Instax Mini 40 Camera, The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Camera Black features a Optical Image Viewfinder, Auto Exposure and a Built-In Flash....
  • Includes 40 Film designed for shooting photos with a press of a button and instantly printing it out with the Fujifilm Mini series, enjoy to watch the images...
  • A unique Shutter fitted case with a removable strap for extra comfort was designed to both hold and protect your camera. Fashionable and practical. Be smart, be...
  • Fujifilm instax mini twin pack instant film (40 exposures) credit card size prints.
  • Note: Film Packaging varies, Includes Two twin packs each containing 20 sheets, in retail packaging
Polaroid Originals Now Viewfinder i-Type Instant Camera (Black and White) Bundle...
  • Bundle Includes: Polaroid Originals Now Viewfinder i-Type Instant Camera (Black & White) with Polaroid Originals Color Instant Film for i-Type Cameras (8...
  • Polaroid Originals Now Viewfinder i-Type Instant Camera: This analog instant camera comes with autofocus to help you catch life as you live it in that iconic...
  • Autofocus 2‑lens system: The Polaroid Now decides which lens is suitable, so you get beautiful portraits in more places, more often — even without the...
  • Built‑in double exposure: Get two frames in the one Polaroid photograph. Dreamy, artistic, and ready to add some drama to your photography.
  • Self‑timer: In just one tap, you’ve got 9 seconds to gather your friends and smile.
Polaroid Impulse AF Instant Film Camera
  • Vintage instant film camera that produces classic Polaroid-style prints
  • Automatic focus system for clear and sharp images every time
  • Built-in flash for low-light conditions and self-timer for group shots or self-portraits
  • Uses Polaroid 600 instant film for high-quality, full-color prints that develop in minutes
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry with you on the go
Vintage Polaroid One Step Flash Camera
  • Vintage Polaroid
  • Classic
  • Rare
  • No longer available in stores
  • Film available on Amazon

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What are the Advantages of Buying Vintage Polaroid Cameras?

Vintage Polaroid cameras are a great investment for those looking to capture moments in a unique, retro way. There are several reasons why buying a vintage Polaroid camera could be the perfect addition to your photography collection.

Nostalgia value

Nostalgia value is the sentimental or emotional value that a person attaches to an object or an experience from their past. Vintage Polaroid cameras have a nostalgic value for many people who grew up in the 70s or 80s. These cameras were hugely popular during that time and people have fond memories of capturing their precious moments with them. Holding a Polaroid camera in their hand brings back memories of family vacations, birthday parties, and other special occasions.

Moreover, Polaroid cameras have a unique characteristic that makes them stand out from other modern cameras. They produce instant prints right after a photo is taken, which is something that digital cameras cannot replicate. This brings a sense of excitement and anticipation to the process of taking a photo, which is missing in the era of digital photography. For people who have experienced this excitement in their childhood, owning a vintage Polaroid camera can be a way to relive those happy memories and enjoy the same experience with their loved ones or friends.

Unique design and aesthetic appeal

Vintage Polaroid Cameras are famous for their unique design and distinctive aesthetic appeal. These cameras are more than just a tool for capturing photographs; they are a piece of art that adds a touch of nostalgia and personality to any collection. The classic metal and leather finishes, along with the iconic rainbow stripe, are instantly recognizable and create an atmosphere of history and heritage.

The vintage Polaroid cameras are also known for combining form and function in a simplistic yet elegant way. The cameras’ design is straightforward and easy to use, yet the materials used to make these cameras suggest durability, quality, and dependability. This combination of style and functionality makes vintage Polaroid cameras unique to other types of cameras and appeals to various photographers, from amateur to professional. For these reasons, many people are drawn to vintage Polaroid cameras, and they have become popular collectors’ items, not just because of the images they produce, but also for their extraordinary designs.

Instant gratification and tangible photographs

In today’s fast-paced digital world, we often take thousands of pictures with our smartphones, but they stay buried in our photo albums or online storage. We rarely print them out, and the tangible value of photography seems to have diminished with the advent of digital technology. But a vintage Polaroid camera offers instant gratification by clicking a picture and printing it out within seconds. The anticipation of waiting for the photograph to develop, and the excitement of holding a physical print in our hands, add value to the experience of taking a picture.

Vintage Polaroid cameras also bring back a sense of nostalgia and a longing for simpler times. They remind us of the days when taking a photograph was a more meaningful and special experience. With these instant cameras, we can capture memories in a way that feels more tangible and intimate than a digital image on a screen. In this way, vintage Polaroid cameras offer a unique way of experiencing and preserving moments, making them a sought-after item for many people.

Creative opportunities with limited resources

Vintage Polaroid Cameras offer a unique creative opportunity with limited resources. In today’s digital age, where photography has become extremely accessible and almost everyone has a camera, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of generic images. However, with a vintage polaroid camera, one can capture images that have a distinct retro aesthetic.

The limited resources that come with using a vintage polaroid camera – such as the inability to edit or retouch images – can actually be an advantage. This forces the photographer to focus on composition, lighting, and subject matter, resulting in images that have a more authentic and raw feel. Additionally, the instant gratification that comes with seeing the image develop right before your eyes adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the creative process. Overall, purchasing a vintage polaroid camera can provide a unique and refreshing creative outlet for those looking to break away from generic digital photography.

Guide to Choose the Best Vintage Polaroid Cameras

Purchasing a vintage Polaroid camera can be a great investment for photography enthusiasts. To ensure that you make the best choice, there are a few factors that you should consider.

The condition of the camera

Vintage Polaroid cameras are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts because of their unique and iconic style. However, it is important to consider the condition of the camera before buying to ensure that it functions properly and produces high-quality images. A camera in poor condition may have issues such as light leaks, a broken flash or focus system, or corrosion on the battery contacts, which can all affect the quality of the photos taken. Therefore, checking the condition of the camera and any accompanying accessories before purchasing can prevent disappointment and ensure a better overall experience with the camera.

Additionally, vintage Polaroid cameras are no longer in production, and replacement parts can be difficult to find. If a camera is in poor condition, it may not be repairable and would essentially be a waste of money. Therefore, buyers should consider investing in a camera in good condition, even if it costs slightly more, as it will likely last longer and provide a better experience overall.

The age of the camera

When considering buying a vintage Polaroid camera, it is essential to pay attention to its age. This is because older models may be more difficult to use, may require specialized film that is hard to find, or may have outdated features that are no longer relevant. Additionally, older cameras may have internal components that are more susceptible to wear and tear, which could lead to malfunctions or other problems over time.

Choosing a vintage Polaroid camera that is relatively new can offer many benefits. More recent models tend to have better features, more reliable components, and are generally easier to use than their older counterparts. They also tend to be more compatible with modern films and accessories, which can make it easier to find the supplies needed to keep using the camera over time. Ultimately, considering the age of a vintage Polaroid camera can help ensure that you are making a wise investment in a camera that will be able to meet your needs for many years to come.

Availability of film

Vintage Polaroid cameras require specific types of instant film that may no longer be widely available. Without the proper film, the camera will not function as intended, rendering it useless. Therefore, it is important to consider the availability of the film before investing in a vintage Polaroid camera.

Additionally, some vintage Polaroid cameras may require film that is no longer manufactured, making it even more difficult to find and potentially more expensive. Before purchasing a vintage Polaroid camera, it is important to research the type of film it requires and ensure that it is still being produced or that alternative options are available. Otherwise, the camera may become nothing more than a decorative piece.

The reputation of the brand/model

When buying a vintage Polaroid camera, it’s important to consider the reputation of the brand/model as it can affect the camera’s overall quality and functionality. Certain brands and models are known for producing reliable and high-performing cameras while others may have a history of issues or defects. By researching the reputation of the camera brand/model, you can make an informed decision and avoid purchasing a camera that may not meet your expectations or needs.

Additionally, the reputation of the brand/model can also impact the value of the camera. A camera from a reputable brand/model may hold more value and be worth more in the long run. On the other hand, if the brand/model is known for producing lower quality cameras, the camera’s resale value may not be as high. Thus, it’s important to consider the reputation of the brand/model before making a purchase to ensure that you’re getting a reliable and valuable vintage Polaroid camera.

The price compared to market value

It is important to consider the price compared to market value before buying vintage Polaroid cameras because some sellers may charge a higher price than the item is worth. This can happen due to sentimental value or a lack of knowledge about market value. By doing research on the market value of vintage Polaroid cameras, buyers can avoid overpaying for an item and potentially save money in the process.

Additionally, knowing the market value can help buyers distinguish between genuine vintage Polaroid cameras and replicas or counterfeits. Some sellers may try to pass off a replica or counterfeit as a genuine vintage camera, and by knowing the market value, buyers can ensure they are getting an authentic item for the price they are paying. Overall, considering price compared to market value is a crucial aspect of buying vintage Polaroid cameras and can help buyers make informed purchasing decisions.


How do I know if my vintage Polaroid camera is in good working condition?

To know if your vintage Polaroid camera is in good working condition, start by checking the physical condition of the camera. Look for any signs of wear and tear or damage to the body, lens, or flash. Then, insert a film pack and test the camera by taking a picture. If the picture comes out clear and without any issues, then your camera is in good working condition.

You can also check its functionality by testing the shutter speed and aperture. Check if the shutter opens and closes smoothly and if the aperture settings change without any issues. Additionally, ensure that the flash functionality is working correctly by testing it in low light conditions. By doing all of these tests, you can determine if your vintage Polaroid camera is in proper working order or if it requires any repairs before use.

Can I still find film for vintage Polaroid cameras?

Yes, it is still possible to find film for vintage Polaroid cameras. Although Polaroid stopped producing film in 2008, there are now several companies that have taken up the mantle and began producing instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras. These companies include The Impossible Project and Polaroid Originals. The film produced by these companies is compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras and provides the same unique look and feel that Polaroid film is known for.

However, it is important to note that the availability of specific types of film may vary and some may be more expensive than others. It is also recommended to store the film properly, as exposure to heat and light can affect the quality of the film. Overall, film for vintage Polaroid cameras can still be found and used for those who enjoy the traditional instant photography experience.

What’s the difference between the various models of vintage Polaroid cameras?

Vintage Polaroid cameras come in various models, and each has its own unique features and characteristics. Some notable differences between them are the type of film they use, the size of the prints they produce, and the types of lenses and adjustable settings available.

For example, the Polaroid SX-70 was one of the earliest models and uses integral film, which means the film and processing chemicals are all housed in a single cartridge. The Polaroid Land Camera 250, on the other hand, uses peel-apart film and produces larger prints. Another model, the Polaroid OneStep, has a fixed focus lens and basic automated exposure settings, while the Polaroid 600 has a built-in flash and a range of adjustable exposure and focus options.

In summary, the differences between the various models of vintage Polaroid cameras come down to the type of film used, the size of the prints produced, and the variety of lenses and adjustable settings available.

How do I properly store and care for a vintage Polaroid camera?

To properly store and care for a vintage Polaroid camera, it is important to keep it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and handle it with care, avoiding dropping or shaking it. Regularly clean the camera’s lens and body with a soft cloth and store it in a protective case or bag to avoid scratches or damage. If it requires maintenance, take it to a professional camera repair service or Polaroid-certified technician.

The Bottom Line

In today’s digital era, people are still drawn towards vintage polaroid cameras for their unique charm and instant gratification. The top 10 best vintage polaroid cameras listed in this article cater to different budgets and skill levels, making it easier for photography enthusiasts to find their perfect match. Whether it’s the classic SX-70 or the quirky Hello Kitty model, these cameras provide a fun and nostalgic way of capturing memories. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of vintage flair to your photography, investing in one of these best vintage polaroid cameras is definitely worth considering.

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