Top 10 Best Super 8Mm Cameras – Reviews and Comparison

If you are looking to capture your memories on film, then the best super 8mm cameras are a great option. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an amateur enthusiast, the quality and vintage look of super 8mm film can bring an added layer of depth to your creations. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best super 8mm cameras based on reviews and research to help you find the perfect camera for your needs. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of the best super 8mm cameras.

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A Brief Overview of Super 8Mm Cameras

Super 8mm cameras were first introduced in 1965 by Eastman Kodak and quickly gained popularity as a portable, easy-to-use motion picture camera. They were designed for amateur filmmakers and home movies, and were used to capture family vacations, weddings, and various events. The cameras used a film cartridge that held 50 feet of film, which was enough for around 3.5 minutes of footage when shot at 18 frames per second.

Super 8mm cameras became a cultural icon in the 1970s, during a time when counter-culture and DIY aesthetics were on the rise. The low cost and portability of the cameras made them accessible to a wider audience, and many artists and musicians used them to create experimental films and music videos. Though digital technology has largely replaced the use of Super 8mm cameras in recent years, many filmmakers and enthusiasts still use them for their unique look and feel, and the nostalgic appeal of shooting on film.

10 Best Super 8Mm Cameras on the Market

iSupr8 - Super 8mm Vintage Video Camera - HD Video & Photo Effects
  • iSupr8 is Most Advanced Vintage Video Effects App in the World
  • Professional Grade Tru8Processing
  • Unlimited HD Video Length versus Instagram Video & Vine
  • Customizable Film Stock: Adjust Scratches, Vignette, Grain & More
  • Film Burn & Framing Options
KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Film Camera, 35mm, Reusable, Focus-Free, Lightweight,...
  • 📷​ Film-saving: You can have twice as many images per roll. For example, a film roll with 36 exposures can yield around 72 half-frame photos - doubled!
  • 📷​ Lightweight and Easy-to-use: The pocket-size camera is light and tiny, and hence convenient for you to bring along daily. Since its instructions are...
  • 📷​ Built-in Flash: Turning on the flash by adjusting the silver ring around the lens so that you can use KODAK EKTAR H35 during days and nights, outdoor...
  • 📷​ Four colours: Black, brown, sage and sand. Neat and natural.
  • 📷 Perfect for Beginners: The point-and-shoot camera is easy to use for new analogue hobbyists.
SaleRANK 3
Kodak Super 8 Color Negative VISION3 500T 7219/50' Cartridge
  • Kodak VISION3 500T/7219 Color Negative Film, SP464 Super 8 Cartridge, 50' Roll
  • English (Publication Language)
Magnasonic Super 8/8mm Film Scanner, Converts Film into Digital Video, Vibrant...
  • BRING BACK THE MEMORIES - Automatically converts your 3", 5", and 7" reels of super 8/8mm film into digital MP4 files with the push of a button. Scans video...
  • MULTIPLE VIEWING OPTIONS - Playback your scanned video on the built-in 2.3'' LCD screen or view on a larger TV/monitor via the included RCA video out cable.
  • SD CARD SLOT - Save your scanned videos directly onto an SD card up to 32GB (not included).
  • NO COMPUTER NEEDED - No complicated or expensive photo-editing software required, adjust the brightness, sharpness, and framing directly on the scanner.
  • EASY SCANNING - Simple setup for frustration-free operation and effortless scanning right out of the box.
Kodak Ultra F9 Film Camera, 1.4 inches (35 mm), White x Green
  • 135 Film (35mm Film) Camera
  • Built-in Flash
  • Set Includes: Camera body, hand strap
  • Battery: 1 x AAA alkaline battery (not included)
  • Weight: Approx. 6.1 oz (170 g) (not including film and battery)
SaleRANK 6
DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner, Converts 35mm 135 110 126 and Super...
  • Converts 35mm/135, 110, 126Kpk and super 8 films, slides & negatives into digital JPEG format within 2 seconds.
  • Stand-Alone and no computer required, tranfers your old film/slides to Color or Black&White picture in SD card(up to 32GB, not included) and supports to adjust...
  • With software interpolation, digitized photo quality up to 22 megapixels
  • Mac & PC compatible, transfers High resolution Images to your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet
  • View the scanned photos directly on integrated 2. 4” color LCD screen, or connect it to TV for larger screen display. Easy to operate for elderly.
kimire Video Camera Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder Full HD 1080P 15FPS 24MP...
  • 【Video Camera as Webcam】: The video camera is useful to take the beautiful photos and share it in your Youtube. It can be used as webcam when the camera...
  • 【Multifunction Camcorder】: 1080P(15fps) Video Resolution, 24M(6000x4500) Image Resolution, image format (JPEG), video format(AVI), 16X digital zoom,...
  • 【Pause Function】: This video camera supports Pause function,so you can pause the recording when you need,then continue recording again without starting a...
  • 【Recording While Charging】: The camcorder come with two NP-FV5 batteries. It allows you to keep recording around 60 to 90 minutes when it's fully charged....
  • 【Small and Compact Camcorder】: The camcorder supports SD/SDHC card up to 128GB (not included), just remember to format the SD card before use the camcorder...
KODAK REELS 8mm & Super 8 Films Digitizer Converter with Big 5” Screen,...
  • FROM ANTIQUATED TO STATE OF THE ART | Bring Your Old 8mm & Super 8mm Films Into the 21st Century! | The KODAK REELS Digitizer Converts Motion Picture Film...
  • FRAME-BY-FRAME DIGITIZING PROCESS | Fully Automated Scanner with 8.08-Megapixel Sensor Captures Images with Exceptional Clarity, Contrast, Detail & Color...
  • SUPERSIZED SCREEN WITH TOUCH BUTTONS | Record, Convert & Playback Live Films, Watch Saved SD Card Recordings, Change Settings & Navigate a Variety of Scanning &...
  • ULTRA COMPACT FOR TRAVEL & STORAGE | Share Vintage Memories Everywhere You Go! | Our Lightweight, Portable 12.4” x 8.4” Film Viewer is Specially Designed...
  • NOSTALGIC GIFT FOR HOME MOVIE LOVERS | Breathe Fresh Life Into Your Family & Friends’ Dust-Collecting Films with a Thoughtful Present They Won’t Soon...
Super 8
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Joel Courtney (Actors)
  • J.J. Abrams (Director) - J. J. Abrams (Writer) - Steven Spielberg (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)
SaleRANK 10
16mm and 8mm Filmmaking: An Essential Guide to Shooting on Celluloid
  • Dodd, Jacob (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 270 Pages - 12/30/2020 (Publication Date) - Routledge (Publisher)

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How Does Buying Super 8Mm Cameras benefit you?

There are several compelling reasons why investing in a Super 8mm camera is a good idea for aspiring filmmakers or enthusiasts looking to capture high-quality, vintage footage. Here are some key benefits of owning a Super 8mm camera.

Aesthetic value

Super 8mm cameras have a unique aesthetic value that sets them apart from digital cameras. The film grain and color saturation of Super 8mm footage create a distinct vintage look that cannot be replicated digitally. The format has been used in countless films, from art house projects to blockbuster hits. It has become synonymous with the 1960s and 1970s and has been used as a visual shorthand to evoke nostalgia.

The aesthetic value of Super 8mm footage extends beyond just filmmaking. It has also been used in music videos, commercials, and documentaries to create a more authentic feel. Whether you are a filmmaker looking to create a vintage look or someone looking to add a unique element to your projects, buying a Super 8mm camera is a great option. It allows you to capture the character and charm of a bygone era and add it to your modern-day creations.

Historical value

Super 8mm cameras hold historical significance because they were widely used in the 1960s and 1970s. Many families used them to capture family events and special occasions, creating a lasting record of their lives. These cameras also played a significant role in the growth of the film industry, allowing amateur filmmakers to create their own movies and stories.

Today, these vintage cameras have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Owning a Super 8mm camera not only allows one to relive past memories but also to appreciate the art and technology of filmmaking from a bygone era. It is a tangible piece of history, an artifact that tells a story of its own and offers a glimpse into the past. For these reasons, purchasing a Super 8mm camera can be seen as a valuable investment, both emotionally and financially.

Personal hobby/interest

Super 8mm cameras are often purchased by individuals as a personal hobby or interest. These cameras give enthusiasts the opportunity to capture film footage in a way that digital cameras cannot replicate. For many people, there is something special about the aesthetic and unique look of Super 8mm film that is quite appealing.

This type of camera can be used to create home movies, experimental films, or short documentaries. By using a Super 8mm camera, users can take a step back in time and experience the nostalgia of old-school filmmaking. For some, this hobby may also provide a way to connect with family members or to create a personal archive of memories for future generations to enjoy. Ultimately, the purchase of a Super 8mm camera for personal use is a way for individuals to explore their creativity and passion for filmmaking in a unique and meaningful way.

Nostalgic appeal

Super 8mm cameras have a nostalgic appeal that attracts many people. These cameras were popular in the 1960s and 1970s and were used by families and amateur filmmakers to capture memories and special moments. Today, they are still considered as a symbol of retro style and a vintage technology that reflects the beauty of the past.

In a world dominated by digital technology and instant gratification, the process of shooting with a Super 8mm camera can feel refreshing and unique. The grainy, nostalgic look of film footage creates a warm and fuzzy feeling that many people find appealing. For those who are looking to capture a special event or memory with a vintage feel, a Super 8mm camera can offer an authentic and personal touch that digital cameras cannot replicate.

Buyer’s Guides

Picking out the right super 8mm camera can be a challenging decision to make. There are a handful of factors to take into account that can help simplify the selection process.


Brand is an important factor to consider when buying super 8mm cameras because it determines the quality of the product you will be purchasing. A well-known brand is more likely to offer a superior and reliable product compared to a lesser-known or generic brand. Brands that have been in the industry for a long time, have a good reputation, and positive reviews are more likely to offer you a better customer service experience, warranties, and repair services if needed.

Moreover, different brands specialize or excel in specific aspects of the camera, such as lens quality, sound recording, or performance in low light conditions. By considering the brand, you can research and compare different features and specs to match your preferences and needs and make an informed decision. Ultimately, investing in a reputable brand will ensure that you get the most out of your super 8mm camera and produce high-quality videos.

Quality and features

Quality and features are important factors to consider while buying Super 8mm cameras. The quality of a camera impacts the clarity and sharpness of the footage captured. It is advisable to invest in a good quality Super 8mm camera to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. The features of the camera, such as focus control, aperture setting, and zoom capabilities, also play a crucial role in the quality of the footage. Therefore, choosing a camera with the right features can enhance the overall aesthetics of your film.

Furthermore, many Super 8mm cameras come with additional features such as built-in light meters, automatic exposure, and sound recording. These features can simplify the process of shooting and editing the footage, making it easier for you to achieve a polished, professional look. In conclusion, considering the quality and features of a Super 8mm camera before making a purchase can significantly impact the quality of the final product, making it a worthwhile investment for both beginners and professionals.

Price range

Price range is an important factor to consider before buying Super 8mm cameras because it directly affects the quality and features of the camera. Generally, the higher the price, the better the quality and advanced features the camera will have. However, it is important to determine your needs and budget before making a purchase so that you do not overspend on a camera that has features that you may not need or use.

Additionally, lower-priced Super 8mm cameras may be more suitable for beginners or those who are on a tight budget, as they usually have basic features that are easy to use. On the other hand, more expensive cameras may have advanced features that are more suitable for professionals and enthusiasts who need more control over their footage and want higher quality images. Therefore, it is essential to assess your needs and budget before buying a Super 8mm camera to make an informed decision.

Availability of accessories and film

The availability of accessories and film is crucial when considering buying a Super 8mm camera. Super 8mm film is not as readily available as it used to be, and it can be quite expensive to purchase. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you can easily access the film for your camera before investing in one. You should also consider the availability of other accessories, such as batteries and lenses, especially if you plan to use your camera frequently or for professional purposes. If you cannot find the necessary accessories easily, you may end up with a camera that you cannot use effectively, which is a waste of your time and money.

User reviews and recommendations

User reviews and recommendations are essential when purchasing a Super 8mm camera because they provide valuable insights into the product’s performance, quality, and durability. By reading reviews from previous customers, you can gain a better understanding of the camera’s features and limitations, which can help you make a more informed decision.

Additionally, user reviews can also alert potential buyers to any common issues or problems with the product, allowing them to avoid potential headaches down the road. Overall, considering user reviews and recommendations before buying a Super 8mm camera is an essential step in making a smart and informed purchase.

Warranty and customer support

When purchasing Super 8mm cameras, it is crucial to consider the warranty and customer support offered. These cameras are often expensive investments that require proper maintenance and repairs over time. Without a strong warranty and customer support system, repairing and maintaining the camera can be costly and time-consuming.

Additionally, if the camera malfunctions or has any issues, a good warranty and customer support system will ensure that the customer can receive assistance quickly and efficiently. This will not only save time and money but also ensure that the camera is operating at its best and producing high-quality footage. Therefore, it is important to prioritize warranty and customer support when purchasing Super 8mm cameras to ensure a seamless and stress-free experience.


What is 8mm film format and how does it differ from other film formats?

The 8mm film format is a motion picture film format that was introduced by Kodak in 1932. It is also known as Standard 8 or Regular 8. It uses 16mm film stock that is spooled onto a small 8mm spool, which allows filmmakers to shoot twice as much footage as a regular 16mm camera. After shooting, the film is sent to a lab where it is split lengthwise, developed, and then spliced together to form a single filmstrip. The final product is a small, portable reel of film that can be projected onto a screen or viewed on a special 8mm film projector.

The 8mm film format differs from other film formats in its size and structure. It is smaller than traditional 16mm or 35mm film, which makes it more portable and easier to handle. However, the smaller size means that the image quality is not as high as other formats. Additionally, the film is shot at a slower frame rate than other formats, which can result in a more jumpy and choppy look. Despite these limitations, 8mm film was popular for many years and is still used today by some filmmakers and hobbyists.

Is it still possible to shoot with Super 8mm cameras today?

Yes, it is still possible to shoot with Super 8mm cameras today. While digital technology has largely replaced film in professional and personal contexts, there is still a community of artists and enthusiasts who appreciate the unique look and feel of film. Super 8mm film, in particular, has a charm and nostalgia that cannot be replicated digitally. While Super 8mm cameras and film can be difficult to find and expensive to use, many people continue to shoot with them for their artistic and creative value.

There are also companies that specialize in Super 8mm film development and scanning, making it possible to produce high-quality digital copies of Super 8mm footage. Additionally, many film festivals still showcase Super 8mm films, indicating that there is still a demand and appreciation for this classic medium. Overall, while Super 8mm may not be the most practical or cost-effective option for shooting, it certainly still holds an important place in the world of film and art.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of shooting with Super 8mm cameras?

Super 8mm cameras are a popular choice for filmmakers looking for a vintage look, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to using them. The main advantage is that they provide a unique, nostalgic, grainy, and filmic look that digital cameras simply cannot replicate. Super 8mm cameras are also simple to use and relatively inexpensive, making them a good option for independent and low-budget filmmakers.

On the downside, Super 8mm cameras have their limitations. They offer low resolution, limited control over focus and exposure, and limited shooting time due to the small size of reels. Super 8mm film is also expensive to buy and process, making it challenging for filmmakers on a tight budget. Additionally, filming with Super 8mm cameras requires specific lighting conditions, and it can be difficult to find experienced technicians to digitize the film footage.

What are the different types of Super 8mm cameras and how do they compare in terms of features and performance?

There are several different types of Super 8mm cameras, including manual, auto-exposure, sound, and zoom. Manual cameras give the user full control over settings such as focus and aperture, while auto-exposure cameras automatically adjust settings based on lighting conditions. Sound cameras have a built-in microphone for recording audio, and zoom cameras allow for variable focal lengths. Performance and feature comparison can vary greatly between different models within each type of camera.

Final Words

In today’s digital age, the charm and art of Super 8mm cameras still have its own place. With its unique feature, it manages to attract its audience, and newly launched cameras have features that make the experience even better. The top 10 best Super 8mm cameras mentioned in this review and buying guide are the best picks that one can get in the market right now.

If you are looking for the best Super 8mm camera to capture your memories in the best possible quality, then our guide will help you make the best choice. Our expert team has studied and researched every aspect of these cameras to provide you with only the best options. In short, the best Super 8mm cameras are innovation-packed, reliable, and, most importantly, keep the essence of the analog era alive.

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