Top 10 Best Super 35 Cameras In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

For professional photographers and filmmakers, high-quality cameras are essential. And among cameras, Super 35 models are known for their advanced features and superior image quality. However, with so many different models on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Super 35 cameras in our comprehensive reviews and buying guide. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our guide will help you find the best Super 35 camera to fit your specific needs and budget. So, let’s dive in and explore the best Super 35 cameras on the market!

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Super 35 Cameras: A Simplified Overview

The Super 35 camera format is a popular option for both film and digital cinematography. This format uses a larger area on the film or sensor compared to traditional 35mm film, resulting in a higher quality image. Super 35 cameras have become a standard in the film industry thanks to its versatility, allowing filmmakers to use a wide range of lenses and achieve a shallow depth of field.

Super 35 cameras are also popular for their compatibility with anamorphic lenses. With the ability to use a wider range of lenses and aspect ratios, Super 35 cameras are highly adaptable and can be used for a variety of different film projects. Some popular Super 35 cameras include the ARRI Alexa, Sony F55, and RED Dragon, all of which offer high resolution images and wide dynamic range. With its popularity in both Hollywood and the independent film world, Super 35 cameras continue to be a go-to option for filmmakers looking to achieve a cinematic look.

10 Best Super 35 Cameras – Reviewed

SaleRANK 1
SONY Cinema Line FX30 Super 35 Camera
  • 20.1 MP Exmor R APS-C (Super 35mm format) image sensor with wide dynamic range
  • S-CinetoneTM for a cinematic look straight out of the camera without grading
  • Flexible ISO, Cine EI Quick and Cine EI Log shooting modes for optimized image quality
  • User LUTs can be applied to the LCD display and HDMI output and embedded in clips
  • Dual Base ISO and a 14+ stop range for wide latitude and low-noise images
Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR Camera Package
MEKE 35mm T2.1 Super 35 Prime Manual Focus Cinema Lens for PL-Mount Cine Camera...
  • Very long (270º) focus throw , Delivery image with smooth, circular bokeh and little to no focus breathing
  • Angle of view on S35 cameras: Diagonal: 48.2°, Horizontal: 40.8°, Vertical: 27.8°; Accommodate more vision for the film
  • Minimum focusing distance of 48cm, Lens construction is 12 elements in 10 groups, multi layer coating, capable of delivering sharp and clear video
  • Wide aperture of T2.1, suitable for lanscape and portrait shooting
  • This S35 cine lens adopts precious glass with high refractive index and low dispersion; With 6K high resolution and sharper imaging.
Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera - Black
  • Camera Type: Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera meets the needs of people experimenting with 35mm film and looking for a camera that’s 'no frills' simple. It’s a...
  • Lens: The camera has a fixed shutter speed (1/120s) with a 31mm, single element f/9 fixed-focus wide-angle lens, perfect for capturing most well-focused...
  • Built-In Flash: It also features a built-in flash with a 15-second recycle time for night time shooting
  • Film Compatibility: Users can load the Sprite 35-II with their favorite film, whether its color negative or black and white, allowing them to capture quick...
  • Film Handling: The camera has a manual film advance winding lever to move through each exposure and rewind the roll when the film is finished
SaleRANK 5
Minolta 20 Mega Pixels WiFiDigital Camera with 35x Optical Zoom & 1080p HD Video...
  • 20 Mega Pixels still image resolution with 1080p HD video resolution
  • 35x optical zoom with optical image stabilization; 8GB SD card included
  • Wifi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Large 3.0 inch LCD screen
  • Features 26 scene modes, face detection, High Dynamic Range
MEKE 50mm T2.1 Super 35 Prime Manual Focus Cinema Lens for EF-Mount Cine Camera...
  • Very long (270º) focus throw , Delivery image with smooth, circular bokeh and little to no focus breathing
  • Angle of view on S35 cameras: Diagonal: 31.7°, Horizontal: 25.2°, Vertical: 17.2°; Accommodate more vision for the film
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.6m, Lens construction is 12 elements in 9 groups, multi layer coating, capable of delivering sharp and clear video
  • Wide aperture of T2.1, suitable for lanscape and portrait shooting
  • This S35 cine lens adopts precious glass with high refractive index and low dispersion; With 6K high resolution and sharper imaging.
9.35''1080P OEM Rear View Mirror Camera, Recording Wide View Back Up Camera for...
  • 【9.35" Streaming Media Rear View Mirror Camera】The backup camera with a 9.35" monitor displays a wider corner view to easily read important details like...
  • 【1080P Crystal Image & Super Night Vision 】The backup camera for car uses AHD technology which presents 1080P clear colors and vivid pictures to make you...
  • 【Stable Signal without Interference 】Compared with a wireless backup camera, the rearview mirror backup camera delivers a stable image without any...
  • 【Loop Recording Backup Camera Mirror System】The backup camera for truck doubles as a dash cam with its recording function. Vehicle backup camera supports...
  • 【Worry-free Blind Spots While Parking】The mirror camera for car has an extremely wide 140-degree viewing angle and its parking lines can be dragged for...
SaleRANK 8
YASHICA MF-2 Super 35mm Film Camera with 38mm f/3.8 Lens by Kokoti (Black)
  • CAMERA TYPE: YASHICA MF-1 Snapshot Art is a simple 35mm film camera with a shutter speed of 1/120s
  • FOCUSING RANGE: It offers a focusing range from 1m to infinity
  • LENS: YASHICA MF-1s lens offers a focal length of 31mm with f/11 aperture
  • BUILT-IN FLASH: Use the internal flash to get perfect snapshots even in low light
  • INCLUDED FILM: Pair the MF-1 Snapshot Art with the included YASHICA 400 35mm negative film for street snaps
SaleRANK 9
OLYMPUS Super Zoom 115 35mm Camera
  • 38-115mm Integrated zoom lens provides fabulous opportunities for close-ups, wide-angle or telephoto shots
  • Fully automatic exposure, film loading & rewinding for user-friendly picture taking
  • Amazing new 11-point multi-wide autofocus for ultra-precise picture focusing
  • High-performance 3x zoom lens with ED glass
  • Ultra-compact metal body designed to survive the elements
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What Makes Purchasing Super 35 Cameras Essential?

Super 35 cameras have become increasingly popular among professional videographers and filmmakers. With their cinematic feel and ability to capture high-quality footage, there are many reasons why one should consider investing in one. Here are just a few key reasons why.

High-quality image capture

Super 35 cameras are widely regarded as a go-to choice for professional filmmakers and videographers who demand the highest quality image capture. This is because these cameras have larger sensors compared to traditional cameras, allowing them to capture more light and detail.

The larger sensor size of a Super 35 camera also helps to reduce noise and improve low-light performance, resulting in sharper and clearer images. Moreover, these cameras can capture a wider dynamic range, which means they can handle both bright and dark areas in the scene, resulting in a more balanced and natural-looking image. This makes them perfect for shooting action scenes, landscapes, and other visually-intensive content. Overall, the high-quality image capture provided by Super 35 cameras makes them an essential tool for professional filmmakers and videographers looking to capture stunning visuals.

Versatility in lens compatibility

Super 35 Cameras are known for their versatility in lens compatibility, as they offer a wide range of lens options to choose from. Super 35 Cameras allow the use of both cinema lenses and still photo lenses, making them an ideal choice for all types of photography and videography projects.

Cinema lenses are designed specifically for filmmaking and have a wider aperture range, enabling the photographer to create a professional cinematic effect. On the other hand, still photo lenses have a smaller aperture range but have better autofocus and image stabilization features, which are useful for capturing still images. With Super 35 Cameras, photographers can choose which type of lens to use depending on their specific need, making this camera an excellent investment for professionals who need versatility in their equipment.

Ability to shoot in low-light environments

Shooting in low-light environments is often a challenge for filmmakers. The lack of sufficient light can result in dark, grainy footage that is not usable. However, Super 35 cameras are equipped with larger image sensors that can capture more light, resulting in better image quality in low-light conditions. Additionally, many Super 35 cameras have the ability to adjust ISO sensitivity, allowing filmmakers to increase the camera’s light sensitivity and capture usable footage in even the dimmest environments. With these capabilities, shooting in low-light environments becomes possible without compromising image quality, giving filmmakers more creative freedom to achieve their desired visual aesthetic.

Efficiency in post-production editing

Super 35 cameras are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of filmmakers for their superior image clarity and flexibility in shooting styles. One of the key benefits of using Super 35 cameras is their efficiency in post-production editing. Super 35 cameras capture a larger image area compared to other camera formats, providing more room for cropping and adjustments in post-production.

The extra image space allows filmmakers to adjust the composition of the image, zoom in without losing resolution, and create multiple versions of an image without sacrificing quality. This flexibility is especially beneficial in post-production editing, where creators often have to make numerous changes to the final product. By purchasing Super 35 cameras, filmmakers can save time and money by avoiding the need for reshoots and re-edits due to limited image resolution or composition. Ultimately, Super 35 cameras allow filmmakers to create more polished and professional work while minimizing the time and cost associated with post-production editing.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Super 35 Cameras

Before investing in a Super 35 camera, certain factors must be kept in mind to ensure that we get the most out of our investment.

Image resolution

Image resolution is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing Super 35 cameras, as it determines the quality of the images produced. The resolution of a camera refers to the number of pixels that can be captured in an image. The higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharp the images will be. Therefore, it is important to choose a camera with a high resolution to ensure that the images produced are of high quality and can be used for professional purposes.

In addition, the resolution also affects how the images can be edited and manipulated. Cameras with higher resolutions allow for more flexibility in post-production, as there is more information to work with. This means that details can be enhanced, colors adjusted, and images cropped without losing quality. Therefore, if you plan to use Super 35 cameras for professional photography or videography, it is important to consider the resolution to ensure you get high-quality images that can be easily edited and manipulated.

Sensor size

Sensor size is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing a camera. In the case of Super 35 cameras, the size of their sensors is crucial because it determines the camera’s field of view, depth of field, low-light performance, and image quality. Larger sensors produce better image quality, more significant depth of field, and better low-light performance than smaller sensors. Therefore, choosing a camera with a larger sensor is essential if you want to achieve high-quality images and videos.

Moreover, the sensor size also determines the lenses that are compatible with the camera. The larger the sensor, the more compatible lenses it can use. Hence, with Super 35 cameras, there are a wide variety of lenses available that can be used to achieve different types of shots. Therefore, to get the best out of your camera and lenses, it is essential to consider the camera’s sensor size before purchasing.

Dynamic range

Dynamic range is a critical aspect to consider when purchasing any camera, but it is especially important when selecting a Super 35 camera. The dynamic range of a camera refers to its ability to accurately capture details in areas of extreme brightness and darkness in a scene. Super 35 cameras are often chosen for their ability to capture high-quality images, and the dynamic range plays a crucial role in determining the quality of images that can be captured.

Having a high dynamic range means that the camera can capture more detail in both the shadow and highlight areas of an image. This results in a more balanced and visually appealing picture. When considering the purchase of a Super 35 camera, one should look for a high dynamic range to ensure excellent image quality. A camera with a wide dynamic range will allow for better color grading, increased flexibility in post-production, and ultimately provide an improvement in the final output.

Low light capability

Low light capability is an important factor to consider when purchasing a camera as it affects the ability to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions. Super 35 cameras are popular choices for both professional and amateur filmmakers due to their image quality and flexibility, but if they lack low light capability, they may not be the best option for certain shooting situations. Low light capability allows for shooting in darker environments, reducing the need for additional lighting equipment and potentially improving the overall image quality.

In addition, poorly lit environments can often result in unwanted noise and graininess in footage. Purchasing a super 35 camera with better low light capabilities may help to minimize these issues and produce a better quality end product. It is important to consider all technical specifications of a camera, including low light capability, to ensure it can meet the specific needs of your project.

Lens compatibility

When purchasing a Super 35 camera, it is important to consider lens compatibility because not all lenses are designed to work with this type of camera. Super 35 cameras utilize a specific sensor size and crop factor, which may affect the image quality and angle of view when using incompatible lenses.

Choosing lenses that are designed for Super 35 cameras can provide better image quality, wider angles of view, and smoother focus and zoom control. Additionally, purchasing compatible lenses can save costs in the long run, as using incompatible lenses may require additional accessories such as adapters or crop marks on monitors, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is essential to carefully research and consider lens compatibility before buying a Super 35 camera to ensure the best results.


Price plays a significant role when it comes to buying super 35 cameras. These cameras are mostly used for professional videography and filmmaking, and often come with high-end features such as high resolution, excellent low-light performance, dynamic range, and professional-grade lenses. However, these features come at a cost, and it’s essential to consider our budget before investing in any camera.

Besides, the price of a super 35 camera can vary significantly depending on the brand, model, and features. Thus, comparing different options will give us an idea of how much we need to spend to purchase a camera that suits our needs. Also, by considering the price before buying, we can ensure that we get the best value for our money and avoid overspending. Therefore, considering the price beforehand is crucial in making a wise investment in a super 35 camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Super 35 camera and how is it different from other camera types?

A Super 35 camera is a type of film or digital camera used for high-end productions in film and television. It has a larger image sensor than most other camera types, which helps it capture more detail and provide better low-light performance. The Super 35 sensor measures 24.9mm x 18.7mm, making it larger than the standard 16mm and 35mm film formats, but smaller than the full-frame sensors used in some more high-end cameras.

The Super 35 camera is often used in movies and other high-end productions because of its versatility, image quality, and ability to achieve a film-like shallow depth of field. Additionally, the Super 35 format has become popular because it can be used with a wide range of lenses and has a 1.5x crop factor that enhances its flexibility. Overall, the Super 35 camera stands out for its superior image quality and versatility compared to other camera types.

What are the benefits of using a Super 35 camera for filmmaking?

Super 35 cameras are widely popular in the film industry due to the multiple benefits they offer for filmmaking. They have a larger image sensor, which captures more light and produces better image quality with less noise. This gives filmmakers more flexibility in low light situations and allows them to achieve a cinematic look with shallow depth of field, which is desirable for many dramatic scenes in film.

Moreover, Super 35 cameras offer greater control over the composition of shots, as they allow for a wider field of view and more options for lens selection. They also provide a larger digital negative, which gives filmmakers more flexibility in post-production for color grading and other special effects. Overall, Super 35 cameras provide filmmakers with the tools to achieve a higher level of cinematic quality in their work.

What are some popular Super 35 cameras on the market and how do they compare in terms of features and performance?

Some popular Super 35 cameras on the market include the Sony FS7, Canon C300 Mark II, and Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro. These cameras are popular among professional filmmakers and videographers due to their high-quality image capture and versatility. The Sony FS7 is known for its impressive slow-motion capabilities and ergonomic design, while the Canon C300 Mark II offers high dynamic range and a user-friendly interface. The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro boasts advanced color grading capabilities and interchangeable lens mounts. Overall, these cameras offer a range of features and performance benefits, making them popular choices among filmmakers and videographers.

Are there any limitations or drawbacks of using a Super 35 camera for certain types of filming or in specific settings?

There are some limitations when using a Super 35 camera for certain types of filming or in specific settings. One potential drawback is that the sensor size may not be ideal for filming in low light conditions and may result in increased noise or graininess in the footage. Additionally, the cost of Super 35 cameras can be more expensive compared to other camera types. Overall, it is important to consider the specific needs of the project when choosing a camera type.

Wrapping Up

After careful research and analysis, we have presented our top 10 best super 35 cameras for both professionals and amateur photographers. The cameras we have reviewed are equipped with advanced features, excellent image quality, and versatile lenses to capture stunning images and videos. With these cameras, photographers can take their skills to the next level and produce outstanding visual content.

In conclusion, the best super 35 cameras offer a perfect blend of quality, performance, and versatility for modern-day photographers. Before making a purchase, it’s important to identify your specific needs and choose a camera that meets your requirements. We hope our comprehensive buying guide and reviews have helped you find the perfect super 35 camera that suits your needs and preferences.

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