Top 10 Best Pentax 35Mm Cameras In 2023 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

If you have a passion for photography, then you know just how important it is to have quality equipment. Pentax is one of the most respected brands in the industry, and is known for producing cameras of exceptional quality. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Pentax 35mm cameras to help you find the perfect camera for your needs. From advanced models for professional photographers to simple and affordable options for beginners, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and take a look at the best Pentax 35mm cameras on the market today.

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Understanding Pentax 35Mm Cameras: An Overview

Pentax is a renowned brand in the photography industry, and their range of 35mm film cameras are a popular choice among photography enthusiasts. The Pentax K1000 is among the most iconic 35mm cameras ever produced, and it’s famed for its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. It’s an ideal camera for photography students and beginners who want to learn the basics of film shooting. The K1000 features a light meter and a simple shutter speed dial, making it straightforward to use and learn from.

Another popular Pentax 35mm camera is the ME Super, which is slightly more advanced than the K1000. The ME Super features an aperture-priority mode, allowing photographers to control the depth of field while the camera automatically sets the shutter speed. This feature makes the ME Super ideal for capturing portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes. The camera is also compact and lightweight, making it perfect for traveling photographers who don’t want to carry bulky equipment.

10 Best Pentax 35Mm Cameras – Reviewed

Pentax Model 'ME' 35mm Film Camera With 50mm f/2.0 Lens
  • Silver-coated glass pentaprism. 92% coverage, 0.97x magnification (with 50mm lens), -0.5 diopter.
  • 1/1,000 ~ 8 seconds on AUTO (actually runs much longer if needed at night), Bulb, 1/100 mechanical X-sync.
  • Variable 4~10 second delay.
  • Requires two LR44 batteries
  • Listing includes the Pentax ME body and a Pentax 50mm lens only; nothing else is included.
Pentax K1000 35mm Film SLR Tutorial Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Operating...
  • Hancock, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 42 Pages - 08/16/2022 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Pentax K-Mount HD DA 35mm f/2.8 Macro 35-35mm Fixed Lens for Pentax KAF Cameras...
  • Macro, offering 1:1 image magnification ratio. Ultra-sharp, macro for close up photography
  • High-grade multi-layer HD (High Definition) Coating
  • Equivalent to 53.5mm in 35mm film format. Quick Shift focus system
  • Super Protect coating of the front lens element for effective protection against dirt and finger marks
  • 9 blade diaphragm for stunning bokeh
Pentax LX 35mm Film SLR Tutorial Walkthrough: A Complete Guide to Operating and...
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Hancock, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 53 Pages - 09/27/2022 (Publication Date)
2 Sets 135 35mm to 120 35mm Cassette Accessories 135 Film Cartridge Adapter...
  • Feature: Install the converter on the 135 roll film canister, you can use 135 film in the 120 camera to take wide format pictures (As I showed in the picture)....
  • Compatible with: 120 Medium Format Camera, such as Pentax, Rolleiflex, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Makina, Bronica,etc...
  • Material: Plastic (Plastic material will not damage the camera)
  • Package: 1x empty film rolls and 4pcs/2 pairs converters. (Film and film back are not included)
  • Attentions:  Our converter design is standard, but because different film canisters have different spool size, after installation, there will have 3...
Pentax K-1 Mark II w/ D-FA 28-105 WR Lens: 36.4MP Full Frame High Resolution...
  • High resolution Images: 36.4 effective megapixels ensures that details are shown clearly, delivering outstanding quality images
  • Optical Viewfinder with nearly 100% field of view: assuring a clear view of the subject and ease of focus
  • Top sensitivity of ISO819200: state-of-the-art imaging processing system, greatly improves image quality, even in low light situations
  • PIXEL SHIFT RESOLUTION SYSTEM II: PENTAX technology that produces high-quality images beyond the power of traditional image capture
  • The new-generation shake reduction II: 5-axis, 5 shutter step camera shake compensation
SaleRANK 7
Asahi Pentax and Pentax SLR 35mm Cameras: 1952-1989 (Hove Collector's Guide)
  • Hardcover Book
  • Cecchi, Danilo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 192 Pages - 12/31/1991 (Publication Date) - Steyning Photo Books LLP (Publisher)
Pentax K1000 Manual Focus SLR Film Camera with Pentax 50mm Lens
  • The Pentax K1000 35mm SLR is one of photography's greatest, most popular and longest-lived cameras.
  • This Pentax film camera is completely mechanical and needs no battery to run, however, you must purchase an A76 cell battery to run the light meter.
  • Unlike other SLR and DSLR cameras, the K1000 is simple and has little to no learning curve. There is three shooting controls: aperture, shutter speed and focus....
  • An extraordinary simple camera that forces you to think about your picture instead of your camera. As a result, it's recommended by most photography teachers,...
  • The Pentax K1000 is so brilliant that you never need to turn the meter or camera on or off: both are always on for instant picture taking
Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR Camera Package

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Why is it Important to Consider Buying Pentax 35Mm Cameras?

Pentax 35mm cameras have been a popular choice among photography enthusiasts for decades. But what makes these cameras such a great choice? In this section, we’ll highlight some of the key reasons why you should consider investing in a Pentax 35mm camera.

High-quality photos

Pentax 35mm cameras are known for their ability to capture high-quality photos. The large film format allows for greater detail and sharper images. This is particularly important for photographers who need to produce high-quality prints or enlarge their photos for exhibitions.

Pentax 35mm cameras also offer a range of advanced features such as manual focus, exposure control, and interchangeable lenses. These features enable photographers to have greater control over their images and create a wider range of creative effects. Additionally, modern Pentax 35mm cameras come equipped with autofocus and other advanced features that make them more user-friendly and even easier to produce high-quality images. Overall, Pentax 35mm cameras are a reliable and excellent choice for photographers looking to produce high-quality photos.

Durable and long-lasting

Pentax 35mm cameras are renowned for their durability and long-lasting performance. They are built to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use, and their robust design ensures that they can handle even the toughest environments.

One of the reasons for this durability is the quality of the materials used in their construction. Pentax uses only the best components in their cameras, from the heavy-duty metal body to the high-quality lenses and mechanisms. This attention to detail ensures that the cameras remain functional and reliable even after years of use.

In addition to their construction, Pentax 35mm cameras are also designed with longevity in mind. Their simple, user-friendly interfaces make them easy to operate and maintain, while their modular design allows for easy repairs and upgrades. This means that you can continue to use and enjoy your Pentax camera for many years to come, without having to worry about it breaking down or becoming obsolete.

Versatile options for different photography needs

Pentax 35mm cameras are known for their versatility in terms of options they provide to photographers. Whether it’s shooting portraits, landscapes, or street photography, these cameras offer a range of features that cater to a variety of photographic needs.

For instance, Pentax offers a range of lenses and accessories that can be interchanged with their cameras to further enhance their functionality. Additionally, the cameras come with various features like multiple exposure shooting, aperture priority mode, and depth of field preview button, all of which help in producing high-quality images that match the photographer’s vision.

Overall, the versatility of Pentax 35mm cameras makes them a great investment for photographers who want a camera that can cater to their different photography needs, without compromising on the quality of the images they produce.

What Things to Consider when Buying Pentax 35Mm Cameras?

Before making a purchase decision, it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. A Pentax 35mm camera can be a valuable addition to your photography gear, but choosing the best one may be a daunting task.


When considering buying a Pentax 35mm camera, it is important to consider your budget first. The prices of Pentax 35mm cameras can vary depending on the model and features. By setting a budget beforehand, you can narrow down your options and avoid overspending. Additionally, you can plan ahead for any additional accessories or lenses that you may need, as these can add to the overall cost.

Another factor to consider is the intended use of the camera. If you plan on using it for professional photography or as a hobbyist, investing in a higher-end model may be worth the expense. However, if you are simply looking for a basic film camera for occasional use, a more affordable option may suffice. Ultimately, by considering your budget before purchasing a Pentax 35mm camera, you can make a more informed decision and ensure that you get the most value for your money.

Desired features

It is important to consider desired features before buying a Pentax 35mm camera because different models offer different functionalities. For example, some models may have advanced autofocus systems, while others may offer a wider range of compatible lenses. By knowing what features are important to you, you can prioritize your needs when selecting a Pentax 35mm camera.

Additionally, desired features can affect the overall cost of the camera. If you are on a budget or only need basic functionality, it may not be necessary to purchase a high-end model with advanced features. On the other hand, if you are a professional photographer or require certain features for your specific needs, investing in a more expensive model may be worth the added cost. Ultimately, considering desired features before purchasing a Pentax 35mm camera can ensure that you select a model that meets your specific needs and budget.

Compatibility with existing lenses

When buying a Pentax 35mm camera, it is important to consider compatibility with existing lenses. Pentax has used the same lens mount, the K-mount, since 1975. This means that lenses from older Pentax film cameras can be used on newer Pentax digital cameras, and vice versa. It also means that many third-party lens manufacturers make lenses with the K-mount, allowing for a wide variety of lens options.

By ensuring compatibility with existing lenses, you can save money by not having to buy new lenses. It also allows you to use lenses that you may already be familiar with and have a preference for. Additionally, having a variety of lenses at your disposal can enhance your photography experience and provide greater creative possibilities. Therefore, it is a good idea to do some research on lens compatibility before choosing a Pentax 35mm camera.

Condition of camera

It is important to consider the condition of a Pentax 35mm camera before buying because it directly affects its functionality and lifespan. If the camera is in poor condition, it may not operate properly or could break down quickly, resulting in costly repairs. A camera in good condition, on the other hand, will have a longer lifespan and perform at its optimal level, providing sharper and clearer images.

Additionally, vintage and older film cameras like Pentax 35mm cameras may require maintenance and repairs. It’s important to inspect the condition of the camera’s body, lens, film advance mechanism, and other parts to determine if they need repair or replacement. Taking the time to assess the camera’s condition before purchasing can save money on repairs and ensure the camera will function properly for the photographer’s needs.

Availability of accessories and replacement parts

Availability of accessories and replacement parts is an important aspect to consider before buying Pentax 35mm cameras because it affects the durability and longevity of the camera. When accessories and replacement parts are readily available, it becomes easier to maintain the camera and fix any issues that may arise, such as a damaged lens or shutter mechanism. This ensures that the camera stays in good condition and lasts longer, providing better value for money.

Furthermore, availability of accessories and replacement parts also affects the flexibility and versatility of the camera. With a wide range of accessories available such as tripods, lenses, flashes and filters, the camera can be used for a variety of purposes and different shooting scenarios. Ultimately, the availability of accessories and replacement parts adds convenience, flexibility, and longevity to the camera, making it a worthwhile investment for any photographer.

Intended use/photography style

Intended use and photography style are important considerations when it comes to buying Pentax 35mm cameras because different models have been designed for specific purposes. For example, some Pentax 35mm cameras are better suited for landscape photography due to their wide-angle lenses, while others are ideal for street photography due to their compact size and quiet shutter system.

By considering your intended use and photography style before buying a Pentax 35mm camera, you can ensure that you are getting the best camera for your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, choosing the right camera will help you achieve the best results and enable you to take your photography to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Pentax 35mm camera and a digital camera?

Pentax 35mm camera and digital camera are two different types of cameras. The main difference between them is the way they capture images. A Pentax 35mm camera uses film to capture images, while a digital camera captures images using a digital sensor and stores them on a memory card.

Film cameras produce images with a unique aesthetic, with a more grainy and vintage look, while digital images are more crisp and modern. Pentax 35mm cameras require more skill and knowledge to operate due to the manual settings and limitations of film, while digital cameras have more automatic features and instant previews of images. Additionally, digital cameras offer the convenience of easy sharing and editing options, while film cameras require processing and scanning to achieve the same.

Are Pentax 35mm cameras still being produced and available for purchase?

Pentax, a brand under Ricoh Imaging, released its latest 35mm camera, the Pentax K1000 SE, in 2021. The K1000 SE is a special edition of their classic K1000 model, which was originally introduced in 1976. This camera is available for purchase through various online retailers and camera stores.

Overall, while Pentax 35mm cameras may not have as large of a market presence as some other brands, they are still being produced and are available for purchase by those who are interested in film photography.

How do I load film into a Pentax 35mm camera?

First, ensure that your Pentax camera is turned off by sliding the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position located on the camera’s top left side. Then, locate the film door and open it by pulling up on the rewind knob. If there is an empty film canister already inside, remove it by pressing the rewind button located on the bottom of the camera.

Next, insert the film cartridge into the place provided on the left side of the camera and push it in until it clicks. Ensure that the film strip unwinds from left to right as seen from the back of the camera, and take care not to touch the surface of the film. Close the film door by pushing it down until it clicks shut. Then, advance the film by turning the film advance lever until it stops, and keep doing it until the number 1 appears in the small window on top of the camera. Finally, turn on the camera and you’re ready to start shooting!

What are some popular Pentax 35mm camera models and their key features?

Some popular Pentax 35mm camera models include the Pentax K1000, which is known for its simplicity and durability, the Pentax ME Super with its auto-exposure feature, the Pentax Spotmatic with a built-in light meter and interchangeable lenses, and the Pentax LX which is a high-end professional camera with extensive customization options. Key features of these cameras include high-quality optics, sturdy build quality, accuracy, and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Pentax has always been a trusted brand in the world of photography, and its range of 35mm cameras is no exception. From the classic K1000 to the versatile MX, each camera has its own unique features that make it one of the best Pentax 35mm cameras in the market.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic beginner, you’ll find a Pentax camera that suits your needs and budget. With the best Pentax 35mm cameras, you can capture stunning, high-quality images that will impress your clients, friends, and family. So go ahead and choose the perfect Pentax camera for you, and take your photography skills to the next level!

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