The 10 Best On Camera Flash Softbox in 2023 – Reviews and Comparison

If you’re a professional photographer or just starting out, you know the importance of getting the best on-camera flash softbox. Camera flash softboxes provide a great way to soften and diffuse light, which helps to reduce harsh shadows, improve lighting, and create a more natural and professional look. In this article, we will review 10 of the best on-camera flash softboxes available in the market today. We will also provide you with a buying guide that will help you choose the best softbox for your needs.

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A Brief Overview of On Camera Flash Softbox

An on-camera flash softbox is an accessory that is designed to diffuse and soften the light coming from an on-camera flash. It is mounted directly on the flash head and acts as a miniaturized light modifier. The softbox is made up of durable fabric and its inner coating helps to soften and scatter the light, resulting in a more natural and even illumination of the subject.

On-camera flash softboxes are widely used by photographers who need to work quickly and efficiently when taking portraits, event photographs, or street shots. When used correctly, the softbox can help to avoid harsh shadows and produce more flattering images as a result. This is because the softness of the light helps to smooth out imperfections on the subject’s face, making it more appealing. In conclusion, the on-camera flash softbox is an indispensable tool in any photographer’s kit, taking away harshness from lighting and producing soft and even illumination of the subject.

Our Recommendations for the Best On Camera Flash Softbox

SUPON 15cm x 17cm/ 6" x 7" Universal Collapsible Mini Flash Diffuser Studio...
  • SUPON 15cm x 17cm/ 6" x 7" Softbox Flash Diffuser for Shoe Mount Flash Units.Fitting for various flashguns available on the market
  • By diffusing the flash, the softbox creates an even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots
  • Converts the harsh light from flash to a softer, diffused light, while reducing shadows and softening hot spots
  • Simply unfold the diffuser and attach the fastening tapes front, and you're ready to go
  • Folding design makes it smaller, convenient to carry
SaleRANK 2
Flash Diffuser Light Softbox 6x5” by Altura Photo (Universal, Collapsible with...
  • Altura Photo Softbox Flash Diffuser for Shoe Mount Flash Units.
  • EVEN LIGHTING: Reduces harshness and softens shadows. Features an additional internal diffuser for better wrap around light.
  • SIMPLE AND COMPACT: Integrated hook and loop fastener strap secures around the flash head. Folds down flat when not in use.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Compatible with most shoe mount flash units (including Canon Nikon Sony Olympus and more). Product Dimensions 6" x 5"
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Backed by Our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Camera Flash Bounce Diffuser Light Softbox [3-Pack] for speedlight Photography...
  • Elevate Your Lighting Game Compatible with Godox: 🌟 Experience professional-grade lighting with Godox, a trusted high-tech manufacturer since 1993. We...
  • Hi-Res Softbox for Exceptional Results: 📸 Crafted from high-quality, environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE), our softboxes are designed for durability...
  • Unmatched Light Diffusion: 💡 Easy to install and use, our softboxes instantly transform your flash lighting. By diffusing the light, they create uniform...
  • Wide Compatibility for Versatile Use: 📷 Our Flash Diffuser Light Softbox is designed to fit a range of camera flash models, including Godox Flash (V850II,...
  • Value-Packed 3-Pack: 🎁 You'll receive three Flash Diffuser Light Softboxes in this package, ensuring you have the tools you need for a variety of photography...
NEEWER Flash Diffuser Light Softbox 6" x 5", Universal, Collapsible with Storage...
  • 【Even Lighting】By diffusing the flash, the softbox creates an even lighting that allows you to capture perfect shots.
  • 【Softer Light】Converts the harsh light from the flash to a softer, diffused light while reducing shadows and softening hot spots.
  • 【High Quality】The external is black nylon, the inside is silver PVC, and the removable internal diffuser makes the light even softer.
  • 【Collapsible Design】 Simply unfold the diffuser and attach the front of the fastening tape. It folds down flat when not in use. Each flash diffuser comes...
  • 【Universal Speedlight Diffuser Kit】Product Dimensions 6" x 5" / 15cm x 12.5cm. Stretch opening allows you to connect the diffuser to most shoe mount...
2 Pack Flash Diffuser Softbox - Small & Collapsible White Flash Bounce Softbox...
  • ✅ REMOVES HARSH BACKGROUND SHADOWS – Good lighting is vital for professional-looking images. Our flash diffuser softbox will get rid of the harsh shadows...
  • ✅ COMPACT, COLLAPSIBLE & FOLDABLE– Our premium quality flash diffuser softbox by Kachifoto provides quick and easy install. Slip on and off as needed...
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY PREMIUM BUILT – Interior has 1 silver side to increase and concentrate flash output. The diffuser is also highly portable and can easily fit...
  • ✅ PREVENTS RED-EYE EFFECT – You just want to take a nice-looking photo, but sometimes it’s difficult to remove the annoying red eyes that you see when...
  • ✅ WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE – At Kachifoto, we’re confident of our products. So if you have any issues with your purchase, just let us know and we will make it...
Flash Softbox, 30x30cm Folding Speedlight Softbox Diffuser Cover Universal for...
  • The main function is to soften the light of the flash, suitable for the digital camera external flash.
  • The inner wall of the case is made of reflective material, which makes the amount of flash light more fully used and the light softer.
  • Disassembly design, easy to load, unload and carry.
  • Made of high quality material, which is very durable and lightweight to carry.
  • A Softbox is important for those who use flash regularly. It softens the flash light and makes the photo look more .
SaleRANK 7
Portable Round Softbox, 40CM Foldable Round-Shape Speedlite Softbox Diffuser for...
  • 【Perfect Design】:The Professional Round Softbox Helps to eliminate harsh light and shadow and can help leave your photos looking more .
  • 【Closing Seal 】:Round-shaped diffuser to spread the effects of the flash wider through a room and to make the flash a little less direct.Also creates the...
  • 【Ideal for Shooting】:Pure white surface to prevent from ending up throwing colored light onto the scenes.It helps to make the outline of the object clearer;...
  • 【Wide Compatibility】:Widely used for flash light. Easy to install and remove.Suitable for photography speedlites, flash, moonlight and more.
  • 【Easy to Carry 】:Durable, lightweight and portable. Foldable design, with a storage bag for easy carry.
waka Flash Diffuser Light Softbox, [2 Pack] Speedlight Softbox Collapsible with...
  • GET 2 IN 1 PACK - Come with one 8" Octagon Softbox and one 8"x6" Rectangle Softbox and one Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Camera Flashes.
  • WELL PERFORMANCE - Reduces harshness, eliminates red eye and softens shadows. It’s an additional internal diffuser for better wrap around light.
  • SUPREME MATERIAL - The external is black nylon, the inside is silver PVC, the removable internal diffuser makes light even softer.
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN - Integrated velcro strap secures around the flash head. Easy to fold and unfold. Each flash diffuser comes with carry bag for easy storage.
  • UNIVERSIAL FLASH DIFFUSER KIT - Stretch opening allows you to connect the diffuser to most shoe mount flashes, suitable for Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Contax, Sony,...
SaleRANK 9
Neewer 2 Pieces Camera Speedlite Flash Softbox Diffuser Kit, 10x9x8inches...
  • This flash reflector diffuser kit adds you variety possibilities in your speedlite photography and outdoor shooting
  • Bendable and positionable with fastening strap design makes it easy to adjust, use and remove
  • The large size(9.8x9.3x8.3 inches) reflector with neutral white color provides a soft light for portraits, bendable and positionable
  • The silver/white two-side reflector(7.3x7.9x4.1 inches) helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect. Choose white or...
  • Compatibel with most speedlights on market, such as Nikon, Sony, Neewer, YongNuo, etc. Note: Flash is not included
FOMITO On-Camera Octagonal Softbox 25.6 inch/65cm Quick Release Light Soft Box...
  • Provides classic soft but crisp light; Sound for portrait and event photography; Ideal for shooting portraits or events such as weddings, proms or corporate...
  • Special design makes it quite easy to open or fold up, can be assembled or disassembled in a minute.
  • Made of collapsible nylon cover and proved to be high reflective; With silver particle inner baffle and 2 white diffuser, help your photography by softening the...
  • With S-Type bracket mount, allows flexible use with all Flash Speedlite, such as Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Olympus Fujifilm Godox Yongnuo Neweer etc.
  • Comes with a black carrying bag, makes your storage and transportation much easier.

Last update on 2024-02-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

How Does Buying On Camera Flash Softbox benefit you?

Investing in an On Camera Flash Softbox is a smart choice for anyone who wants to elevate their photography game. With its ability to soften harsh shadows and create more even lighting, it can drastically improve the quality of your photos. Here are some key reasons why you should consider adding one to your camera bag.

Softens harsh light

On-camera flash softboxes are designed to soften the harsh light produced by on-camera flashes. Harsh light can be unflattering and produce unappealing shadows and highlights on the subject. When a softbox is placed over the flash, it diffuses the light and spreads it out evenly, creating a softer and more natural-looking light.

This is especially important when taking portrait photographs. The soft light produced by the softbox helps to smooth out skin tones and reduce blemishes and imperfections. The resulting image is more pleasant to the eye and gives a more realistic representation of the subject. Softening harsh light with a softbox is an essential element in photography and can make a significant difference in the final image quality.

Creates more even lighting

A softbox is an essential accessory for on-camera flash photography as it helps to create a more even lighting result. The direct flash from the camera can often create harsh shadows and highlights on the subject, resulting in an unflattering and uneven look. A softbox works by diffusing the light from the flash, spreading it out evenly and reducing the intensity. This softening of the light helps to create a more natural and flattering image that is free from harsh shadows and highlights.

The softbox works by bending and shaping the light, creating a larger light source and diffusing the intensity of the flash. This diffusion results in light that is softer and more forgiving, allowing for a more beautiful and natural-looking photograph. Softboxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different needs and are an essential accessory for any photographer looking to achieve the best possible results with on-camera flash photography.

Reduces shadows

When taking photos with on-camera flash, we often see harsh shadows on the subject’s face or background. These shadows can make the photo look unappealing and unprofessional. This is where a softbox comes in to play.

A softbox is a device that diffuses the light from the flash and spreads it evenly across the subject, reducing the harsh shadows that often accompany on-camera flash photography. The diffuse light also provides a more natural look to the subject’s skin tones, making the image appear more pleasant and pleasing to the eye. For portrait photography, the softbox helps to create a more flattering and natural-looking light source, improving the overall quality of the photo. Therefore, buying an on-camera flash softbox can be a worthwhile investment for any photographer who wants to improve the quality of their photos.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best On Camera Flash Softbox?

To achieve the perfect lighting for your shots, certain factors must be taken into consideration when picking the best on camera flash softbox.


Compatibility is important to consider when buying an on-camera flash softbox because not all flash softboxes are compatible with all types of cameras and flashes. Some softboxes are proprietary and only work with specific brands and models of flashes, so it’s important to ensure that the softbox you choose is compatible with your camera and flash setup.

Incompatibility can lead to a number of issues, such as the softbox not fitting properly on the flash, not diffusing the light evenly, or even damaging your equipment. By choosing a compatible on-camera flash softbox, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible results from your flash photography without any risk of damage or malfunction. So, compatibility is a key factor to consider before buying an on-camera flash softbox.

Quality of materials

Quality of materials is an important factor to consider before buying an on-camera flash softbox. A softbox made of high-quality materials will last longer and withstand wear and tear, ensuring you get the best value for your money. It will also provide better light diffusion, resulting in better image quality and more natural looking photographs.

In addition to longevity and image quality, using a softbox made of quality materials can also improve the safety of your equipment. Cheaper materials may be more likely to cause fires or other hazards, while higher quality materials are often designed and tested to meet safety standards. Overall, investing in a softbox made of quality materials is a wise decision that can improve both the look and safety of your photography.


When buying an on-camera flash softbox, it is important to consider the size of the softbox in relation to the size of your camera and your subject. The size of the softbox will determine the spread of light and the degree of diffusion. Using a larger softbox will provide a wider spread of light, which can be useful for larger subjects or when you need to light up a larger area. However, using a smaller softbox can provide more control over the direction and intensity of the light, which can be helpful when working with smaller subjects or when you need more precise lighting. Therefore, it is essential to consider the size when buying an on-camera flash softbox as it determines the coverage of the light and the overall outcome of your photos.

Additionally, the size of the softbox can impact the portability and ease of use of the on-camera flash softbox. A larger softbox may require a more substantial bracket or mount to support it, making it less portable and potentially more cumbersome to use on the go. In contrast, a smaller softbox may be more lightweight and easier to use, making it an ideal choice for photographers who need to travel with their equipment or move quickly between different locations. Hence, it is important to consider the size of the on-camera flash softbox in terms of portability and ease of use as well.


When choosing an on-camera flash softbox, it is essential to consider the shape of the softbox. Different shapes serve different purposes, and choosing the right one can drastically affect the outcome of your photos. For instance, a rectangular softbox creates a narrow strip of light that can be used to create dramatic shadows and highlights, while a round softbox creates a more even spread of light that can be used to fill in shadows and produce a pleasing catch light in your subject’s eyes. Thus, the shape of your softbox should depend on the style and look that you want to achieve in your photographs.

Moreover, the shape of the softbox can affect the coverage area of the light. If you need to light a large space, then a larger rectangular or octagonal softbox with a wider spread of light would be a better option. On the contrary, if you need to highlight a smaller subject or object, then a smaller round or square softbox will be more suitable. Therefore, it is important to consider the shape of the softbox based on the size of your subject, the type of lighting you want to create, and the area that needs to be covered.

Mounting options

Mounting options should be considered before buying an on-camera flash softbox because it affects the compatibility of the softbox with your camera and flash system. Different mounting options may be required for different cameras and flash units, and some softboxes may not be compatible with certain systems.

Additionally, the type of mounting option can also affect the stability and ease of use of the softbox. Choosing the right mounting option can ensure a secure and stable connection between the softbox and your camera or flash, preventing accidental detachment or wobbling during use. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the mounting options available and choose the one that is best suited for your equipment and shooting needs.


Price is an important factor to consider before purchasing an on-camera flash softbox because it can affect the overall quality and functionality of the product. Higher-priced softboxes are typically made with better materials and construction, providing more durability and reliability over time. Additionally, more expensive softboxes often come with additional features such as adjustable panels, interchangeable accessories, or more customizable settings. On the other hand, lower-priced softboxes may not offer the same level of quality or performance, which could ultimately result in diminished results when used for photography or videography.

Considering the price of an on-camera flash softbox before making a purchase decision is also important in ensuring it fits within your budget. While high-end softboxes can offer superior quality and performance, they may not be necessary for everyone’s needs or budget. By considering the price, you can identify softboxes that match your budget requirements and still deliver the features and capabilities you need for your photography or videography projects. Ultimately, balancing the price with the quality and functionality of the product will help you make a well-informed decision that suits your needs and budget.


What is an on-camera flash softbox?

An on-camera flash softbox is a device that diffuses the light from a camera’s built-in flash unit, or an external flash unit mounted on the camera. It is essentially a collapsible box made up of reflective material with a translucent front panel that softens the light and reduces harsh shadows. The softbox attaches to the flash unit and directs the light towards the subject, creating a more natural-looking and flattering illumination.

The use of an on-camera flash softbox can improve the quality of images taken in low-light environments, where the direct flash can often create unflattering and distracting shadows. It is popular among portrait photographers and event photographers who need to capture high-quality images in challenging lighting situations. The softbox is portable and easy to use, making it a preferred choice for photographers who need to move quickly and efficiently while shooting on location.

How do I attach a softbox to my on-camera flash?

Attaching a softbox to your on-camera flash is relatively simple. First, find a softbox that fits your flash model. Next, insert the flash into the small bracket provided with the softbox. The bracket should have a hole on one side where you can insert the flash head. Secure the bracket in place using the plastic screws or clamps provided. Finally, attach the softbox onto the bracket using the pull-string or velcro system.

It is important to note that attaching a softbox to your on-camera flash may make your setup heavier and bulkier, so it may be helpful to use a flash bracket to hold the flash and softbox together instead of directly attaching the softbox to the flash head. Additionally, it is important to balance the weight of your setup to avoid tipping or damaging your equipment.

Can a softbox be used with any type of camera flash?

Yes, a softbox can be used with any type of camera flash as long as it is compatible in terms of size and mounting style. Softboxes are commonly used in portrait and product photography to create soft and diffused light, which can help to reduce harsh shadows and create a more flattering image.

One important consideration when choosing a softbox to use with your camera flash is the size and shape. Softboxes come in various sizes and shapes, and it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your flash and the type of photography you will be doing. Additionally, make sure that the softbox has the appropriate mounting style for your particular flash, whether that be a speed ring mount, a clamp mount, or a hot shoe mount.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, a good on camera flash softbox is an important accessory for photographers. Not only can it soften harsh lighting and reduce shadows, it can also improve the overall quality of photographs. The top 10 best on camera flash softboxes listed in this article have been carefully selected based on factors such as size, compatibility, and durability. Investing in one of these softboxes can be a great way to enhance the quality of your photographs and take your photography skills to the next level.

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