The 10 Best Entry Level Sony Cameras in 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Sony has been providing excellent cameras for photography enthusiasts for a long time now. It is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to digital cameras. If you are looking for the best entry level Sony cameras, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best entry level Sony cameras, which will aid you in making an informed decision. This article will provide you with a comprehensive buying guide and reviews that will help you choose the best Sony camera that suits your needs and budget.

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Entry Level Sony Cameras: A Beginner’s Overview

Sony offers a variety of entry-level cameras perfect for beginners and casual photographers. These cameras are affordable, compact, and easy to use without sacrificing quality and performance. One popular entry-level camera is the Sony Alpha a6000, which features a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, fast autofocus, and continuous shooting at 11 frames per second. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for easy sharing and connectivity to a mobile device.

Another great option is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX400V, which is a bridge camera with a 50x optical zoom lens and 20.4-megapixel sensor. It also features optical image stabilization, full manual control, and a high-resolution electronic viewfinder. The DSC-HX400V also has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC for quick and easy sharing of photos and videos. Overall, Sony’s entry-level cameras offer great features and performance at an affordable price point, making them a great choice for beginners or those looking for a compact and easy-to-use camera.

10 Best Entry Level Sony Cameras – Reviewed

Sony W800/B DSC-W800/B DSCW800B 20 MP Digital Camera 5X Optical Zoom (Black)...
  • 20 MP Super HAD CCD sensor for beautifully detailed images.
  • Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization
  • Sony Lens w/ 5x Optical Zoom. Reduced blur with SteadyShot Image stabilization
  • Capture your videos in 720p HD Movie mode, Simplify camera menu with Easy Mode
  • Kit Includes: Sony W800/B (Black), 64Gb memory Card, Case, SD card reader, Microfiber Lens Cloth
SaleRANK 2
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 20.1 MP Digital Camera - Black (Renewed)
  • Sensor: The 20.1 MP sensor delivers beautifully detailed photos that make for gorgeous enlargements, while in-camera stabilization offers crisp quality and...
  • Zoom: With a 35x optical zoom, you can get close to distant subjects without moving an inch. It's perfect for travel photography, candid shots of your kids,...
  • Finer Details: More pixels mean you can enlarge, zoom in, and crop your photos without losing detail
  • Sweep Panorama: The camera features Sweep Panorama, so you can capture the whole scene
  • Optical SteadyShot: This feature reduces blur even in low light
FIBONAX Nova800 Astrophotography Camera, 3264 * 2448 8M Pixels,Planetary...
  • Plug and play, compatible with multiple Windows/Linux/MAC systems; Dark light compensation technology and lens edge correction technology enable users to obtain...
  • 30fps@1080P @mjpg; 15fps@3264*2448@mjpg ; Smooth images are suitable for observation; In YUV uncompressed format, 5fps@1080P Clear images are suitable for...
  • Combining professional astronomical software to facilitate observation, recording, and real-time sharing with friends
  • Sony high-definition color CMOS image sensor; Professional image debugging combined with the characteristics of the large aperture of the telescope lens, no...
  • Full aluminum alloy body; 1.25 inch standard interface compatible with universal telescopes
Wild Tales
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Rita Cortese, Ricardo Darin, Nancy Duplaa (Actors)
  • Damian Szifron (Director) - Julian Loyola (Writer) - Hugo Sigman (Producer)
  • English (Playback Languages)
  • English (Subtitle)
JJC Soft Camera Neck Shoulder Strap for Sony A6000 A6100 A6300 A6400 A6500 A6600...
  • Fits any Entry-level mirrorless camera or small point & shoot camera with two round strap eyelets or normal square strap eyelets
  • Made of comfortable neoprene material, reduces neck and shoulder fatigue
  • Includes a pair of split ring and a pair of protective leather to attach to the camera's round eyelets
  • Ideal for long time photographing
  • Length is adjustable
SaleRANK 6
AIMZENIX Game Controller Emulator for Xbox Series/Xbox One/Xbox...
  • [Multi-Platform Adaptation] AIMZENIX BLADER supports keyboard and mouse gaming on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S,...
  • [Easy to Use, Plug and Play] Easily connect to control games with a keyboard and mouse – no complex boot processes or app connection setups required. It will...
  • [Shortcut Custom Key Mapping and Sensitivity] Enjoy personalized settings with the ability to customize key mapping and adjust mouse sensitivity. Modify...
  • [Configuration Switch] Each gaming platform can store up to 4 sets of game configurations, switchable via CTRL+1/2/3/4.
  • [Read before Use] 1. Maximize in-game sensitivity initially. 2. For BLADER usage, a connection to the official original controller is essential to avoid...
Sony Alpha 9 III Mirrorless Camera with World's First Full-Frame 24.6MP Global...
  • World's First Full Frame Global Shutter: The Alpha 9 III features the world’s first full-frame image sensor with a global shutter. Unlike a rolling shutter...
  • Blackout-free, 120fps Continuous Shooting: The Alpha 9 III is defined by speed and accuracy, enabling it to capture decisive moments with ease. It’s capable...
  • Preserve Split-second Moments: At 1/80,000 second maximum shutter speed, the Alpha 9 III makes it easy to capture fast-moving subjects in almost any situation....
  • Full-frame Backside Illuminated 24.6MP Exmor RS Image Sensor: The Alpha 9 III is equipped with 24.6 million effective pixels, a stacked CMOS architecture and...
  • Evolved BIONZ XR Image Processing Engine: With up to eight times more processing power than previous versions, the BIONZ XR processing engine minimizes latency...
Sony Alpha ZV-E10 - APS-C Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Vlog Camera - Black
  • Large 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor and fast BIONZ X processor
  • 4K Movie oversampled from 6k w/ full pixel readout, no pixel binning
  • Product Showcase Setting transitions focus from face to object
  • Background Defocus button instantly toggles between defocus effect on/off
  • Easy live streaming w/ single USB cable and no extra hardware/software
SaleRANK 9
Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera: Compact APS-C Interchangeable Lens Digital...
  • Next Gen speed: experience the world’s fastest 0. 02 sec AF with real-time AF and object tracking
  • Enhanced subject capture: wide 425 Phase/ 425 contrast detection points over 84% of the sensor
  • Fast & accurate: up to 11Fps continuous shooting at 24. 2MP raw with crisp, clear natural colors
  • Multiple movie functions: make time lapse movies or slow/quick motion videos without post processing
  • Tiltable LCD screen: customizable for vlogging, still photography or recording a professional film. Lens compensation setting - peripheral shading, chromatic...
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Last update on 2023-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Reasons for Buying Entry Level Sony Cameras

There are several compelling reasons why entry-level Sony cameras are worth considering for anyone looking to buy a new camera. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, these cameras offer a range of features that can help you take better photos and explore your creativity in new ways. Here are just a few of the key benefits of choosing an entry-level Sony camera.

Affordable price point

The affordable price point of entry-level Sony cameras is a major reason why people choose to buy them. These cameras provide a good quality of image at a fraction of the price of more advanced models. They are suitable for people who are new to photography and do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment.

These cameras are also popular with content creators who need to produce high-quality content but do not have a large budget. They are perfect for vloggers, bloggers, and social media influencers who want to build a following through their online content. Overall, the affordability of these cameras makes it easier for anyone to get started with photography or create content, without breaking the bank.

Good for beginners

For those who are just starting their journey in photography, an entry level Sony camera is an excellent choice. These cameras are designed to be user-friendly and offer a simple, intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.

They also typically come with basic features that are perfect for beginners such as auto modes, scene selection, and basic editing tools. This makes it easier for those who are new to photography to learn the basics and build their skills.

Additionally, entry level Sony cameras are often more affordable than their higher-end counterparts, making them a great choice for those who are just starting out and may not want to invest a large sum of money right away. Overall, an entry level Sony camera is a great option for anyone who wants to learn the basics of photography and start capturing great photos.

Compact and easy to carry

Entry Level Sony Cameras are perfect for those who love to capture moments on the go. These cameras are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around and transport to various locations. Whether you’re going on a trip or simply heading out for the day, an Entry Level Sony Camera can easily fit into your bag or pocket without weighing you down.

Additionally, the compact nature of these cameras makes them perfect for beginners who may not be accustomed to lugging around heavy equipment. With an Entry Level Sony Camera, you can still capture high-quality images and videos without the added hassle of heavy gear. This makes it a great option for those who want to learn and improve their photography skills without being intimidated by professional equipment. Overall, the portability and ease of use of Entry Level Sony Cameras make them a popular choice for both amateur and professional photographers.

Accessible features and settings

Entry level Sony cameras are designed specifically for beginners who are new to photography. These cameras come with user-friendly features and settings that make it easy for anyone to take great photos without any prior experience. The controls and modes on these cameras are easy to understand and navigate, making it possible for beginners to experiment with different settings and learn about different photography techniques.

The accessible features and settings on entry level Sony cameras provide a great learning experience for beginners. These cameras usually have automatic settings that adjust the camera’s exposure, focus, and other settings based on the scene being captured. They also have manual modes that allow users to adjust the settings according to their preferences. By using these features, beginners can learn about different aspects of photography and gradually transition to more advanced cameras with more features and settings.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Best Entry Level Sony Cameras

Key factors to bear in mind before purchasing entry-level Sony cameras can be broken down into several aspects.


Budget is a crucial factor to consider when buying an entry-level Sony camera since these cameras appeal to beginners or those who are just starting in photography. Buying an entry-level Sony camera with a specific budget in mind can prevent overspending and ensure that you buy the camera with the essential features that meet your photography needs. By assessing your budget, you can narrow down your options and choose the best Sony camera that falls within your price range, thus making an informed purchase.

Additionally, budgeting for an entry-level Sony camera allows you to set your expectations before buying. It helps you prioritize which features are necessary and which are not, ensuring that you buy the camera that meets your need without compromising on the critical variables. Choosing an entry-level camera within your budget ensures that you have enough money to invest in other accessories such as lenses, filters, and batteries that enhance your photography capabilities. Therefore, considering budget before purchasing an entry-level Sony camera is essential to avoid overspending and make the most out of your investment.

Sensor size

Sensor size is an important factor to consider before buying entry-level Sony cameras because it directly impacts the image quality of the camera. The larger the sensor, the more light it can capture, resulting in sharper and clearer images with better detail, dynamic range, and low light performance. A small sensor can’t capture as much light as a larger sensor, which often results in noisy and grainy images with limited dynamic range and less detail, especially in low light conditions. Therefore, it’s important to choose a camera with a larger sensor if you want to capture high-quality images, particularly in low light situations.

Another reason to consider sensor size when buying an entry-level Sony camera is the potential for limited lens selection. Sony’s full-frame and APS-C sensors have more lens options available, which can give photographers more flexibility and creative control over their photography. However, entry-level Sony cameras typically come with a smaller sensor and limited lens selection, which can limit the photographer’s ability to capture different types of shots. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the sensor size in conjunction with the lens options available to ensure that you can capture the types of images you want.

Megapixel count

Megapixel count is one of the most important factors that should be considered before buying an entry-level Sony camera. The size of the megapixel determines the amount of detail captured by the camera. With more megapixels, you can capture more details in a single shot, making it easier for you to print photos without losing quality. With an entry-level Sony camera, higher megapixel count means that you will get better image quality and sharper photographs.

Moreover, an entry-level Sony camera with higher megapixels can also help you achieve better cropping options, as you can crop more without losing detail or resolution. For instance, if you want to take a picture of a subject that is far away, a higher megapixel camera will allow you to zoom in and crop the image while retaining the details. In conclusion, a higher megapixel count is essential when it comes to buying an entry-level Sony camera because it helps you to capture more detail and achieve better-quality images.

Lens compatibility

When purchasing an entry-level Sony camera, it is crucial to consider lens compatibility. Compatibility is needed because not all Sony lenses will work with every Sony camera, and vice versa. Moreover, there are different types of mounts, and a camera with the wrong mount will not be suitable for the lens. If a lens is incompatible with the camera, it means that the camera will not be able to communicate with the lens, autofocus, and aperture may not work properly. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the lens type and the camera type are compatible for optimal results.

Moreover, Sony lenses come at a higher price than third-party lenses, and a cheaper option for an entry-level camera may be a third-party lens. However, third-party lenses may not work with every camera, and the focus speed and quality may be compromised. Thus, it is essential to review and research the lens and camera compatibility before committing to the purchase to ensure the best quality results.

Autofocus system

Autofocus (AF) system is an essential feature to consider before purchasing an entry-level Sony camera. It gives you the ability to capture the perfect shot without worrying about focus issues. With a good AF system, you can easily track moving subjects and capture sharp images. Sony’s AF system is known to be fast and accurate, which is important for beginners who are still learning how to take great photos.

In addition, a good AF system also allows for easier operation with minimal adjustments. Entry-level Sony cameras, as the name suggests, are designed for amateur photographers who may not have a lot of experience using manual focus. Therefore, a reliable AF system is crucial to help them take great photos effortlessly. For those who are new to photography, investing in an entry-level Sony camera with a good AF system can make all the difference in their photos.

Video capabilities

Video capabilities are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. With the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms, many people are looking for cameras that allow them to create high-quality video content. Sony is known for producing some of the best cameras on the market, and their entry-level cameras are no exception. Before buying an entry-level Sony camera, it is important to consider its video capabilities to ensure that it meets your needs.

Firstly, entry-level Sony cameras can offer a range of video resolutions and frame rates, and this is important to consider based on the type of videos you want to create. Sony cameras can shoot HD, Full HD and even 4K videos, so it’s important to consider what level of resolution you’ll need. Additionally, these cameras typically offer a range of frame rates that give you more creative options. Secondly, the camera’s autofocus system should also be checked as it plays a critical part in video shooting. A good autofocus system ensures your videos are sharp and well-focused, even if the subject is moving. Overall, considering the video capabilities of the Sony entry-level camera ensures that you select the best option according to your video requirements.


What are the features of entry-level Sony cameras?

Entry-level Sony cameras are affordable options for beginners who want to explore the world of photography. These cameras come with a variety of features that make them user-friendly and suitable for those who are just starting out. Some of the standard features found in an entry-level Sony camera include autofocus, image stabilization, and a built-in flash.

Another key feature of these cameras is their ease of use. They often come with simplified menus and streamlined settings that allow beginners to learn how to use their camera without feeling overwhelmed. Additionally, entry-level Sony cameras tend to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around and shoot on the go. Overall, these cameras offer a great balance of affordability, versatility, and ease of use for budding photographers.

What is the price range for Sony’s entry-level cameras?

Sony’s entry-level cameras generally range from $400 up to $800. The prices vary depending on the specific model and features, but these cameras are generally more affordable than Sony’s mid-range and high-end options. Despite being entry-level, these cameras often come equipped with advanced features such as high-speed autofocus, image stabilization, and wireless connectivity. Overall, Sony’s entry-level cameras provide great value for those looking to get into photography or upgrade from a smartphone camera.

What is the difference between Sony’s entry-level cameras and its high-end models?

Sony’s entry-level cameras typically have smaller sensors, lower megapixel counts, and less advanced features than its high-end models. They are designed for beginners or hobbyists who want a decent camera that can capture good quality images without too many complicated settings. These cameras often come with basic lens options and have limited performance capabilities, such as slower shutter speeds and fewer focus points.

On the other hand, Sony’s high-end models are designed for professional photographers or enthusiasts who demand high-quality images and advanced features. They often have larger sensors, higher megapixel counts, and the latest technology, such as faster autofocus and better dynamic range. These cameras also come with advanced lens options, better image stabilization, and faster processing capabilities. Additionally, high-end Sony cameras have more customizable settings and are more weather-sealed than their entry-level counterparts.

Can entry-level Sony cameras produce high-quality images?

Yes, entry-level Sony cameras can produce high-quality images. Sony produces cameras for all levels of photography, and their entry-level models are designed to be user-friendly while still producing high-quality images. With advancements in technology, even their lower-end models are equipped with impressive sensors and image processors, making it possible to capture sharp, vibrant images with good dynamic range. However, higher-end models may offer additional features that allow for more advanced and creative photography.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Sony offers an impressive range of entry-level cameras with versatile features and functionalities. There is a Sony camera for every budget, preference, and skill level, making it easy for beginners to get started on their photography journey. Based on our research and analysis, we have listed the top 10 best entry-level Sony cameras in this review and buying guide. Whether you are looking for a compact point-and-shoot camera or a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, there is a Sony camera that can suit your needs. Choose from our list of the best entry-level Sony cameras and capture your best shots with ease and precision.

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