The 11 Best Crop Sensor Cameras [Updated – 2023]

Looking for a high-quality camera that is perfect for capturing stunning images? If so, then you might want to consider picking up one of the best crop sensor cameras on the market. These cameras are capable of capturing professional-grade photos that are ideal for a wide range of creative applications.

In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top 11 best crop sensor cameras currently available. We’ll take a look at the different features and capabilities of each camera, and provide you with detailed reviews and a buying guide to help you choose the best camera for your needs. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who loves taking great photos, this guide is sure to help you find the best crop sensor camera for you.

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Crop Sensor Cameras: A Quick Overview

Crop sensor cameras, also known as APS-C cameras, are a type of digital camera that uses a sensor that is smaller than a full-frame sensor. The crop sensor in these cameras crops the image captured, giving users a narrower field of view. This means that the images captured with crop sensor cameras may appear to have a greater magnification compared to those taken with a full-frame camera. Crop sensor cameras usually come in entry-level and mid-range-level models, making them more affordable options for beginners and amateur photographers.

Crop sensor cameras are popular among photographers due to their affordability, compact size, and versatility. They can be used for a wide range of photography genres, such as landscape, portrait, and street photography. They also have the advantage of a longer effective focal length when compared to full-frame cameras, making them well suited for wildlife and sports photography. However, one disadvantage of crop sensor cameras is their lower light sensitivity, as the smaller sensor size means less light is captured. Despite this, many photographers still prefer the advantages offered by crop sensor cameras for their photography needs.

11 Best Crop Sensor Cameras on the Market

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Why Do You Need to Buy Crop Sensor Cameras?

For any photography enthusiast, choosing the right camera is always crucial. And when it comes to exploring the world of crop sensor cameras, there are several reasons that make them a worthy investment. Here are some key benefits that might convince you to consider buying a crop sensor camera.

Crop sensor cameras are typically more affordable

Crop sensor cameras are typically more affordable than full-frame cameras because they use smaller image sensors. This means that manufacturers can produce these cameras at a lower cost leading to more affordable prices for consumers. The smaller sensors also mean that lenses for crop sensor cameras can be smaller and less expensive, which further adds to the cost-saving advantages.

As a result, crop sensor cameras are an excellent choice for those on a budget or just starting out in photography. They can provide high-quality images without the expensive price tag, making it more accessible for amateur photographers and hobbyists to take their craft to the next level. Additionally, if budget constraints are a concern, opting for a crop sensor camera can free up funds for other photography equipment such as lenses, tripods, and accessories.

Crop sensor cameras provide a narrower field of view, which can be useful for certain types of photography

Crop sensor cameras, also known as APS-C cameras, have smaller image sensors than their full-frame counterparts. As a result, the field of view captured by the lens is narrower, effectively magnifying the image and making distant subjects appear closer. This is particularly useful in wildlife and sports photography, where the ability to zoom in and capture details from a distance is crucial.

In addition to zooming, crop sensor cameras can also create a shallower depth of field, thanks to the smaller sensor size. This can be advantageous for portraits or artistic shots, where the blurred background (bokeh) effect can help isolate the subject and create a more dynamic composition. Overall, the narrower field of view of crop sensor cameras can offer a unique perspective and flexibility for photographers, making them a popular choice for various types of photography.

Crop sensor cameras often have higher frame rates

Crop sensor cameras often have higher frame rates because they have smaller sensors compared to full-frame cameras. This means that the camera can process more data at a faster speed, resulting in higher frame rates. Higher frame rates are especially important in sports and action photography, where fast-moving subjects require a faster shutter speed to freeze the motion.

Additionally, higher frame rates allow for more footage to be captured in a shorter amount of time, which can come in handy during video production. For example, a scene shot at 60 frames per second can be slowed down to half speed during editing, resulting in smoother slow-motion footage. Overall, the higher frame rates of crop sensor cameras make them a great choice for photographers and videographers needing to capture fast-moving action.

Crop sensor cameras can be more compact and portable

Crop sensor cameras are smaller and lighter compared to full-frame cameras, making them a popular choice for those who prefer portability and ease of handling. The smaller size and weight of the camera body make it easier to carry around and use for extended periods without fatigue. This makes them ideal for travel photographers, casual shooters, and even professional photographers who need to carry multiple cameras while covering events or shoots.

The compact size of a crop sensor camera also means that it can be used with smaller and lighter lenses without sacrificing image quality. This allows photographers to pack more gear and change lenses quickly and easily, making it an ideal choice for mobility and versatility. Additionally, the smaller sensor makes it easier to achieve greater depth of field, which can be useful for shooting portraits and close-up shots with a blurred background, creating a more professional-looking image. Overall, the portable and lightweight design of crop sensor cameras makes them an excellent choice for photographers who prioritize mobility and convenience.

What Things to Consider when Buying Crop Sensor Cameras?

It is essential to keep certain factors in mind when looking for the perfect crop sensor camera. These factors can make a significant difference in the quality of your photographs and the overall performance of the camera.


Crop sensor cameras offer a more affordable and accessible option for amateur or budget-conscious photographers. However, it is important to consider your budget before buying a crop sensor camera as it will determine the quality and features of camera you can afford. Additionally, investing in higher-end crop sensor cameras with better lenses and features can often provide results that are comparable to full-frame cameras and may save you money in the long run by avoiding the need for upgrades or replacements. Ultimately, it is important to balance your desired features and quality with your budget to make the best decision for your needs.

Sensor size

The sensor size of a camera plays a crucial role in determining the image quality and overall performance of the camera. When buying a crop sensor camera, one should consider the sensor size as it determines the field of view and depth of field of the camera. A larger sensor size means a wider field of view, which can be useful for landscape and architecture photography. It also means the camera can capture more light, which can result in improved image quality and better low-light performance. On the other hand, a smaller sensor size means a narrower field of view and less light capture, which can impact the image quality and low-light performance.

In addition to this, a larger sensor size also means a shallower depth of field, which can be desirable for portraits and creative photography. A smaller sensor size, on the other hand, can result in a deeper depth of field, making it more suitable for landscape and street photography. It is crucial to consider all these factors before buying a crop sensor camera to ensure that it meets your specific photography needs and preferences.

Lens compatibility

Lens compatibility is an important factor to consider when buying a crop sensor camera as it can limit the range of lenses that can be used with the camera. Crop sensor cameras have a smaller sensor size than full-frame cameras, meaning that the field of view is narrower. To compensate for this, lenses specifically designed for crop sensor cameras, known as APS-C lenses, are available. If the camera is not compatible with these lenses, the photographer will be limited in their choice of lenses, which can affect the type of photography they can undertake.

In addition, lens compatibility can also impact the image quality. Using a full-frame lens on a crop sensor camera can result in image cropping and distortion, as well as a loss of resolution. On the other hand, using an APS-C lens with a full-frame camera can result in reduced image quality and sharpness. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the lens is compatible with the camera to ensure the best possible image quality and range of lenses.

Image quality

Image quality is an important factor to consider when buying a crop sensor camera. Crop sensor cameras have smaller image sensors compared to full-frame cameras, and this can result in lower image quality. Image quality is affected by various factors, including resolution, color accuracy, dynamic range, and noise. An image that has high resolution, accurate colors, wide dynamic range, and low noise will look better and more professional than an image that is lacking in any of these areas.

Good image quality is important for photographers who want to produce high-quality prints, submit their work for publication or display, or create professional-grade images. In addition, good image quality is essential for photographers who want to produce images that can be edited or post-processed without losing quality. For these reasons, it is important to consider image quality when buying a crop sensor camera to ensure that you get the best possible performance and results.

Low light performance

Low light performance plays a vital role in determining the quality of images captured in low light environments. This is particularly important for photographers and videographers who frequently shoot in dimly lit spaces or during nighttime. Crop sensor cameras tend to perform poorly in low light conditions due to the smaller sensor size, which affects the overall image quality and noise levels. As a result, it is crucial to consider the low light performance of a crop sensor camera before making a purchase, especially if you plan on shooting in such conditions.

In addition, the low light performance of a camera is strongly linked to the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed settings. A camera with an excellent low light capability will provide more flexibility to adjust these settings without sacrificing image quality. Therefore, investing in a camera with good low light performance is necessary for producing high-quality images and videos under challenging lighting conditions.

Ergonomics and handling

Ergonomics refers to the design of equipment or devices in a way that maximizes comfort, efficiency, and safety while minimizing discomfort, fatigue, and injury. In the case of crop sensor cameras, ergonomics is crucial for photographers as it directly affects the overall shooting experience. Poor ergonomics may lead to uncomfortable grip and controls, making it challenging to handle the camera, resulting in a compromised shooting experience. An ergonomic crop sensor camera will make it easier for photographers to handle the camera, allowing them to focus on their photography and ensuring they produce high-quality images.

Handling is also an essential factor to consider when buying crop sensor cameras. You want a camera that feels well-balanced and comfortable in your hands. This will help you maintain stability when taking photos, reducing the risk of blurry images. Your handling experience also affects the camera’s overall usability and flexibility, giving you greater control and precision over your shots. Therefore, considering ergonomics and handling before buying crop sensor cameras is essential in ensuring a comfortable and efficient shooting experience while producing high-quality images.


What is a crop sensor camera?

A crop sensor camera is a type of digital camera with a smaller image sensor compared to a full-frame camera. The term “crop” refers to the fact that the smaller sensor size crops or reduces the field of view captured by a lens. This means that the angle of view of a lens is narrower, and objects appear closer than they would with a full-frame camera.

In practical terms, crop sensor cameras are often more affordable than full-frame cameras and are popular among beginners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. They are also smaller and lighter, making them easier to carry around. One drawback of a crop sensor camera is that it may not perform as well in low light situations, as the smaller sensor size may result in more noise or grain in the image.

What are the advantages of using a crop sensor camera?

A crop sensor camera has several advantages over a full-frame camera:

1) Cost: Crop sensor cameras are typically less expensive than full-frame cameras, making them an excellent option for those who are on a budget.

2) Reach: The smaller sensor size of the crop sensor camera causes the focal length of a lens to appear longer, which is beneficial for photographers who frequently work with telephoto lenses. They can achieve a greater magnification, which is valuable for wildlife, sports, and nature photography.

3) Weight and Size: The smaller sensor size also means that crop sensor cameras are smaller and lighter than full-frame cameras. This is useful for photographers who are always on the go and need to carry their equipment for hours on end.

4) Depth of field: With a crop sensor camera, photographers can achieve a greater depth of field with the same aperture setting than they would on a full-frame camera. This is helpful for portraits photography where a blurred background can be used to make the subject stand out more.

5) Low light performance: Full-frame cameras perform better in low light, but the technology is constantly advancing, and crop cameras are catching up. There are some incredible crop cameras available on the market now that have excellent low-light performance.

Is it difficult to adjust to a crop sensor camera if I am used to a full frame camera?

Adjusting to a crop sensor camera after using a full frame camera can be initially challenging for some photographers. This is because crop sensor cameras have a smaller sensor size, which results in a narrower angle of view and less light gathering capabilities. As a result, lens focal lengths will need to be adjusted when switching to a crop sensor camera in order to achieve a similar field of view as on a full frame camera. Additionally, photos taken on a crop sensor camera may have more noticeable noise at higher ISOs compared to a full frame camera.

However, with the right adjustments and techniques, many photographers find that they are able to achieve fantastic results with crop sensor cameras. Crop sensor cameras are often more affordable than full frame cameras and are popular with hobbyists and beginner photographers as well as professionals who appreciate their portability and versatility. Ultimately, whether or not adjusting to a crop sensor camera will be difficult depends largely on the individual photographer and their specific needs and preferences.

Are there any specific lenses that I need to use with a crop sensor camera?

Crop sensor cameras have a smaller sensor size than full-frame cameras which means the field of view is narrower and images appear more magnified compared to full-frame cameras. It is recommended to use lenses with shorter focal lengths for crop sensor cameras to avoid magnification. However, lenses designed for full-frame cameras can still be used with crop sensor cameras but the field of view and magnification will be affected.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best crop sensor camera is a crucial decision for every photographer. After researching and analyzing the features of various models, we have listed the top 11 best crop sensor cameras that offer an excellent balance of image quality, performance, and usability.

We hope this buying guide has helped you make an informed decision and find the perfect camera for your needs. Remember, the best crop sensor cameras provide high-quality images and advanced features while remaining affordable, and our list includes models that meet those criteria. So, choose wisely and make sure to invest in one of the best crop sensor cameras available in the market.

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