Top 9 Best Cameras For Rc Plane – Reviews and Comparison

If you’re a drone enthusiast or an RC plane pilot, you know the importance of having a reliable camera for capturing aerial footage. It’s critical to have a high-quality camera that’s easy to use and offers various options for capturing stunning shots. With so many cameras on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your RC plane. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 9 best cameras for RC planes in this article. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, this buying guide will help you choose the perfect camera for your flying machine.

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Understanding Cameras For Rc Plane: An Overview

RC planes have become increasingly popular over the years, and one of the most exciting features of these planes is the ability to attach cameras to them. Cameras for RC planes serve several purposes, including capturing stunning aerial footage, assisting in piloting the aircrafts, and providing valuable information for the RC flying enthusiasts.

When selecting a camera for an RC plane, there are several factors to consider. Some of the most important features include the size and weight of the camera, image quality, recording capabilities, and compatibility with your remote control and other equipment you use. Factors such as battery life, durability, and ease of installation will also play a role in your decision. With the right camera, you can take your RC flying experience to the next level, capturing breathtaking airborne footage that will be the envy of hobbyists everywhere.

Best Cameras For Rc Plane Compared

Wikiannt RC Airplane, Large Size RC Plane 2.4GHz Remote Control Fighter Jet...
  • Cool Fighter Jet: This rc airplane comes in the shape of fighter jet and it is equipped with 4 motors that enable it not only can fly like a normal plane, but...
  • Take off Vertically: The fighter jet adopts smart altitude hold technology that helps the players control it more easily. It will automaticaly keep hovering at...
  • 360° Stunt Rollover: Like the real high performance fighter jets and some stunt quadcopters, this rc fighter jet can also roll over in the air while it is...
  • High Toughness EPP Material: The fuselage of the rc fighter is made of EPP (a foam material with full name is expanded polypropylene) features in light- weight...
  • 4K HD Camera: Unlike the most of other RC fighters, the remote control fighter jet is equipped with a camera in the bottom. Moreover, the camera comes with a...
RC Plane Remote Control Airplane - 2.4Ghz 2 Channels DIY RC Predator Aircraft...
  • ☞ Easy to control: This is 2 channels 2.4Ghz radio control aircraft with 3 Axis Gyro. it is easy to control for beginner. The control distance is about 100yd....
  • ☞EPP Foam Material: Lightweight and durable design makes easy to take off. Built in 3-Axis Gyro, it can be easy to control the RC plane stable. Safe and...
  • ☞DIY Assembly: Detailed instructions of this DIY remote control airplane, easy to assemble and fly. Enjoy DIY fun with your family and encourage the kid's...
  • ☞Powerful motor: As its less weight, two coreless 820A motors support enough power to fly in the sky, but the wing speed much less than 5 meters per second.
  • ☞After service: We add parts into package which is easy to loss or damage. There are 2sets propeller, 1 sets landing gear more than old package now.
AKK Micro FPV AIO Camera (600TVL) and 5.8G 0/25/50/200mW Switchable Transmitter...
  • AIO FPV video camera+transmitter+antenna rolled 3 functions into one,super mimi size and light weight. weight:5.2g
  • Output power 25mW/50mW/200mW switchable, compatible with 5.8GHz googles and monitor.
  • 120 ° FOV horizontal viewing angle and 150 ° DFOV diagonal perspective.
  • Nickel-plated 4 Leaf Antenna , RHCP circular polarization clover to prevent rust and get strong signal.Installs in seconds.Plug and play, ready to fly, perfect...
  • Requires 1S LiPo battery, signal range suitable for Ultra Micro RC Aircraft.
SaleRANK 4
AKK Micro FPV AIO Camera (600TVL) and 5.8G 0/25/50/200mW Switchable Transmitter...
  • AIO FPV video camera+transmitter+antnenna combo ,rolled 3 functions in to one.Micro size, super light weight. weight:4.7g
  • 120 ° FOV horizontal viewing angle and 150 ° DFOV diagonal perspective.
  • Output power 25mW/50mW/200mW switchable, easy to change power/channel with button. compatible with 5.8GHz googles and monitor.
  • Nickel-plated 4 Leaf Antenna , RHCP circular polarization clover to prevent rust and get strong signal.Install in seconds, Plug and play, ready to fly, perfect...
  • Requires 1S LiPo battery, power plug is JST1.25,the wire is JST1.25 to JST 2.0, signal range suitable for Ultra Micro RC Aircraft.
GoolRC RC Airplane with Camera 480P RC Planes Remote Control Airplanes 2.4GHz RC...
  • ✯ Function: Forward, backward, left/right fly, 480P camera, 360° tumbling, one key return, one key take off, one key landing, headless mode, emergency stop,...
  • ✯ Lightweight and Stable: Be made of EPP material, lightweight, high flexibility, not easy to break. It adopts high efficient pneumatic contour design,...
  • ✯ Easy to Control: 2.4Ghz, no interference. Easier to control, just practice a few times, you can get started.
  • ✯ Wonderful Light Show: Two LED colored light strips are installed on each side of the bottom of the flight. The switch can be controlled freely, and the...
  • ✯ Powerful Motor: Use a powerful super motor for easy control for aerobatics.
SoloGood HEE Wing T-01 Fixed Wing RC Plane, 730mm Fixed Wingspan PNP EPP Foam RC...
  • STRONG DURABILITY and LONG SERVICE LIFE:It is made of EPP foam, ABS, carbon fiber. This excellent material helps to improve impact resistance and is not easy...
  • UPGRADED VERSION:The new flight control system,The dual motors have strong power and the thrust-to-weight ratio is as high as 1.71,Support for external cameras,...
  • EXCSLLENT DESIGN: The design of doubling the adjustable range of the center of gravity, taking into account the dual flight requirements of light load and heavy...
  • EASY to OPERATE: Lightweight and portable, quick disassembly design, disassembly and assembly only takes one minute,Easy Control for Beginners.
  • Speed: Min <20KM/H,Max >120KM/H;Cruise: > 65mins;Suitable to slow fly in small field and jungle FPV.
Brushless Motor Drone with Dual Camera 1080P WiFi RC Quadcopter Remote Control...
  • 【Lightweight, No FAA Registration】Update S161 drone is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry around. Remote Control...
  • 【Auto-Adjustable 1080P HD Camera】CSJSKYRC drone is equipped with a high-quality ultra HD camera capable of taking clear, accurate photos and videos. The...
  • 【Upgrade Advanced Brushless Motors】RC fpv drone is equipped with cutting-edge, long-life brushless motors, providing not only enhanced power but also a...
  • 【2 Batteries total for 34Mins Flight Time】Aerial photography drone with brushless motors features 2 modular smart batteries, providing 34 minutes of flight...
  • 【Multiple functions】Wifi camera drone offers a plethora of advanced features to enhance your flying experience. Additionally, functions such as One Key Take...
GoolRC WLtoys XK X450 RC Airplane, 2.4G Remote Control 6 Channel Brushless Motor...
  • Adopted impact-resistant engineering EPO material, and the built-in carbon fiber rod is reinforced and strong.
  • Three flight modes including vertical flight / horizontal 6G airplane flight / multi-rotor flight, bring different flight delight and suitable for beginners and...
  • The aircraft adopts 6-axis gyroscope with air pressure and altitude hold, suitable for different scenes and for beginners to practice flight skill.
  • 3D/6G mode can be converted easily, 3D mode for aerobatic fun fly and 6G mode for stabilized flight easy for beginner.
  • It adopts three 1307 3000KV brushless motors with high-efficiency blades for full power and four digital steering servos used to pull the front motor and...
1200TVL FPV Camera NTSC 2.5mm CMOS Wide Angle Mini Camera for RC Quadcopter FPV...
  • 1200TVL resolution ensure high-quality and clear image.
  • Advanced quality 2.5mm Lens and CMOS sensor.
  • Super Small size:22mm x 22mm,camera is light and easy to install.
  • Working Voltage : DC5 to 12V(wide voltage , measured 5 to 13V) .
  • Working Current : 70mA(ow power consumption).

Last update on 2023-11-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Why is it Important to Consider Buying Cameras For Rc Plane?

There are several compelling reasons why purchasing a camera for your RC plane can enhance your flying experience. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional drone pilot, a camera can provide you with a bird’s eye view of the world that you might not otherwise get. Here we outline some of the key benefits that come with attaching a camera to your RC plane.

Record flights for future analysis and improvement

Recording flight footage can be beneficial for RC plane enthusiasts to analyze their performance and identify areas that require improvement. By reviewing the footage, they can evaluate how the plane handled in different conditions, such as wind and altitude, and make adjustments to the controls and settings accordingly. Additionally, recording the flights can be useful for detecting any technical issues with the plane, such as vibrations or malfunctions, that could compromise its performance. Overall, having cameras for RC planes can help pilots enhance their skills and ensure optimal performance of their aircraft.

Share flight videos on social media or with friends

Cameras for RC planes provide an excellent opportunity to capture breathtaking and awe-inspiring footage of the flight. Share your flight videos on social media or with friends to show off your flying skills and the stunning aerial views. You can use these videos to inspire people to take up drone or RC plane flying, or to showcase the beauty of the world from a different perspective.

Sharing your RC plane flight videos on social media can also help you build a community around your hobby. You can engage with other RC plane enthusiasts, ask for feedback, and learn new tricks and techniques. Additionally, these videos can help you connect with potential clients if you’re a professional photographer or videographer. Overall, sharing RC plane flight videos is a fun and rewarding way to enjoy your hobby while also showcasing your creativity and skill to the world.

Aid in search and rescue missions in case of a crash or loss of the plane

When we fly remote control (RC) planes, there is always a risk of crashing or losing the plane due to various reasons such as technical failure, strong winds, or user error. In such cases, finding the plane can be a challenging task, especially if the location is unknown or inaccessible. This is where a camera for an RC plane comes in handy.

With the help of a camera installed on the RC plane, we can take aerial images or videos of the surroundings. In the event of a crash or loss, we can use these images to pinpoint the location of the plane, which may otherwise be difficult to locate from the ground. This can be especially useful in search and rescue missions where time is of the essence and every minute counts to retrieve the lost or damaged plane. The camera footage can also help us understand the cause of the crash and avoid such situations in the future.

How to Choose the Best Cameras For Rc Plane?

When it comes to selecting the best cameras for your RC plane, there are several key factors worth considering. These include aspects such as image stabilization, lens quality, and resolution, which all play a crucial role in capturing the best aerial footage possible.

Quality of image

When considering cameras for an RC plane, it is crucial to think about the quality of the image the camera will produce. The image quality dictates how much information you can extract from the footage, and it can affect the overall experience of flying your RC plane. Poor image quality can make it difficult or impossible to see important details, such as the orientation of your plane or the location of potential obstacles. This could lead to crashes, loss of your aircraft, or poor footage that is unsuitable for analysis or sharing.

A high-quality camera will produce clear, sharp images with good contrast and color reproduction, allowing you to see much more detail in the footage. You can also use these images for post-flight analysis and to share with others. Additionally, having a high-quality camera can make the overall experience more enjoyable by providing you with an immersive, bird’s eye view of the world. Therefore, it is essential to consider the quality of the image before investing in a camera for your RC plane.


Weight is a crucial factor to consider when buying a camera for an RC plane because the additional weight of the camera can impact the performance of the aircraft. The heavier the camera, the more power it will require to fly. This means that the battery life of the aircraft will be impacted, and the overall flight time will be reduced. Additionally, the added weight can negatively affect the aircraft’s stability, making it harder to control and increasing the risk of crashes.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a lightweight camera that will not compromise the performance of the RC plane. A lightweight camera will allow for longer flight times and more stable flights. Moreover, by choosing a lightweight camera, you can also carry other necessary equipment with ease, such as a gimbal for stability, FPV for live streaming, or GPS for location tracking. In short, choosing a lightweight camera is essential for optimal performance and enhanced flying experience of your RC plane.


Size is a crucial factor to consider when buying a camera for an RC plane. The size of the camera will determine how well it can fit onto the plane, and also how well it can capture high-quality images and videos from the air. A larger camera may offer better image quality but may not work well on smaller planes. On the other hand, a smaller camera may be suitable for small planes but may not provide high-resolution images. Therefore, it is essential to choose a camera with the right size for the specific RC plane to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, the size of the camera can affect the weight and balance of the RC plane. If the camera is too heavy, it can affect the plane’s stability and maneuverability. This can lead to poor flight performance and even crashes. Therefore, selecting a camera that is lightweight and small enough to fit on the plane is essential to ensure safe and efficient operation. In conclusion, size is a crucial factor to consider when buying a camera for an RC plane to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the plane while capturing high-quality aerial footage.

Battery life

It is important to consider battery life before buying cameras for RC planes because the longer the battery life, the longer the camera can function in the air. This is especially important for aerial photography purposes as it allows for more time to capture footage or images without needing to constantly land and swap out batteries. Additionally, longer battery life means less downtime and more time for flying and experimentation.

Furthermore, a longer battery life also allows for the camera to be utilized in a wider range of conditions and environments, as it can remain airborne for longer periods of time without needing to be replaced. This is particularly important for those who enjoy flying their RC planes in remote or hard-to-reach areas where access to power sources may be limited. Overall, considering battery life is essential when selecting a camera for RC planes as it can greatly impact usability and the ability to capture desirable footage.

Mounting options

Mounting options are an important factor to consider before buying cameras for RC planes as they directly impact the quality of footage. Different cameras come with different mounting options, and users need to select one that best suits their needs. A poorly mounted camera can result in shaky and unstable footage that is difficult to watch, so it is important to select a sturdy mounting option that minimizes vibrations and movements. Additionally, different mounting options offer different angles of view, so users should consider their intended use of the footage and select a mounting option that allows them to capture the desired view.

Furthermore, considering mounting options before buying cameras for RC planes can help users select a camera that is compatible with their specific plane. Not all cameras are suitable for all planes as they can differ in weight and size. Choosing the incorrect camera can result in an unbalanced plane, which can negatively impact flight performance. Therefore, selecting a camera with a compatible mounting option ensures that the camera fits securely and does not disrupt the plane’s stability during flight.

Compatibility with RC transmitter

Compatibility with RC transmitters is an important factor to consider when buying cameras for RC planes. Without it, the camera may not be able to communicate with the RC transmitter, making it difficult or impossible to control the camera’s settings or view its footage in real time. This can lead to frustration and potentially dangerous situations if the pilot is unable to properly monitor their aircraft’s surroundings. By choosing a camera that is compatible with the RC transmitter, pilots can easily adjust the camera’s settings, capture high-quality footage, and keep a close eye on their aircraft while it’s in flight.

In addition to communication, compatibility with RC transmitters also ensures that the camera’s physical size and weight are suitable for use on an RC plane. Heavy or bulky cameras may negatively affect the aircraft’s balance and overall performance, leading to a crash or other problems. Choosing a camera that is specifically designed for use with RC planes can help pilots avoid these issues, and ensure that their aircraft remains stable and safe during flight. Overall, considering compatibility with RC transmitters is an important step in choosing the right camera for RC plane enthusiasts looking to capture stunning aerial footage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of camera is best for an RC plane?

The type of camera that is best for an RC plane depends on the purpose and budget of the user. For capturing aerial footage and photographs, a lightweight camera with good image stabilization, high resolution, and adjustable settings is desirable. The GoPro cameras are popular due to their durability and ease of use, but several other alternatives are available in the market. One should consider the size and weight of the camera to ensure it does not add too much weight to the RC plane, affecting its stability and flying time.

For live streaming and first-person viewing, a camera with low latency and high transmission range is essential. A FPV camera and transmitter or a drone racing camera are ideal for these applications. These cameras provide real-time video feeds to the operator, allowing for more precise control and enhanced situational awareness. It is essential to mount the camera correctly to minimize vibrations during flight, potentially blurring the footage. Overall, the camera type and quality should align with the user’s needs and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and productive RC plane flying experience.

Can any camera be mounted on an RC plane?

In theory, any camera can be mounted on an RC plane as long as it is small and light enough to not affect the plane’s flight performance. However, different types of cameras may be better suited for different types of RC planes and flying scenarios. For example, a small point-and-shoot camera may be suitable for a slower, more stable plane used for aerial photography, while a GoPro action camera may be better for a faster, more agile plane used for aerial videography or FPV (first-person view) flying.

It is important to note that mounting a camera on an RC plane will add weight, so care must be taken to ensure that the plane is still able to fly safely and effectively. The camera should also be mounted securely to prevent it from falling off during flight.

How long does the battery of an RC plane camera last?

The battery life of an RC plane camera depends on various factors such as the size and type of battery, camera settings, and usage time. Typically, most RC plane cameras come with a rechargeable battery that lasts between 10-30 minutes of continuous use. However, this can vary depending on factors such as the camera’s resolution, frame rate, and available storage capacity.

To extend the battery life of an RC plane camera, it’s recommended to turn off the camera when not in use, lower the resolution and frame rate when recording, and keep spare batteries handy for longer flight times. Overall, it’s important to consider the camera’s battery life when planning your RC plane flights and to ensure you have enough power to capture the footage you need.

Is it legal to use an RC plane with a camera in public spaces?

It depends on the laws and regulations of the specific country and local area. In some places, there may be restrictions on operating RC planes in public spaces or collecting video footage without consent. It is important to research and follow all applicable laws and regulations before using an RC plane with a camera in public spaces.


To sum it up, choosing the best camera for an RC plane plays a crucial role in capturing high-quality footage. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, selecting the right camera can be overwhelming. However, by considering factors such as video quality, weight, and ease of use, you can pick the ideal camera for your needs. Ultimately, the best cameras for RC planes are those that provide exceptional video quality, are lightweight, and are easy to use.

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