Top 10 Best Cameras For Horse Riding In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Horse riding is an exhilarating sport that requires skill, courage, and dedication. Whether you’re a professional rider or just enjoy the occasional ride for leisure, capturing those moments on camera can be an amazing way to relive the experience. However, finding the perfect camera that can withstand the rigors of horseback riding can be challenging. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best cameras for horse riding, along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision. So, whether you’re looking for a sturdy action camera or a compact point-and-shoot, we’ve got you covered.

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Cameras For Horse Riding: A Simplified Overview

Cameras for horse riding are specially designed to capture moments while riding horses. These cameras are aimed at equestrians who want to record their riding experiences for fun or training purposes. Horse riding cameras are available in different models, sizes, and price ranges. Some are designed for action-packed videos while others capture high-quality images.

There are several features to consider when buying a camera for horse riding, including durability, lens quality, image stabilization, and battery life. Some popular camera options include GoPro, Garmin Virb, and DJI Osmo. Horse riding cameras can be mounted on a helmet, saddle, or chest to get various angles and viewpoints during riding. These cameras allow riders to capture and relive moments from their rides, as well as to review their riding technique for improvement purposes.

10 Best Cameras For Horse Riding Comparison

Techalogic DC-1 Advanced Dual Lens Helmet Camera Front and Rear Record for...
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  • SONY Starvis IMX307 Sensor for great night time video quality.
  • Long Battery Life. 2.5 Hours of Dual Recording. Can easily be extended with a Powerbank.
Jayefo MESH Men & Women Horse Riding Gloves (Black, Small)
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Spirit Riding Free: Meet the PALs (Passport to Reading Level 1)
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Playmobil Horse Riding Tournament
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  • A champion's wreath is given to the competition winner.
  • Trot around the grounds greeting all the teams and riders.
  • A lot of training has lead to this tournament to show how well riders can complete the obstacles and jumps.
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SABRENT GoPro Head Strap Camera Mount [Compatible with All GoPro Cameras]...
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  • Ideal for hands-free filming when you want a point-of-view angle
  • Adjustable nylon straps with non-slip rubber inserts; polycarbonate buckles
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What Makes Purchasing Cameras For Horse Riding Essential?

There are numerous benefits to owning a camera for horse riding, regardless of whether you’re a professional rider or simply enjoy taking your horse out for a leisurely ride. From capturing those precious moments to improving your riding technique, a camera can greatly enhance your overall equestrian experience. Here are some key reasons to consider investing in a camera for horse riding.


When riding a horse, safety should always be the top priority. Accidents can happen at any time, and it’s essential to have measures in place to ensure the safety of both the rider and the horse. Cameras can play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of horse riding activities.

With cameras, riders can monitor their horse’s behavior and detect any signs of discomfort or potential dangers. Cameras can also capture footage of the ride, which can be analyzed later for any potential risks or areas of improvement. Additionally, cameras can be helpful in case of an accident, as they can document what happened and provide valuable information for the investigation. Overall, cameras can help riders ensure their safety while enjoying the exhilarating experience of horse riding.

Improve riding technique

Buying a camera for horse riding can be a great way to improve your riding technique. With a camera in hand, you can record your rides and watch them back to identify any areas that need improvement. You can see how your posture changes throughout the ride, how your hands communicate with the reins, how your legs and feet interact with the horse, and much more.

By identifying the parts of your riding technique that need improvement, you can work on these areas during your next ride, and watch your progress as you continue to record yourself. This process can help you to develop better balance, control, and communication with your horse, leading to a more enjoyable and successful riding experience overall.

Document progress and performances

When horse riding, it is crucial to document the progress and performance of both the horse and the rider. This helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of each, and enables us to identify areas that need improvement. Additionally, documenting progress and performances also gives us a clear picture of the changes in the horse’s behavior and overall physiology.

Using cameras for horse riding is a great way to document progress and performances. Cameras can capture the daily activities of horses and riders, such as training sessions, competitions, and even leisurely rides. Through the use of cameras, we can also analyze the techniques used by both the horse and the rider to identify areas of improvement. This information can then be used to alter training methods, leading to better performances and results. Ultimately, cameras for horse riding are essential tools for anyone who wants to improve their riding skills and the performances of the horses they ride.

How to Choose the Best Cameras For Horse Riding?

When it comes to capturing moments while horse riding, the right camera can make all the difference. Here are some essential factors to keep in mind before making your purchase.


When buying a camera for horse riding, durability is an important factor to consider because of the tough and unpredictable conditions that riders can face. Horses can be easily spooked, causing the rider to drop the camera or accidentally hit it against something. Additionally, trail riding can expose cameras to dust, rain, and other elements. A durable camera will be able to withstand these conditions and keep functioning without damage.

Moreover, horse riding often involves moving at high speeds, and the camera may need to be secured to the rider’s body or equipment to be hands-free. A durable camera should be able to handle the movement and jostling without breaking or shifting out of position. Considering the durability of a camera before purchasing it for horse riding will ensure that it can withstand the conditions of this activity and provide high-quality footage.

Water and dust resistance

Water and dust resistance are essential features to consider when buying cameras for horse riding because of the exposure to outdoor elements. Horseback riding often takes place in unpredictable weather conditions, and cameras are susceptible to damage if they are not designed to withstand these conditions. A camera with water and dust resistance will protect the internal components from moisture and dust, preventing damage and ensuring longevity. It also enables photographers to take great action shots without worrying about moisture or dust accumulation affecting the image quality.

In summary, water and dust resistance is crucial when buying cameras for horse riding because it withstands unpredictable weather conditions, protects internal components from moisture and dust, and helps maintain image quality. Therefore, investing in a camera with these features will provide horse riders with long-lasting equipment capable of capturing their best memories.

Image stabilization

When it comes to capturing images while horse riding, image stabilization is crucial. Riding a horse can be bumpy and jarring, creating a lot of movement and shakes. Without image stabilization, images can turn out blurry and unusable.

Image stabilization helps to steady the camera and counteract the movement caused by horse riding. This allows for clearer and sharper images, making it easier to capture stunning action shots of the horse and rider. Therefore, considering image stabilization is important when looking to buy cameras for horse riding and ensures the best possible quality of images.

Lens quality

Lens quality is essential when buying a camera for horse riding because it can greatly impact the quality of the photographs taken. High-quality lenses allow for sharp and detailed images, which is especially important when capturing fast-moving horses. The lens also impacts the ability to capture images in low-light situations, such as early morning or late evening rides. A higher quality lens allows for better light transmission, resulting in clearer and more vibrant photos.

Additionally, lens selection will impact the focal length of the camera, which determines how close or far the camera can zoom in on the subject. For horse riding, it is important to have a lens with a longer focal length to capture the action from a distance. Lastly, a lens with a wide aperture (low f-stop) will allow for more creative and visually pleasing images with blurred backgrounds, which can make the subject (in this case, the horse) stand out. Overall, choosing a high-quality lens is crucial to capture the beauty and power of horse riding in stunning detail.

Battery life

When considering buying a camera for horse riding, one of the most important factors to consider is battery life. Horse riding can often take several hours, and it is important to ensure that the camera battery will last for the duration of the ride. A dead battery could mean missing out on capturing important moments. Additionally, it may not be possible to stop and recharge the camera during the ride. Therefore, it is essential to consider the battery life of any camera you intend to use for horse riding to ensure that your camera does not run out of power at a crucial moment.

Furthermore, it is essential to choose a camera with a long battery life and ease of replacing the battery. High-quality cameras are needed to capture the motion of horses and produces high quality images and videos, which are power-hungry, and this flat battery can mean spending money on a whole new camera. While some cameras’ batteries last longer than others, many people recommend carrying an extra battery or two on long rides to avoid any low-power problems. Therefore, having a camera with good battery life and the ability to replace the battery is very important to make the most out of the riding experience.

Ease of use

When it comes to cameras for horse riding, it’s important to consider ease of use as it’s not only convenient but also essential for safety while riding. A cumbersome camera or a complicated interface might make it difficult to operate the camera while controlling the horse, which can result in an unsafe situation. Therefore, a camera that can easily be mounted on the helmet or any other part of the rider’s outfit and can be quickly activated and operated is an ideal choice.

Additionally, cameras with user-friendly interfaces that allow for effortless video and image capture are a better investment in the long run, as they can be used repeatedly and with ease. This is particularly essential for riders who want to analyze their riding technique or those who want to capture breathtaking views while on a trail ride. Ultimately, picking a camera that is easy to use ensures a safer, more enjoyable riding experience.


What type of camera should I use for horse riding?

When it comes to horse riding, it’s best to use an action camera that is compact, rugged and can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor activities. GoPro cameras are a popular choice for horse riding enthusiasts as they offer high-quality video and image stabilization in a small, lightweight package. They are also known for their wide-angle lenses, which can capture the entire scenery as you ride.

Other factors to consider when choosing a camera for horse riding include its mounting options, battery life, and shooting modes. Some cameras come with adjustable mounts that can be attached to your helmet, saddle or even your chest for hands-free shooting. You may also want to look for cameras with longer battery life, and shooting modes that can capture slow-motion footage or time-lapse sequences. Ultimately, the camera you choose will depend on your budget, preferences and intended use.

Can I use a DSLR camera while riding a horse?

Technically, it is possible to use a DSLR camera while riding a horse, but it may not be safe and could cause harm to both the rider and the horse. Riding a horse requires focus and attention to the surrounding environment, and taking photos may divert the rider’s attention away from their surroundings, potentially causing accidents. Additionally, the camera and any accessories may be cumbersome and could impact the rider’s balance and ability to control the horse. It is recommended to prioritize safety while riding and consider alternative ways to capture photos.

How can I ensure that my camera stays protected from damage while horse riding?

To ensure that your camera stays protected from damage while horse riding, you can use a waterproof camera case or bag to protect it from moisture, dust, and accidental falls. You can also use a camera strap or harness to keep it secured to your body, preventing it from getting lost or damaged during unexpected movements. Additionally, make sure that the camera is turned off or locked when not in use to avoid any damage caused by accidental button pushes or pressure.


Whether you’re capturing video of your performance, documenting your training progress or simply taking amazing photos of your horse, having the best camera for horse riding is crucial. With so many options on the market, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the top 10 best cameras for horse riding, complete with detailed reviews and a buying guide to help you make the perfect choice.

No matter what your specific needs and preferences may be, there’s a camera on this list that’s sure to meet them all. From budget-friendly options to more advanced models, we’ve covered everything you need to know to invest in the best camera for horse riding. So, grab your camera and hit the trails!

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