Top 10 Best 360 4K Cameras to Buy In 2023

As technology advances, capturing the world around us has become easier, and 360 cameras have become a popular option. These cameras can capture everything, including the scenes around, above, and below. Moreover, they offer an immersive experience that traditional cameras can’t. Whether you’re looking to take videos of your travels, landscapes, or just want to try something new, investing in the best 360 4K cameras can be a great option. In this article, we’ve gathered the top 10 best 360 4K cameras based on customer reviews and experience to help you make an informed decision.

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360 4K Cameras: A Beginner’s Overview

360 4K cameras are the latest addition to the world of cameras and have revolutionized videography. These cameras offer a 360-degree view of the surroundings that enables the viewer to see every angle without moving. The cameras can shoot high-quality 4K videos that offer excellent image quality, color accuracy, and sharpness. This makes them ideal for capturing special moments or making professional videos for commercial use. The 360- degree view enables the viewer to feel as though they’re part of the action, which is perfect for immersive experiences.

Another advantage of 360 4K cameras is that they are compact and easy to carry around. They can fit into a small bag or case, making them suitable for outdoor photography or filming. Additionally, the cameras come with different modes that allow the user to adjust the settings according to their preference. These include time-lapse, burst, and slow-motion, among others. They also have built-in WiFi, which allows for easy file transfer to a smartphone or computer. Overall, 360 4K cameras provide an excellent option for those who want to shoot high-quality videos without the need for professional equipment.

Best 360 4K Cameras by Editors Choice

Kodak PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° VR Camera Adventure Pack
  • 360 Degree VR camera with two fixed focus lenses housed in a futuristic body
  • Each curved lens is designed to work in tandem to capture full 360 Degree 4K video and easily upload 360 Degree video and photos to social media platforms like...
  • Dual 20MP CMOS sensors
  • Three multi-view angles of 360 Degree Spherical VR Mode and 197 Degree 4K Ultra Wide Mode and 235 Degree Dome Mode
  • Facebook and YouTube 360 Degree photos & videos
[ 8X Zoom ] 4K 5Dbi Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, Battery Powered Solar...
  • 【4K HD Images & Color Night Vision】Solar security cameras wireless outdoor provides you 4K (3840*2160) full HD, 8MP clearer pictures and video than other...
  • 【Solar Powered & 100% Wire-Free & 5dbi Dual Antennas】BEENOCAM cameras for home security outside built with solar panel and 15000mAh rechargeable battery,...
  • 【8X Zoom Security Camera & Two-way Audio】8X Digital zoom-in for you see clearer details with enlarged image. Wireless outdoor security camera built-in noise...
  • 【PIR Motion Detection & Alert Notification】With advanced PIR sensor, the outdoor wireless camera can detect human movement, push a real-time alert...
  • 【360°Coverage 】The PTZ outdoor security cameras wireless outdoor wifi supports horizontal 355°and vertical 90°pan-tilt rotation auto tracking, providing...
Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition) Real 360° 4K VR Camera (US Version with...
  • Tell the whole story with the 360° camera that captures every angle in 4K brilliance and share instantly
  • Capture life as it happens in stunning 4K video and 15MP photos thanks to dual 180° lenses
  • Gear 360 is easy to hold and take with you, and has an IP53 water-resistant rating*
  • Preview and edit your videos with an easy-to-use app, or share them straight to social** or Samsung VR with your Galaxy S8 or S8+ ***
  • Upload your photos or videos to Samsung VR to experience your moments in virtual reality
Ricoh Theta SC2 White 360° Camera 4K Video, White
  • Capture your life in 360: Easily take immersive images and enjoy high performance.
  • High image quality: Records natural 360° still images and videos with high resolution and highly precise image stitching.
  • 4K Movie: High-quality 4K 360-degree videos using the latest image stabilization technology.
  • Night View Mode: The new preset mode allows you to shoot beautiful night scenes with low noise with a wider dynamic range. You can also capture beautiful...
  • Dual lens exposure: This new preset mode independently controls the AE and AWB for the front and rear camera in scenes with extreme differences in contrast....
Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera with 1/2" 48MP Sensors, 5.7K 360...
  • 360 CAPTURE & REFRAMING: X3 captures 5.7K 360 Active HDR video, so you'll never miss the action. Choose your favorite angle after the fact with easy reframing...
  • DUAL 1/2" 48MP SENSORS: X3's new sensors pack in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light. Capture 72MP photos, 8K timelapses and more.
  • 4K SINGLE-LENS MODE: Select a lens to shoot wide-angle footage just like a single-lens action cam. Get maximum resolution with 4K30fps or an extremely wide...
  • FLOWSTATE STABILIZATION & 360 HORIZON LOCK: FlowState Stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms come together to deliver incredibly smooth videos.
  • IMPOSSIBLE THIRD PERSON VIEW: Don't ruin the view with an ugly selfie stick! The 360 Lens makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your shots for...
Insta360 X3 - Waterproof 360 Action Camera with 1/2" 48MP Sensors, 5.7K 360...
  • 360 CAPTURE & REFRAMING: X3 captures 5.7K 360 Active HDR video, so you'll never miss the action. Choose your favorite angle after the fact with easy reframing...
  • DUAL 1/2" 48MP SENSORS: X3's new sensors pack in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light. Capture 72MP photos, 8K timelapses and more.
  • 4K SINGLE-LENS MODE: Select a lens to shoot wide-angle footage just like a single-lens action cam. Get maximum resolution with 4K30fps or an extremely wide...
  • FLOWSTATE STABILIZATION & 360 HORIZON LOCK: FlowState Stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms come together to deliver incredibly smooth videos.
  • Impossible Third Person View: Don't ruin the view with an ugly selfie stick! The 360 Lens with X3 makes the Invisible Selfie Stick totally disappear from your...
Insta360 ONE RS 4K Edition – Waterproof 4K 60fps Action Camera with FlowSate...
  • 4K single lens version: only includes 4K Boost Lens, 360 panoramic lens needs to be purchased separately. In the Box: 1x 4K Boost Lens, 1x ONE RS Core, 1x ONE...
  • 4K 60fps & 48MP Photos: Totally rugged and durable action cam with a brand new 1/2" 48MP image sensor. Shoot incredibly detailed videos and photos with the 4K...
  • FlowState Stabilization: Get buttery smooth shots, no matter the action. With the new RS Core, FlowState stabilization is now built into the camera. No editing...
  • Active HDR & 6K Widescreen: Take your shots to the next level with innovative modes like Active HDR and 6K Widescreen mode.
  • Interchangeable Lens Design: The only action cam with interchangeable lenses. Upgrade your camera at any time by purchasing an additional lens, like the...
Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Premier Pack VR Camera
  • YouTube & Facebook Compatible For 360 Degree Videos
  • 4K Equivalent VR Video
  • 235 Degree FOV / Ultra Wide Lens
  • Control Wirelessly with iOS/ANDROID Smart Device APP
  • PIXPRO Desktop Editing Software Included (For Mac and PC)
REOLINK First 4K Solar Security Cameras Wireless Outdoor, Argus PT 4K+ 6W Solar...
  • 4K 8MP Color Vision Day & Night: The battery security camera is upgraded to 4K 8MP ultra-high definition, providing unparalled visual experience for you. The...
  • 100% Wire-Free Easy Setup: The camera works on 2.4/5GHz WiFi and continuously powered by the new 6W solar panel, freeing you from frequent battery charging...
  • 360° Coverage & Remote Access: Sweep off blind spots with 355° pan & 140° tilt. With the free Reolink app/client, you can remotely view and control the...
  • Smart Detection Reduces False Alarms: Equipped with an advanced sensor and intelligent algorithms, this battery camera brings more accurate alerts, and you can...
  • Multiple Alerts & Recording Options: The spotlight and siren will be triggered by motion to deter intruders, meanwhile you'll receive email or push...
SaleRANK 10
REOLINK 4K Wired WiFi Outdoor Camera, 8MP Dual Lens Security Camera, 360 PTZ...
  • AUTO TRACKING and 6X ZOOM: The dual telephoto lens and 360° wide-angle PT lens enable auto tracking and 6X hybrid zoom to closely follow and focus on the...
  • SMART PERSON/VEHICLE ALERTS & PET DETECTION: This 4K security camera can smartly detects people and vehicles' motion and send you real-time accurate alerts. The...
  • ULTRA-WIDE FIELD of VIEW: The wide-angle lens provides 104°-38° horizontal and 60°-21° vertical viewing angles. The motion tracking camera can pan 355°,...
  • 8MP FULL-COLOR DAY & NIGHT: The 8MP wide-angle lens can bring you a 4K UHD sharp overview in color. The built-in spotlights enable bright and clear full-color...
  • FLEXIBLE STORAGE OPTIONS: The long range security camera supports up to 256GB microSD card (not included) , FTP, and Reolink NVR for storage. If you use it with...

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Reasons for Buying 360 4K Cameras

360 4K Cameras are rapidly gaining popularity among photography enthusiasts. These state-of-the-art cameras have revolutionized the way we capture and relive our experiences. Here are some key reasons why you should consider investing in a 360 4K Camera.

To capture panoramic views

Capturing panoramic views with 360 4K cameras is an increasingly popular method of creating immersive content that simulates real-world experiences. Employing an array of cameras to capture a 360-degree field of view, these cameras record data that can be stitched together into a seamless 360-degree image or video. This allows viewers to pan around the scene and view it from any angle, creating an immersive and interactive environment.

Panoramic views are especially useful in fields such as tourism, real estate, and architecture, where being able to virtually explore a space can be a powerful selling tool. With 360 4K cameras, it’s possible to create high-quality, photorealistic scenes that give viewers a sense of being in the location. This can help users make better-informed decisions about travel, real estate purchases, or other decisions they might make based on visual information. Additionally, panoramic views can be used in other applications, such as art installations, VR experiences, or immersive training simulations.

To create immersive virtual reality experiences

Immersive virtual reality experiences have become increasingly popular in recent years as technology has improved, and one of the key aspects of creating a truly immersive experience is the ability to capture images and videos in 360 degrees. This means that the user can look around and feel like they are actually in the virtual environment, rather than simply watching a video or looking at static images.

To achieve this level of immersion, we would need to buy 360 4k cameras to ensure that the images and videos are of the highest quality possible. By using multiple cameras, we can capture a full 360 degree view of the environment, which can then be stitched together into a seamless whole using software. This allows users to explore the virtual environment from any angle, creating a truly immersive experience that feels like they are actually there. Whether used for entertainment, education or training, immersive virtual reality experiences have the potential to transform the way we interact with technology, and buying 360 4K cameras is an important step towards creating these experiences.

To document events from every angle

360-degree cameras are becoming more popular due to their ability to capture comprehensive footage from every angle, creating immersive experiences for viewers. When it comes to documenting events, 360 cameras can be incredibly valuable. For example, in sports, 360 cameras can provide a panoramic view of the entire field, allowing viewers to see all the action as it unfolds. Similarly, in concerts or festivals, 360 cameras can allow viewers to feel like they are right in the middle of the event, capturing the energy and excitement of the crowd.

Moreover, in business conferences and meetings, 360 cameras can help to ensure that every aspect of the event is captured, from guest speakers to presentations to Q&A sessions. This allows for thorough documentation of the event, which can later be used for analysis or shared with individuals who were unable to attend. Overall, 360 cameras offer a unique perspective on events, providing a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers, making it a vital tool for documenting events from every angle.

To enhance surveillance and security measures

The use of 360 4K cameras can greatly enhance surveillance and security measures in various settings such as public spaces, buildings, and residential areas. These cameras capture a larger field of view, providing a comprehensive visual of the environment and enabling a better understanding of potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, the high-resolution 4K technology allows for better quality footage, making it easier to identify individuals and objects within the frame. This can be particularly helpful in situations where surveillance footage is needed for investigative purposes. Overall, the use of 360 4K cameras can enhance the effectiveness of security measures, providing a safer environment for individuals and communities.

Guide to Choose the Best 360 4K Cameras

A good 360 4K camera can give you a unique perspective on the world around you. However, not all cameras are created equal, and it’s important to look for certain features when searching for the best one.


Budget is an important consideration when buying a 360 4K camera because these devices are typically high-end and expensive. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the purchase aligns with the available budget. A budget will help to narrow down the options available in the market to a specific price range, making it easier to find a 360 4K camera that meets the required needs at an affordable price.

Budget pre-planning will also ensure that the buyer does not overspend on a 360 4K camera. It can help avoid buyer’s remorse or the need to return the camera due to financial constraints. Additionally, a budget can allow buyers to set priorities and determine what features are essential to their specific needs, making it easier to select a 360 4K camera that meets those requirements at the most reasonable price.

Image and video quality

Image and video quality should be the top consideration before purchasing any 360 4K camera because it directly affects the final output. The quality of the image or video determines how immersive the final product will be. A camera with low image or video quality will produce a pixelated and distorted image or video, which will result in an unsatisfactory experience for the viewer.

Additionally, the image and video quality of a camera will greatly impact the ability to edit and enhance the final product. More refined and sharp images or videos will provide greater flexibility in the post-production process, making it easier to edit, crop, and enhance the content. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the image and video quality before purchasing a 360 4K camera to ensure the best possible outcome.

Battery life

Battery life is an important factor to consider before buying 360 4K cameras as these devices are typically used for outdoor adventures and capturing memories that require prolonged filming. When using a 360-degree camera, it’s essential that the camera has a reliable battery life in order to capture all the important moments without any interruption. Without sufficient battery life, you may miss out on capturing essential memories, and it can become frustrating to have to charge the camera regularly.

Moreover, battery life is especially crucial for 360-degree cameras because they typically require more power than regular cameras due to their advanced features. 360-degree cameras have to capture images from all angles simultaneously, which takes a lot of battery and processing power. Therefore, you need to find a camera with an extended battery life that can comfortably capture footage for the length of time you need. Overall, battery life is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing 360 4K cameras, and it’s essential to weigh the camera’s specifications and features to determine the best battery life for your needs.


When purchasing a 360 4K camera, durability should be a significant consideration. These cameras are designed to be used outdoors and capture activities such as extreme sports, travel, and adventure. Therefore, they must withstand falls, bumps, and exposure to dust, water, and other adverse elements. A durable 360 4K camera guarantees that it can withstand these environmental conditions and continue to function optimally, even in the toughest situations, making it a sound investment for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities.

Furthermore, purchasing a durable 360 4K camera ensures that the device lasts long enough to be worth the investment. A poorly constructed camera prone to breakage will force users to spend more money buying replacements frequently. Hence, choosing a camera that can withstand a variety of conditions is an essential factor to consider before purchasing one, ensuring that you enjoy your purchase for a more extended period and ultimately spend less money on buying replacements or repairs.

Compatibility with editing software

Compatibility with editing software is crucial when choosing a 360 4K camera as it determines the ease with which the footage can be edited and processed. Different editing software may require different file formats or codecs, and without proper compatibility, the footage may not import or may lose quality in the editing process. This can lead to frustration, wasted time and money, and even the need to purchase additional editing software. Therefore, it is essential to research and ensure that the camera is compatible with your editing software before buying.

Moreover, many 360 4K cameras come with their own proprietary editing software, which may not offer the same features and capabilities as popular editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Choosing a camera with compatible editing software can save time and effort because the editing workflow can be optimized. Furthermore, if you plan on collaborating with other creators or editors, it is essential to ensure that the camera’s editing software is compatible with their software. Overall, considering compatibility with editing software before buying a 360-degree 4K camera is essential to ensure the best editing experience and optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360 4K camera?

A 360 4K camera is a type of camera that captures high-resolution, panoramic footage in a 360-degree view. This type of camera uses multiple lenses and sensors to capture a full view of the surrounding environment, allowing viewers to see everything in all directions. The resulting footage can be viewed on various platforms, including virtual reality headsets or online platforms that allow users to explore the footage by dragging or swiping on their device. The 4K resolution means that the footage is extremely detailed and clear, making it ideal for immersive experiences.

How does a 360 4K camera work?

A 360 4K camera typically uses two or more fisheye lenses to capture a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment. These lenses capture light from different angles and blend them together to create a spherical image that can be viewed from any direction. The camera then uses software to stitch these images together into one seamless 360-degree video or photo.

The resolution of a 360 4K camera refers to the number of pixels captured by each fisheye lens. In this case, 4K resolution means each lens captures around 8.3 million pixels, resulting in a total resolution of approximately 16 million pixels for the entire 360-degree image. This high resolution allows for detailed, immersive virtual reality experiences.

What are the benefits of using a 360 4K camera?

A 360 4K camera offers a wide range of benefits for both personal and professional use. Firstly, it captures high-quality videos and images that are four times higher than standard HD resolution. This means that the footage is incredibly crisp, clear, and vibrant, allowing users to capture even the smallest details. Additionally, the 360-degree feature enables users to capture a full view of their surroundings, providing an immersive experience for viewers who can explore the footage as if they were actually there.

Another benefit of a 360 4K camera is its versatility. It can be used for various purposes, such as virtual tours, live streaming, surveillance, and even creative projects such as music videos. Its portability allows users to bring it anywhere they go, making it ideal for travel vlogs, outdoor adventures, and sports events. Moreover, most 360 4K cameras come with advanced features such as stabilization, auto-focus, and voice control, making it easier for users to capture high-quality footage even in challenging environments.

What are some popular brands of 360 4K cameras?

Some popular brands of 360 4K cameras include GoPro, Insta360, Ricoh Theta, and Samsung Gear. Each brand offers various features and capabilities to capture immersive 360-degree content in high resolution.

The Bottom Line

The world of 360 4K cameras is vast and constantly evolving, but we’ve narrowed down the top 10 best options to help guide your decision. It’s important to consider your needs and budget when selecting a camera, but any one of our top picks will provide stunning 360-degree footage in crisp 4K resolution. From the Insta360 One R to the GoPro Max, these cameras are the best of the best in capturing immersive, high-quality footage. When it comes to the best 360 4K cameras, our list has got you covered.

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