Top 10 Best 1000 Fps Cameras In 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

High-speed photography has gained immense popularity among photography enthusiasts as it provides incredible detail and precision to capture fast-moving objects. Whether you are interested in capturing a bullet through an apple or a cheetah in full stride, having a camera that can capture up to 1000 fps (frames per second) is a necessity. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best 1000 fps cameras, complete with reviews and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision when investing in one of these high-speed cameras. So, if you are on the lookout for the best 1000 fps cameras, read on to find out what makes these cameras stand out among the rest.

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1000 Fps Cameras: A Quick Overview

A 1000 fps (frames per second) camera is a high-speed camera that captures incredibly fast motion with a high level of detail and clarity. These cameras are commonly used in scientific research, industrial testing, and sports analysis. They offer a range of features such as slow-motion playback, time-lapse recording, and remote triggering.

One of the key benefits of 1000 fps cameras is their ability to capture fast-moving objects with stunning detail. This is particularly useful for analyzing motion in sports such as baseball and basketball, where high-speed footage can help coaches and players improve their techniques. The cameras are also used in research and development, where they can help scientists study fast-moving phenomena such as explosions, fluid dynamics, and material deformation. With their advanced features and high-quality video capabilities, 1000 fps cameras are an essential tool for anyone who needs to capture fast-motion footage with accuracy and precision.

10 Best 1000 Fps Cameras on the Market

Casio Exilim EX-FH20 9.1MP Digital Camera 20x Optical Zoom 1000 FPS
  • 9.1 megapixels resolution
  • 20x Optical UltraZoom plus 4x Digital zoom
  • 3.0-inch wide TFT color LCD
  • Continuous shooting speed 40 fps, max video speed 1000 fps
  • BEST SHOT Included: 18 scenes, Prerecord Still Images, Prerecord Movie, YouTube™ Capture Mode, Face Detection
ELP USB with Camera 2.9mm Wide Angle Lens 1080P Free Driver Camera...
  • High frame rate 1920X1080MJPEG@60fps 1280X720 MJPEG@120fps 640X360MJPEG@260fps
  • 2.9mm wide angle fisheye lens for wide range view
  • Equiped 1Meters usb cable, Support otg optional
  • 2 Megapixel 1080P HD High Resolution Image Sensor
  • Free Driver compatible for Linux, Windows,Mac OS etc.
SaleRANK 3
SJCAM SJ6Pro 4K60fps 24MP Action Camera Dual Screen with Stabilization 2.0,...
  • 【4K VIDEO & 24MP PHOTO】: This action camera supports shooting 4K high-definition videos at 60FPS and capturing high-quality 24MP photos. You can use it as a...
  • 【CONVENIENT DUAL-SCREEN】: With dual screens design, you can change framing and monitoring views between back and front, allows users to easily frame their...
  • 【SIX-AIXS IMAGE STABILIZATION】:This action camera is equipped with improved 6-axis EIS image stabilization, it can provide gimbal-like stabilization and...
  • 【UNDERWATER 4K CAMERA 】: The SJ6Pro action camera has equipped with a waterproof housing, This feature enables users to dive or snorkel while recording...
  • 【170 DEGREE and 8X ZOOM】: The combination of wide-angle and zoom capabilities in an action camera provides users with flexibility to capture both expansive...
Genuine Kawasaki OEM REAR CAMERA for Teryx KRX 1000 Es 99994-1725
  • Add additional trail visibility to the TERYX KRX 1000 with the TERYX KRX 1000 Rear Camera
  • Seamless integration with the TERYX KRX 1000 ES, Kawasaki Interactive Display (99994-1469) required for all other TERYX KRX 1000
  • Camera Wire Extension Kit (99994-1726) required for Kawasaki Interactive Display (99994-1469)
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
SaleRANK 5
Saneen Digital Camera, 4k Cameras for Photography & Video, 64MP WiFi Touch...
  • 📷【4K & 64MP digital cameras for photography】📷:This digital camera has a 4k video resolution and 56 Megapixel Sensorthat lets you enjoy amazing picture...
  • · 📷【Doubles as A Webcam & Pause Function】📷:Connect to PC and work as webcam to video calling & live streaming.This sturdy digital camera is quick to...
  • · 📷【WiFi & HDMI Output Function 】📷:Saneen WiFi digital camera makes you can share the photos and videos online with mobile phones instantly, allowing...
  • · 📷【4.0" Touch Screen & Dual-Lens cameras】📷:Compared with other cameras, this vlogging camera supports 4.0-inch touch screen, which is more...
  • · 📷【What You Get & Warranty】📷:This digital camera has a compact design, measures 4.52*1.8*2.75inches. Bundle Items Include:Digital Camera x 1;...
Genuine Kawasaki OEM FRONT CAMERA for Teryx KRX 1000 Es
  • Seamless integration with the TERYX KRX 1000 ES, Kawasaki Interactive Display (99994 1469) required for all other TERYX KRX 1000
  • Wide angle front camera for technical trail viewing (front camera features wide angle to show front tire patch area to aid in tire placement for technical...
  • Camera Wire Extension Kit (99994 1726) required for Kawasaki Interactive Display (99994 1469)
  • fit_type Vehicle Specific
  • part_number 99994 1724
Hotpet 1080P Webcam 5-50mm Varifocal Lens USB Camera HD 2MP 0.01Lux Low...
  • High Quality SONY IMX322/ IMX323 Sensor + 5-50mm Varifocal Lens: 2 megapixel webcam with Sony IMX322 Sensor is the high standard in terms of image quality and...
  • HD 1080P USB Camera:Focus adjustable 5-50mm lens 2MP Webcam with specialized optical lens. High precision and no distorted pictures! Automatic white balance...
  • H.264 Compression Format + 0.01LUX Low Illumination: USB camera with H.264 compression format help to save more storage space,CLEAR H.264 AUDIO WEBCAM...
  • Quick Plug&Play:This usb camera is easy to use, only plug and camera into computer USB port and running the software can make video display and recording...
  • Best Universal Compatibility:1080P webcam usb camera is versatile for CSkype, OBS, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Facebook LIVE, and YouTube Livestreaming services,...
Portkeys LH7H Camera Field Monitor 7" 1000 Nit Touch Screen Freeze Frame 3D LUT...
  • 【1000nits High Bright】Portkeys LH7H 7 camera monitor utilizes a 1000nits panel with low reflection, It offers Rec.709 color gamut. 7 inch Touchscreen...
  • 【4K HDMI & 3D LUT】LH7H accept the max 4K 30 FPS signal with 4K 30p HDMI Input and 1080p 60 Out. With 3D LUT function. Easily preview your LUT effect on the...
  • 【Custom JPG Picture Freeze Frame】 After capturing an image, it can be compared with real-time video by semi-transparent image superposition(Note: Must be a...
  • 【Rugged Construction & LowNoise Working】Made of robust synthetic plastic, the back shell can reliably protect the internal structure, silent with the fan...
  • 【Power Supply】Support Battery Mode: NP-F970/F960/F750/F550(both are not included).
SVPRO 1080P Full HD Mini USB Web Camera 2MP CMOS OV2710 4mm Manual Focus Lens CS...
  • 【1080P Mini Cam & High Frame Rate】Full HD USB mini usb web camera with 1/2.7" CMOS OV2710 image sensor, high pixel technology for sharp image and accurate...
  • 【Aluminum Casing】This is a portable USB camera that comes with metal casing , you can easily put in on desktop or install on wall for easy using, enjoying...
  • 【4mm Manual Focus Lens】 CS Mounted 4mm focus lens USB with Camera, manual optical zoom, manual focus, adjustable manually, allow for items in focus and...
  • 【Wide Applications】1080P USB camera can be widely use for live streaming, online teaching, video conference, portable usb camera for home surveillance, baby...
  • 【Plug & Play Streaming Webcam 】2 Megapixel USB streaming webcam come with 3 meters high speed 2.0USB cable, occupy less bandwidth , great improved the...
HUE HD Portable USB Camera (Black)
  • VIDEO CONFERENCING CAMERA for office and home use which can also be used as a webcam for live streaming, gaming, working from home, remote monitoring and...
  • DOCUMENT CAMERA with a built-in microphone and flexible gooseneck. Perfect for education: classroom teaching, homeschooling, online tutoring, making...
  • EASY TO USE without training. Compatible with all major video apps, this portable, lightweight camera can be used with or without its base by plugging its...
  • MANUAL FOCUS LENS perfect for showing moving or handheld objects without constantly adjusting like an autofocus lens. Superb image clarity for capturing a half...
  • PLUG & PLAY for immediate use with the Camera apps on Windows and Chrome OS, QuickTime/FaceTime on macOS or video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet or...

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Why Do You Need to Buy 1000 Fps Cameras?

There are several compelling reasons to consider purchasing a 1000 Fps camera. Whether you need to capture high-speed motion, create slow-motion footage, or simply want the best image quality available, these cameras offer a host of benefits for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in a high-speed camera.

Better quality footage

Footage shot at higher frames per second (fps) allows for more detail and clarity in the visuals, especially in fast-paced or action-focused shots. Standard video usually operates at 24fps to 30fps, but with 1000fps cameras, the results can be significantly different. Shooting at these higher frame rates allows filmmakers to slow down the footage without losing quality, giving them greater control over the final product.

For example, sporting events or scientific experiments require precisely-timed movements to capture every detail of an athlete’s motion or a chemical reaction. In these cases, a 1000fps camera can capture every fast movement with great clarity and make it easier to study and analyze data. Using higher fps cameras can transform the way videos are shot and enhance the quality of footage, leading to higher production value and a better viewing experience.

Improved surveillance capabilities

The use of high-speed or 1000 fps cameras can greatly improve the surveillance capabilities of a given area or facility. With its advanced technology and capabilities, these cameras can capture clear and detailed footage of events that traditional cameras may miss due to their lower frame rates.

For instance, high-speed cameras can be used to monitor high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations, and public places with large crowds. They can capture fast-moving objects or people, and can detect potential security threats or suspicious activities with greater accuracy and precision. Moreover, they can help identify or provide evidence for criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, or violence. In this way, high-speed cameras can effectively enhance the security and safety of public places, and reduce the likelihood of criminal activity.

Ability to capture fast-moving objects

The ability to capture fast-moving objects is essential in a number of industries and applications. In sports, for example, capturing the precise moment when a basketball player makes a slam dunk or a baseball player hits a home run can be incredibly valuable for analyzing player performance and developing strategies to improve team play. In manufacturing, being able to capture the movement of machinery can help engineers identify potential issues before they become serious problems. In scientific research, high-speed cameras can be used to capture the movement of particles or even cells in order to better understand biological processes.

High-speed cameras, such as those recording at 1000 frames per second, enable us to see things that are simply too fast for the human eye to observe. With this technology, we can capture more data and gain deeper insights into how objects behave in different situations. Faster frame rates also ensure that we don’t miss key moments in an event – or crucial data in a scientific experiment – that might be lost with slower cameras. Ultimately, the ability to capture fast-moving objects enhances our understanding of a wide range of fields and helps us make more informed decisions in our work and personal lives.

Enhanced research and scientific studies

High-speed cameras with 1000 fps capability are essential tools in numerous scientific and research applications. The detailed analysis of high-speed events or processes can provide valuable insights into physical phenomena that cannot be easily observed in real-time. Such cameras have been crucial in studies related to biomechanics, material science, and fluid dynamics.

For instance, high-speed cameras are extensively used in the field of biomechanics to analyze the movement patterns of humans and animals. With a 1000 fps camera, researchers can capture high-quality footage of human or animal motion that can be slowed down and analyzed frame-by-frame. This allows for a thorough understanding of movement patterns that have applications in fields such as sports science, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Similarly, material scientists use high-speed cameras to investigate how materials deform and fail under stress, enabling them to develop stronger and more durable materials. Hence, the need for 1000 fps cameras in scientific research is paramount.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best 1000 Fps Cameras

Looking for a camera that can capture high-speed action requires careful consideration of several key factors. These elements play a vital role in ensuring that you get a device that can keep up with fast-moving objects and deliver crystal-clear, detailed images.


Budget is a very important factor to consider before buying 1000fps cameras because these cameras are expensive and require a significant investment. By planning ahead and considering the budget, one can make sure that the cost of the camera does not exceed their financial capacity, and they can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth it. Additionally, when buying a high-speed camera, the cost of accessories such as lenses, lighting, and software also needs to be considered, which can easily increase the overall cost.

Moreover, budgeting also helps to identify the features and specifications required in a high-speed camera, depending on the intended use. A higher budget allows for more advanced features and better image quality. However, if the camera is only needed for simple applications, a lower budget camera would suffice, and overspending becomes unnecessary. Therefore, considering the budget and the features required allows a more cost-effective and logical approach to purchasing a 1000fps camera.

Needed features

When purchasing a 1000 fps camera, it is important to consider the needed features to ensure that it meets the requirements for the specific application. Some features to consider include the sensor type, resolution, memory capacity, frame rate, and lens compatibility. For example, a high-resolution, high-speed camera may be necessary for scientific research or industrial applications, while a lower resolution camera with lower frame rates may be sufficient for sports analysis or film making.

Additionally, considering the needed features can help with budgeting and avoiding unnecessary expenses. A camera with features that are not necessary for the intended application may not only be more expensive but also result in added complexity and difficulty in operation. Thus, taking the time to research and identify the necessary features can ensure that the camera will perform optimally, and provide the desired results at the best possible price point.

Camera resolution

Camera resolution is an important factor to consider while buying a 1000 Fps camera because it determines the clarity and detail of the captured footage. A high-resolution camera will produce sharper images and videos with more accurate color representation, which is especially important when capturing fast-moving subjects at high frame rates. It is important to ensure that the camera’s resolution is sufficient to meet your needs and the intended use of the footage.

Additionally, high-resolution cameras can generate large amounts of data, which can quickly use up storage space and require expensive hardware to handle. This can be a significant consideration if you are planning on using the camera for long recording times or frequent use. By considering camera resolution before purchasing a 1000 Fps camera, you can ensure that you get the best value for your investment.

Frame rate accuracy

Frame rate accuracy is an essential factor to consider before buying 1000 fps cameras as it determines the consistency of frames captured per second. A camera’s frame rate accuracy is a measure of how often the camera captures a frame in a specified period compared to its supposed FPS rate. If a camera’s frame rate is inaccurate, it may capture fewer frames than the stated rate, resulting in a loss of crucial information in crucial moments. Hence, if you want to ensure that your captured footage is of high quality and captures all the necessary information, you need to invest in a camera with high frame rate accuracy.

In conclusion, it is essential to consider frame rate accuracy before purchasing a 1000 fps camera to guarantee the accuracy of your footage and avoid any loss of crucial information. Frame rate accuracy can improve the picture and video quality, making it a vital feature for anyone in need of high-quality footage. Always check if the camera measures up to its stated fps rate before making a purchase to enhance your filming experience.

Compatibility with other equipment

Compatibility with other equipment is an important consideration before buying 1000 Fps cameras because not all equipment is compatible with high-speed cameras. For example, if you have an older computer or editing software, it may not be able to handle the large amounts of data generated by a high-speed camera. In such cases, you might need to upgrade your computer or software, which would add to the cost of your purchase.

Additionally, compatibility issues can arise if you intend to use the high-speed camera with other equipment like lenses, lighting, or supports. For instance, if the camera does not support the lens mount of your existing lenses, you would need to purchase new lenses, which would increase the overall cost of your equipment. Therefore, considering the compatibility of your high-speed camera with other equipment before purchasing can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure compatibility with your existing equipment.


What is the highest frame rate that a 1000 fps camera can capture?

A 1000 fps camera can capture footage at a maximum frame rate of 1000 frames per second. This means that it can capture 1000 individual images or frames in one second of recording. The camera achieves this high frame rate by having a fast shutter speed and advanced processing capabilities that allow it to capture and store large amounts of data quickly.

This high frame rate is useful for capturing fast-moving objects, such as in sports or scientific research, where it is important to capture every small detail of an event or movement. However, higher frame rates are also available with more advanced cameras, such as those used in film production, which can reach frame rates of up to 10,000 or 20,000 fps.

What are the common applications of 1000 fps cameras?

High-speed cameras capable of capturing 1000 frames per second are commonly used in fields such as sports analysis, automotive testing, and scientific research. In sports analysis, these cameras are used to capture and analyze athletes’ movements, allowing coaches and trainers to identify areas for improvement. They are also used in automotive testing to capture details such as tire deformation during high-speed maneuvers or engine combustion patterns.

In scientific research, high-speed cameras are used to capture events that occur too quickly for the human eye to see, such as explosions, fluid dynamics, and biological processes. These cameras are also used by filmmakers and videographers to create slow-motion effects in movies and commercials. Overall, the common applications of 1000 fps cameras revolve around capturing fast-moving events that require high-resolution imagery and precise timing.

Are there any disadvantages of using a 1000 fps camera over a lower frame rate camera?

There are a few disadvantages of using a 1000 fps (frames per second) camera over a lower frame rate camera. Firstly, high frame rate cameras require more processing power and storage space than lower frame rate cameras which can increase overall costs. Secondly, high frame rate cameras may not be able to capture as much light as lower frame rate cameras, resulting in poorer image quality. Additionally, high frame rate cameras may not be suitable for capturing scenes with significant motion blur as the camera is able to capture more detail of the blur, resulting in a less visually appealing image. Finally, high frame rate cameras may not work effectively with slow-motion playback, as the frame rate may be too high to capture the details necessary to play back smoothly.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best 1000 fps cameras, then this article has provided you with a comprehensive list of some of the top-performing cameras. We have included cameras that are perfect for different applications and needs, making it easier for you to choose the best one that meets your requirements and budget.

Whether you are a professional filmmaker, a sports enthusiast, or a wildlife photographer, having a high-speed camera that can capture every detail of fast-paced action is essential. The cameras on our list are some of the best 1000 fps cameras on the market, and we hope that this article has helped you find the perfect camera for your needs.

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